E-cars in Norway: a Semi-electrically

In Norway, was in 2019, almost every second New passenger car to an electric car. By 2025, is aiming for the 100-percent mark is attached. Until then, it is sti

E-cars in Norway: a Semi-electrically

In Norway, was in 2019, almost every second New passenger car to an electric car. By 2025, is aiming for the 100-percent mark is attached. Until then, it is still a long way off.

Park Norwegian: more and more frequently to the outlet photo: Erik Irmer

STOCKHOLM taz | As the OFV, the Norwegian industry organisation for the road transport, on Friday their annual balance-sheet for 2019 presented, it was actually as always, in the past few years: It used to be able to be reported for a new admission record for electric vehicles. With 42.4 percent of all new cars sold in Norway the 50 percent mark nears. In some months of the previous year could exceed the already. In total the year 2020, the Northern Europeans want to take the hurdle final.

Much had been achieved, reckoned OFV Director Øyvind Solberg Thorsen: 2014 one in eight new cars registered had a third zero emissions of climate gases, in 2016, every seventh, 2017, every fourth, 2018, every. The pace must now take, however, said Thorsen. Otherwise, there is no realistic prospect of achieving the by the Norwegian Parliament in 2017 target, starting from 2025, not passenger cars and light trucks with fossil drive more new to allow.

As the Storting has decided that the proportion of Cars with petrol and diesel even at 47.8 percent. In the past year, there were less than a third, 31.7 per cent. The decrease compared with the previous year (39.7 percent) was primarily associated with gasoline engines. For this purpose, a sale of a share of 25.9 per cent for Hybrid and Plug - in Hybrid cars. the producers of statistics was Volkswagen, with its combustion engine, Hybrid and E-cars expected to be thin ahead of the US electric car brand Tesla.

This is the Norwegian market based on the environmental friendliness of its drives in one with the world's largest. He is, however, relatively small. A total of 2019 only good 142.000 vehicles were registered in Norway.

In the comparison to Germany is little. Here last year for the 'environmental premium', the competent Federal office of Economics and export control (Bafa) 164.579 applications. Of 109.386 applications accounted for pure electric cars. For Plug-in Hybrid 55.084 applications were made on promotion. 109 applications for funding were made for vehicles with fuel cell drive. According to the Federal Motor transport authority, there were, up to November 3.3 million registered cars in the year 2019.

In Norway, the number of Cars is decreasing: in 2019, there were 3.8 percent fewer than in the previous year and 10.3 percent less than in 2017. The downward trend accelerated in the second half of 2019, significantly. The car Association OFV believes that this development 2020: Bought by the Norwegians in the past few years, electric cars mainly as a Second car, allowed its technical development, especially the growing reach, now increasingly used as full-fledged family cars.

Where the charging station infrastructure is becoming more and more a bottleneck. In a survey conducted last year, 64 per cent of all electric car owners complained about snakes, especially in the fast-charging stations. By the end of 2015 would have to be built according to a calculation of the electric auto Association in Norway, almost 10,000 new stations.

With the construction of eight new "Super chargers" in the next half of the year, Tesla promised just a big white spot on the map of the Northern country parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland to eliminate. Where it but after about 300 miles between charging stations can be.

Date Of Update: 03 January 2020, 16:00

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