Coronavirus spreads: 1,000 beds in ten days

to the hospital in record time: For China's governance of the construction is a Symbol for the fight against the Virus – and a much-needed success message. H

Coronavirus spreads: 1,000 beds in ten days

to the hospital in record time: For China's governance of the construction is a Symbol for the fight against the Virus – and a much-needed success message.

Here, Corona will be soon, patients treated photo: Chinatopix

BEIJING taz | light blue protective suits, Doctors transport a total of 50 patients on stretchers and wheelchairs in the a few hours ago, opened the hospital. Full of Pride, Chinese state media publishing on Tuesday photos of the first steps in the Huoshenshan clinic in Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus. Alone the dimensions of the project are staggering: 25,000 square meters, here, 1.400, physicians will treat about 1,000 Infected.

Even record the emergence time is: Hardly more than ten days have required the builders from breaking ground to opening. The Chinese state leadership has been such a success message is currently sorely needed. Again rose overnight on Tuesday the number of Infected and dead is so strong like never before. 425 mainland Chinese have succumbed to the new lung pathogens so far, already now much more than during the Sars pandemic in 2002 and 2003.

at the same time more than 20,000 infections have been confirmed, many times under the category of "suspected cases". For more concern of the second virus dead also made in Hong Kong, outside mainland China. With 39 years of the victim who had previously traveled to Wuhan was, in comparison, extremely young.

With amazing self-critical, Duktus, the Politburo came under the chairmanship of President Xi Jinping on Tuesday to the Public: "We must summarize the experiences and draw Lessons from it," it said in a state television verlauteten Statement. The "deficiencies" in the health system would need to be eliminated, and the crisis management needs to be improved.

For the Communist party this is a rare admission of his own fault. Is meant, among other things, that a doctor who has, for the first time informed the Public about the Virus, was arrested by the authorities for "spreading rumors".

Would have responded the authorities at the time, otherwise, it would be, it might not be one of those scenes in Wuhan, the were plenty of shared video in social media: hopelessly overcrowded hospitals, Doctors rejected the new arrivals and desperate calls for help from patients. The supply situation was, especially in the last week is still critical.

A little for discharge to the newly constructed hospital is now. Meticulously, the state media have streamed every step of the construction live. At the end of January were to be seen on the fallow area of an excavator, which today is a two-storey building there.

Without question, there are probably few countries that can implement such a project in such a speed, such as China. In this case, the advantage of a centralized shows-organized, hierarchically led political system: From all parts of the country, the authorities were able to mobilize the best engineers, safety regulations, temporarily override or speed up, and also financial resources without democratic votes, locker make.

in addition to the Huoshenshan hospital on Thursday in Wuhan, a second, with a total of 1,600 beds be even bigger hospital opened. The projects are based on a sad Chapter in the recent history of China: in 2003, the 4,000 construction workers in Beijing worked around the clock to stamp a clinic for the Sars-fighting from the ground. At that time, the construction work went ahead with seven days, even faster.

Both hospitals in Wuhan than in Beijing are assembled from prefabricated components. The quarantine hospital in Beijing, treated finally, a seventh of all the Sars patients and has been touted by state media as a "medical miracle". Sustainable the facility, however, was not: After the end of the Sars epidemic, the building was closed quietly and secretly.

Updated Date: 04 February 2020, 17:00



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