Economic boss speaks plain text: trade unions chase away German companies abroad

"German unions to give the greatest effort to chase away as many of the companies abroad, by setting up unreasonable demands for the Collective bargaining," s

Economic boss speaks plain text: trade unions chase away German companies abroad

"German unions to give the greatest effort to chase away as many of the companies abroad, by setting up unreasonable demands for the Collective bargaining," said the 87-year-old family business in an Interview. "The cost to produce in Germany, meanwhile, are simply much too high. Therefore, we can no longer manufacture certain products in Germany“, commented Stihl. As an example, he led the family-owned motor saws companies: in the Meantime, his company would have to reasons the products cost to produce three-quarters abroad.

turnover amounted to 3.8 billion Euro.

Stihl was from 1988 to 2001, and chief of the German of industry and Commerce, tags, today's German chambers of industry and Commerce (DIHK). As a family entrepreneur, Stihl made the eponymous chainsaw manufacturer from Waiblingen to a billion-dollar company before he retired a few years ago in the operational area. The company has around 17,000 employees and 2018, made a turnover of 3.8 billion euros.

"the CDU has to catch up in economic and tax policy,"

Also with the work of the Federal government, Stihl is dissatisfied, at Least in economic matters, he shares the view of Ex-Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz (CDU), the appearance of the coalition, it was "bad". If Merz plays with his criticism of the economic policy of the CDU, and he did not wrong. "The CDU has an urgent need to catch up in terms of market-based economic and tax policy. If the party does not recognize this pent-up demand, then you will enter the next Bundestag election of another heavy defeat.“

Merz had referred to the appearance of the Federal government in the fall as "bad", and especially Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is responsible made. Stihl said: "He has placed the Finger in the right wound." There is a need, for example, a corporate tax reform, family firms make more competitive. "Mrs Merkel has done in this direction, nothing. And that is why it is right that he used the word "suck"." If Merkel keep on like this, "the CDU must put on warm clothes at the next Federal election".

Stihl Kühnert's called a "screamer"

from the left pivot by the Union coalition partner, the SPD and the emerging party Deputy Kevin Kühnert Stihl holds little. "The screamer Kühnert, which is currently in great favor with the SPD, will make the party completely ready", he predicted.

Kühnert's always with his economic proposals was the talk of the. A lot of criticism he got, especially with his push to nationalize large companies: "to Me, is less important whether it is at the end on the Doorbell of BMW ,state auto operation mobile', or ,cooperative automotive operation', or if the collective decides that it needs a BMW in this Form". he had declared in the summer in an Interview. For this he had been sharply criticized. The BMW works Council chief Manfred Schoch dismissed the claim as "beyond comprehension" is rejected. "For the workers of the German company, this SPD is not selectable", said the General works Council Chairman at the time of the "economic week".

no other company offers such a secure and well-paid jobs and progressive employment conditions and working time models such as BMW. With the Quandt family, BMW have a major shareholder, the "not short-term profit interests in the foreground, but the long-term stability". The group will build electric motors and batteries themselves, and hundreds of employees for the transition to the electric car. "Mr Kühnert to time, please explain what would run better, if BMW would be nationalized," said Schoch.

reservations against E-cars

to E-cars Stihl a clear opinion: battery vehicles are for city driving, but not for intercity transport and longer distances suitable. Also in the Truck transport of battery-driven vehicles are due to the large distances the chance. "Hence, they are also driving in the next ten years, still a lot of vehicles with reciprocating engines, and which are then driven possibly more with synthetic fuels."

Stihl not before throwing the car manufacturers to take it to the range information for the E-cars closely. "If today you hear of car manufacturers, who say that the reach of the new battery cars amounts to 400 kilometers, and then you try to realize these 400 km in adverse conditions - in the Winter, at night, in the rain, also. At the latest after 250 miles, you will be left with an empty battery,“ said Stihl. "The batteries are certainly more powerful in the next few years, but the difference to the efficiency of gasoline remains huge."

Many of the German car manufacturer had made "a huge mistake, as they brought their cars with this Scam software in the market," said Stihl in reference to the illegal shut-off devices for the exhaust gas manipulation. Now, many manufacturers have made again a big mistake, "if you claim now, a battery car ride 400 kilometers or more - that doesn't make it". That was fine by him as a technician tremendously.

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