Dispute about Nord Stream 2: Now Russian ships are to build the Pipeline finished

The US sanctions against the Russian Baltic sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 are entered, in spite of massive protest from Germany. This is likely to be delayed on th

Dispute about Nord Stream 2: Now Russian ships are to build the Pipeline finished

The US sanctions against the Russian Baltic sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 are entered, in spite of massive protest from Germany. This is likely to be delayed on the last meters, the completion of the line at a cost of tens of billions of euros. The Swiss company Allseas, which were laid out with their special gas tubes for ships at the bottom of the Baltic sea, already announced, "in anticipation of the disposal of" the Work to suspend.

United States is threatening the Swiss company, with "potentially devastating" sanctions

In a letter to Republican Senator Ted Cruz has introduced the sanction of law - and Ron Johnson had asked the laying specialists to stop the Work. The company should continue the Work, but "only for a single day" after the signing of the US sanctions law, threatened her "potentially devastating legal and economic sanctions".

The senators referred to the consequences, should Allseas in breach of the sanctions: those Who place pipe-laying vessels, will be punished; against a relevant person-entry bans were imposed in the United States; Allseas-possession in the United States would be frozen. This would also relate to the capacity of Allseas USA, based in Houston (Texas), as well as ships of the company, the U.S. territorial waters should be navigated.

the counter-measures announced: Moscow condemns U.S. law against Nord Stream 2 PCP against measures announced: Moscow condemns U.S. law against Nord Stream 2

Russian ships can make Pipeline ready, but the dignity.

take The Nord Stream-2-the consortium will not knock you off course "Together with our partner companies, we are working on the quickest possible completion of the project," it said. The Pipeline is an essential part of European security of supply.

Russia intends to implement the project as all of his economic plans despite the US sanctions, said the foreign Ministry in Moscow. Russian media reported, citing analysts, that Russia should rely on their own ships. However, this could be difficult - or at least some of the time.

Thus, there is namely the ship "Fortuna", that does not conform to the technical requirements, at least in Denmark, but and a reduced pace of work have. It is also possible to use the "Akademik Cerskij", the sun, however, in Nakhodka, in the far East of Russia and at least two months need to get to the Baltic sea was.

dpa So the Pipeline

the sanctions, therefore, Nord Stream 2 can no longer Prevent. They are directed also against the Pipeline Turkish Stream. But the Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin and his Turkish colleague, Recep Tayyip be Erdogan the line at 8. January in operation.

Russian Gas is significantly cheaper than the U.S. Alternative

The punitive measures but also against possible future projects. Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), condemned the action of the United States. "Such sanctions are a serious interference in the internal Affairs of Germany and of Europe and of its own sovereignty." To counter-sanctions, the Federal government intends to avoid.

The United States did with the President, Donald Trump, signed punitive measures, especially against their own allies in Europe. Washington preventing the Europeans namely the access to a supply of gas for acceptable prices, it said. The Russian Gas is significantly cheaper than in the US, for example, by Fracking won, and for the Export of liquefied Gas.

of Poland and Ukraine reject goals from Nord Stream 2

The US-criminal measures in the "law for the protection of Europe's energy security" on the Operators of specialist vessels, with which the pipes laid under the Baltic sea. The aim is to prevent the completion.

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a diamond for some EU States, including Poland, are opposed to the project. Ukraine welcomed the sanctions as well. She fears Nord Stream 2 to its Position as a transit country for Russian Gas to the EU.

in the Future, only half as much Gas through Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine, announced on Saturday, shortly after the entry into force of the sanctions, an agreement on a new gas transit contract until 2024. Thus, it is desired - such as Germany and welcomes Ukraine as a transit country used.

However, the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom will in the future - even taking into account the capacity of Nord Stream 2 - by 2020, significantly less Gas through Ukraine pumps. So far, the transit quantity is on average 90 billion cubic meters of Gas per year, in the future, on average, about half that.

"sanctions from hell"

the Bottom line is that the struggling Ukraine, which is strongly dependent on the billions in fees from the Transit loses revenue. Russia is likely to sell after the completion of Nord Stream 2 with the annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of Gas soon, even more in Europe.

Nord Stream 2 saves Russia transit fees. For the 1200-kilometre-long double-stranded stretch were laid, according to the consortium, more than 2100 km of pipes, about 300 miles. dpa/Bernd Wüstneck/dpa onboard the pipelay vessel "Audacia" are welded pipes for the Nord Stream gas pipeline 2, and on the bottom of the Baltic sea moved.

The United States are opposed to the Pipelines for years - both Democrats and Republicans. They argue that Germany and the Europeans were following in relation to Russia. The relations to Europe and Germany for the national security interests of the United States. The United States should oppose any attempt to weaken these relationships. Putin had announced counter-measures against Russia, and referred to as the "sanctions from hell".

"the EU and Germany for Trump-paying vassals"

The TRANS-Atlantic coordinator for the Federal government, Peter Beyer (CDU), tribute, said the punitive measures were directed against Germany, but not private companies. "Therefore, Germany will take no counter-measures" From the point of view of the SPD-Faction leader Rolf Mützenich will be charged the transatlantic relationship more. "The EU and Germany are for Trump, apparently, no allies, partners, but a tribute-paying vassals."

The U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, rejected the criticism. "15 European countries, the European Commission and the European Parliament have all raised their concerns on the project," said Grenell, the "picture on Sunday". It was therefore a "very pro-European decision." Many European diplomats would have thanked.

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