Criticism of Australia's Premier: Morrrison failed

In Australia, a lot of people are mad at the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. He was very slow to react to the fire disaster. One of the Fire-affected woman Pr

Criticism of Australia's Premier: Morrrison failed

In Australia, a lot of people are mad at the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. He was very slow to react to the fire disaster.

One of the Fire-affected woman Prime Morrison denied the handshake photo: Nine Network/reuters

CANBERRA dpa | politician can make in a crisis a lot of right. But also a lot wrong. The latter is, in the view of his critics in the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison to be the case. He traveled in the midst of the devastating fire at the vacation to Hawaii, only returned after a public Outcry and apologized.

visited Morrison's now the turn of the year, a fire area, he was reviled as an "Idiot". A firefighter did not like to give him the Hand. A Pregnant not afterwards, was: "I'm not really shaking your Hand." Morrison made it against their will anyway. Such images will get rid of a head of government is bad again.

If there was a Handbook for politicians to natural disasters and terrorism, in it was: Show compassion, be with the people and act fast. An example of new Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was after the attack in Christchurch. She was wearing out of solidarity with the affected Muslims a headscarf and was a weapons ban.

George W. Bush as U.S. President after the terrorist attacks in New York, a good figure – when hurricane "Katrina" is less. In Germany, visited Gerhard Schröder as Chancellor in rubber, a high-water boots. That was photogenic.

Since months the Australians to see how their government is in this huge natural disaster strikes. Across the country, an area already larger than the Netherlands burned down. The fire are much worse than usual, which many associate with climate change in the context.

Australia is a coal country. Morrison (51), a conservative family man that has set in 2019, when the choice is surprising, is regarded as a friend of this multibillion-dollar industry. He even brought a piece of coal with her to the Parliament. For the country it is the most important Export factor. The Burning of coal, carbon dioxide is released, contributing to global warming. At the climate conference in December in Madrid, Australia was regarded by the Negotiators as a brakeman.

Morrison now because of the fires in the climate change debate in expository. "I understand the fear, I understand the Frustration, but this is a natural disaster that is best dealt with on a quiet, systematic way," says the Premier. He'll take global warming seriously. Course he does not want to change, but at the expense of the economy.

in The fight against the fires had Morrison on his critics over a number of months to be reluctant. Said the failed visit to the fire area a politician from his own party, and even that he got the reception he "probably deserved".

Many Australians to sound pissed off, as Steve Halcroft from the capital, Canberra, where the air pollution is through the fire so bad that the masks were in short supply. Halcroft had to join in while holidaying in the evacuations on the South East coast.

He was stuck for 17 hours, with hundreds of cars, without food and Drink. "I'm very angry with this Prime Minister, because he has done nothing about it. Later I heard on the TV news that he was engaged in a Cricket Event in Sydney.“ He's angry that Morrison has used earlier by the military. And anyway, why is this not to care to ask Halcroft.

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What triggered the anger on Morrison? The political scientist Blair Williams from the Australian national University in Canberra says: its absence and Non-Action. "All in all, it shows the average Australian, that he is there for you, in one of the worst defeats experienced by the country."

do not you know, whether he was a good or a bad Prime, but his handling of the fires was definitely bad.

On weekends, Morrison demonstrated determination. He announced to mobilise 3000 reservists of the armed forces – but without the fire heads.

in addition, a new national Agency to help in the aftermath of the disaster. On Twitter, the former tourism Manager, has published a Video with images from use against the fires, with fire-fighting planes and firefighters. This cheerful music that would also fit to an advertisement runs.

Updated Date: 05 January 2020, 16:00

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