Earlier in pension thanks to the credit system - This is a possibility known only to a few

The age limit for the regular old-age pension will be raised gradually to 67 years, and even from the deduction-free early retirement, the "pension at 63", is

Earlier in pension thanks to the credit system - This is a possibility known only to a few

The age limit for the regular old-age pension will be raised gradually to 67 years, and even from the deduction-free early retirement, the "pension at 63", is in fact, up to the year 2029, a "retirement at 65".

Some experts and politicians believe that in the short or long there is no other way, that workers retire at 70 retire.

Against this Background, a lot of, what are the superior options to say goodbye to the colleagues and in retirement.

"retirement at 63" is booming

For some time, the German pension insurance scheme of a Run is reported on the "pension at 63". However, the requirements are comparatively high - an essential is that workers must have paid 45 years into the pension Fund. This is not about create for those in front of the rule age limit to have completed a course of study. Retirement at 63: How does it work? Our PDF guide shows you how you can retire early can go and still have the full amount received.To the PDF guide

Also special payments to the pension scheme in order to avoid in case of early retirement reductions, are becoming increasingly popular.

Rentenversicherung enormous inflow"

recorded "A further possibility is, however, less is known: value of credit. Also they can be used since 1998 to go to earlier in retirement. What, apparently, many people now consider.

"The unit value of deposits at the DRV reports of an enormous inflow in this area,“ said Gundula Sennewald, a pension expert at the German Federal pension insurance in Berlin, the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten".

What assets are "Worth"?

the value of credit can be thought of as a separate working account, with the employee to remuneration or time shares save. So either be a part of their salary, or part of their working time.

The goal is to use This in the Form of money saved, time eventually to take a longer break from Job - to be, nevertheless, paid and social insurance is legally protected. Everything you know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

PDF guide

While this exemption will then be paid the accumulated value of the deposits. The employee can postpone the payment until the end of your working life and use to earlier from the working life to get out.

What can credits be used?

in addition to an earlier retirement, it is also possible to use the accumulated value of credits for the upbringing of a child, the care of family members, a Sabbatical or a long vacation.

How does this work concretely?

In consultation with your employer can create a worker, such a time value account. During the accumulation phase the employees pay a portion of their gross wages into the accounts, the employer share of social security. Also special payments, Overtime, unused vacation days or more of work can be used to feed-in tariffs.

"the resulting value of balance is that in the accumulation phase, no taxes and social security contributions are due," said the German pension insurance. "These are only to be paid at the time of payment, so that during the exemption from work is a social insurance protection."

The accumulated balance is then reduced in the release phase , so the employer paid, if he is working temporarily, or directly prior to the commencement of the Pension. In this period he is insured/you also social. However, the amounts paid must be taxed, social security contributions are payable.

Can I save time?

the value of credits, can also be used for Overtime or unused vacation days. However, the account must be held in cash, so it is the law. Means: The working time is introduced, it must be in specific amounts converted. Display here you Set up your pension Plan!

Need to allow my employer to me the value of balance?

no, companies are not obliged to do so. It is a voluntary offering that many companies use to present themselves as attractive employers. Keyword: Modern Working Time Models.

The framework conditions for a value credit, set employer and employee in an agreement. "That must be written that the value of the credit is for exemption saved," - said on the part of the Federal Ministry of labour. At this time, the employer but not yet considered, for which the Form of the exemption - earlier Retirement, care, Sabbatical, the level of credit to be used.

What happens to the value of the credit balance, if I change the company - or is insolvent?

The change of employer is not a Problem, the value of assets can be taken. The new operation should reject it, the time value account to continue, can be Employed to transfer the credits to the German pension insurance, which pays off the balance then.

in addition, the employer must insure the assets of their employees against insolvency, the law stipulates.

I want to know more - where can I get reliable information?

information about the value of credit offers in the brochure "the value of balance - work life to active design" published by the Federal Ministry of labour . In the meantime, the book is out of print, but available online.

Also in the German pension insurance there is a topic for more information and the Online brochure "the value of assets transferred".

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Date Of Update: 04 March 2020, 13:00

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