Cyber security at BMW: a Hacker from Vietnam in Germany

Prove it. But there are indications that the Vietnamese government is involved in cyber-attacks. Of General interest: What does this trainee at BMW, exactly?

Cyber security at BMW: a Hacker from Vietnam in Germany

Prove it. But there are indications that the Vietnamese government is involved in cyber-attacks.

Of General interest: What does this trainee at BMW, exactly? Photo: Reuters

BERLIN taz | Vietnamese hackers are on the Chinese model is increasingly in the cyber-espionage activities. Your goal: international corporate spying and intellectual property to steal. So the American media company, Bloomberg reported in December of hacker attacks on the car manufacturer Toyota and Hyundai, behind which the Hanoi government, is suspected.

The German car manufacturer BMW was according to a report by the Bavarian radio is also the victim of a cyber attack. Already since last spring, a hacker group with the name ocean of the Lotus is supposed to have in the internal corporate network of BMW hacked. The hackers had previously set up a fake Website that gave the impression to belong to the BMW branch in Thailand. The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution had already been warned in June, the automotive industry in front of the group, ocean Lotus.

The IT experts at BMW would have noticed the intruders, however, and observed over a period of months, before you would have taken the end of November, the affected computer from the network. According to the Bayerischer Rundfunk, no sensitive data should be spied on.

The government in Vietnam in 2018 according to the Chinese model of a 10,000-strong cyber army. Their official mission is the defense of the country by combating "false", the state bad information. Vietnamese bloggers and journalists, also residing in Germany, the lawsuits since then, increasing numbers of hacker attacks that paralyse your pages for many days. In the case of the Berlin-based journalist Trung Khoa Le of the Police state protection of the land criminal police office Berlin.

The organization reporters without borders had contacted a number of times on Facebook, because Vietnam had obtained of cyber army with all sorts of Tricks that the Profiles of independent Vietnam, were deleted-speaking journalists and bloggers in the social network.

The organization reporters without borders had contacted several times already on Facebook

for Example, had been switched for the respective journalists obituaries, Facebook deleted the pages of the supposedly deceased. Or Unknown were added to the critical bloggers without their Knowledge as administrators, to child pornographic sites. Facebook had not deleted then only the child pornography websites, but also all the other pages of the alleged administrators.

replied to The Vietnamese Embassy, neither questions of the taz, nor the Bavarian radio then, whether the Vietnamese cyber army and thus the state of Vietnam are behind the cyber attack on BMW. The suspicion would harden, it would be a new quality of activity of the still young cyber army, but also a little strange.

Vietnam brought in last summer, the first car of my own brand VinFast on the market. The vehicle was even advertised by the head of state and Nguyen Phu Trong and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, looks like an older BMW model. BMW-spokesman Michael Ortmaier says, VinFast have closed with a BMW, an agreement on a licensing package for patents and Know-how for production technologies.

According to Vietnamese media cooperated VinFast reports to share with other German and Austrian companies, such as the construction of the Assembly hall, and in the case of the supply of the car. However, the car flopped, the million heavy and for the state's prestigious investment in Vietnam's first car could go on a bankruptcy.

buyer and rain water have been reported to Facebook and to independent Vietnamese-speaking journalists abroad, the a worked the brakes get in the trunk. It will be advertised with the BMW brand, but in truth mind to be used-quality parts. Even rust would screw quickly, parts were not to get.

Court established the involvement of the Vietnamese state and of VinFast of the spying is not proven, despite some circumstantial evidence.

Updated Date: 02 January 2020, 16:00

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