Dr. Doom is back: This crisis will be a Disaster

The uncertainty is large, the panic grows with each Corona case, the markets break – now is the time for Nouriel Roubini is back. Like no other Economist, he lo

Dr. Doom is back: This crisis will be a Disaster

The uncertainty is large, the panic grows with each Corona case, the markets break – now is the time for Nouriel Roubini is back. Like no other Economist, he looks gloomily into the future, sees everywhere Exaggerations and Crash risk. Again and again he was right, so in the case of the financial crisis and the debt crisis. "A broken clock is wrong twice a day", smiling some Economists, however, the Economist, the bears whether his pessimism is the nickname of Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom: "a shock for the world economy"

this Time, Roubini sees black: "Everyone believes that we have to do it with a V-shaped development, so a short recession with a quick recovery. But the people have no idea what you're talking about, they prefer to believe in a miracle," he said in an Interview with the "mirror". The Chinese economy will not recover as fast as many think and much less to grow. "That would be the equivalent of a recession in China and a shock to the world economy," said Roubini. The policy responses to the crisis were "a joke". "Politicians are usually a bit behind the curve. This crisis will widen and the Disaster will be.“

Roubini predicts: "If we slide into a global recession, we will also have a financial crisis. The debt has risen, the US real estate market is as much a bubble as in 2007. So far, the bombs just so no time, because there was growth. But that's over now.“

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"China is looking for a scapegoat,"

The Economist also predicts that the Chinese government "will look for a scapegoat", from its failure in the crisis, to distract: "I guess China is causing Trouble in Taiwan, Hong Kong or even Vietnam, to distract. You beat down the uprising in Hong Kong, Chinese fighter planes fly in the airspace over Taiwan and provoke the U.S. military. It takes only one incident in the Strait of Formosa, and we are military actions to experience. No hot war between China and the United States, but Action. This is exactly what the people in the US government as foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo, or Vice-President Mike Pence want to.“

"The U.S. will bomb Iran"

Roubini's forecasts go even further. He expects that it will also come to a war between Iran and the United States: "The US government wants regime change in Iran. They will bomb the Iranians and give them hell. But the Iranians are suffering accustomed to. Believe me, I'm an Iranian Jew, I know the Iranians! You in turn want to rush Trump. The tensions between the two countries will continue to drive the price of Oil in the altitude and inevitable cause, that Trump loses the elections.“

Super Tuesday in the USA

While Roubini run out of the defeat of the Trumps, the Democrats in the US, currently, to find a candidate for the presidential election who has a Chance against Trump. On today's "Super Tuesday", the candidate pre-election in 14 States. The left-populist Bernie Sanders, as well as the former Vice-President Joe Biden are ahead in the race. In addition, with Michael Bloomberg on the last candidate officially in the pre-election campaign.

exchanges with a Minus of up to 40 percent

Roubini focuses on the big picture: in His opinion, the uncertainty will cause the stock market courses are yet to break even solid. He predicts a Minus of 30 to 40 percent. "Therefore, I advise: Keep some of that Cash and invest in safe government bonds, for example German government bonds. Have negative returns, but what's the Problem? It means only that the prices rise and rise, so that you can make a lot of money. If I'm wrong and the shares should rise markets by ten percent, it is also in order. You must use your money to hedge against a Crash, this is much more important. This is my Motto: better to be secure than sorry' to say!“

As commented on the FOCUS Online readers of this post:

"let us Remember: In the USA, the monetary policy of the Central Bank had created a huge real estate crisis that burst in 2008 and a global financial crisis triggered. Excesses in the markets there were a number of times. They act only in the short term, and your correction is always painful. The months-long euphoria is now gone abruptly. But with the high pushed rates the ripcord had to be pulled. Everything is now controlled via Computer. Risk are achieved, budget is decided by the Computer. Everything must go. But such a course will provide falls, the opportunity, cheap get. There's something brewing, however. The interest rates are on the rise. The capital markets are globally interconnected. Coughs the Wallstreet are miffed with the stock exchanges in the world all. The US stock markets advance always."

"I'll bet you that Donald Trump, the next election the house will win. Because Americans are too stupid to realize that he has brought the country economically right ahead. The Chinese and the Europeans, meanwhile, can sing a song about it. The inch leg of the Donald Trump has done a great job. No more one-sided business transactions with the United States."

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

Date Of Update: 04 March 2020, 18:00

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