Eurowings completely overwhelmed: woman from Cologne wants to USA-vacation cancel Hotline is tight

The Corona-Virus-pandemic, the Cologne tax consultant and a chartered accountant made a dash through the bill. "The question now arises: What to do?" sighs th

Eurowings completely overwhelmed: woman from Cologne wants to USA-vacation cancel Hotline is tight

The Corona-Virus-pandemic, the Cologne tax consultant and a chartered accountant made a dash through the bill. "The question now arises: What to do?" sighs the Boss of a medium-sized law firm.

to cancel The rental car was not a Problem, as daughter, but the refund of 2500 Euro for flights with Lufthansa, is still completely unclear. The Experiments on the Eurowings Hotline were unsuccessful. "There is no way through." In a similar vain the catch to cancel the bookings on the airline's web site. "This is due to the fact that the flights are still being painted, although Mr Trump has announced in the U.S. Yes, the entry stop for Friday midnight. This is absurd,“ writes the Rhineland. "Of Euro wings, I would have expected that the customer notifies the United States-in a timely manner, how to go on."

flights in the United States

But in the cheap Carrier burns, apparently, of the tree. As FOCUS Online persists at the press, it is said that no one was to speak. Currently, you have to determine first the impact, says a group spokeswoman. And Yes: Even the flights in the United States will not be deleted. On the demand of the reason, the spokesperson for offers: "We can send you our Statement." There it is succinctly: "We are evaluating the impact of the recently by the U.S. Department of homeland security announced policies to our operations in the United States. In this context, the safety and well-being of our customers and crews is our highest priority.“

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The entry stop, the US authorities, the Airlines and airports to hart: According to the industry service should start from the European Schengen area of nearly 8000 flights with 2.3 million seats in April Overseas. Alone, the Lufthansa group's planned for the month, almost 1,500 flights. The US business is for the companies are so lucrative because they earn on the transatlantic routes thanks to the high proportion of business travellers good money.

In the tourism industry, the uncertainty

The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport grows recorded for February with 4.4 million passengers, about four percent of passengers fewer passengers than in the previous year. Presumably, the losses increase. In the last week of February to 1. March is the fall-off of 14.5 percent, the company said on Thursday in Frankfurt. "This negative momentum has strengthened in the first week of March even." Already on Wednesday, Lufthansa had announced the group, up to 24. April to eliminate an additional of 23,000 flights.

According to the USA entry-Ukas uncertainty is growing in the tourism industry. The tourism, one of the largest tour operator in Germany, will terminate all Trips in the United States of America, "affected by the official statement". Currently, you have "a low four-digit number of guests in the United States," said a group spokesperson. To sit with the customers in the United States and will comply with the recommendations of the authorities. "These are not yet available. It is expected that with the capacity adjustments by the airlines and therefore we have to expect adjustments.“ Means: nobody really knows at the present time.

free cancellation or change until at the latest 30. April,

Currently, the company back "a Booking and a great need for information". Therefore, the tour operator offers an intensive customer care, and a special right of termination. "The tourism-tour operators Dertour, ITS, Jahn Reisen, Meier's weltreisen and ADAC Reisen offer a free cancellation and rebooking possibility for new bookings between 1. March 2020 and 30. April 2020 for the travel period until 31. Oktober2020 on,“ stated the group spokesperson. The free cancellation or rebooking must 30 at the latest. April 2020 to be made, "then the cancellation charges of THE travel and tourism according to the General terms and conditions".

All of the latest information on Coronavirus, you can find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

At the industry's mixed feelings about whether the U.S. Shutouts. A spokeswoman for the Auto group's Ford in the German Headquarters in Cologne, was established. Already since a couple of weeks to drive a Virus-emergency plan. "This also means that a Travel freeze was put in place." In the digital age, be it to run no Problem, video conferences with representatives of the U.S. parent company. "In addition, US President, Trump has already announced that there will be no restrictions for supplies of goods, the production processes concerned.

"of services in the United States is not possible"

Otherwise, Felix Neugart about. The managing Director of the International chamber of Commerce and industry (IHK) Düsseldorf, fears that the U.S.-blocking measure, "the economic relations of North Rhine-Westphalia will meet the USA". In particular, if the entry stop to be drawn out over a longer period of time. "The provision of services in the United States – such as, for example, the structure of the delivered machine is now no longer possible," explains Neugart.

Meetings with customers or employees, and the visiting of trade fairs, and other events are at least excluded for the next 30 days. "These restrictions are particularly painful, since in this country the interest in the US business has grown significantly in the last months and we receive numerous requests from companies in this regard", a presentation of the chamber of Commerce and industry-managing Director.

According to his information, the United States renamed in the year 2019, with a volume of almost EUR 22.5 billion to China as the fourth most important trading partner with companies in the Rhine and Ruhr. In the case of exports, the country of unlimited possibilities, ranked according to the figures, with about 12.9 billion euros in tier 3. "We estimate that from the chamber of Commerce and industry-district of Düsseldorf, around 350 companies with offices in the United States are represented. In the Rhineland 1259 companies with American capital registered in the commercial register“, expects Neugart high. The US should practice the business further, this would have unforeseeable consequences for the industry of the country number One in the Republic.

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US spell against Europeans does not apply to Goods and services

North Rhine-Westphalia Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart watched this Trend with concern. "The USA are 3 of the most important trading partners of North Rhine-Westphalia", manifest by the FDP politician. Between the Rhine and the Weser, almost 14,000 U.S. citizens living according to the figures. And so the Minister is looking for ways to have the economy to keep the structure between the old and the new continent, despite the Virus crisis together: "By prohibiting entry to the good cooperation between the United States and Europe in the coming weeks, will have to rely more on alternative paths of the exchange using the new opportunities of digitalisation in order to avoid declines." Means of communication via Skype & Co are intended to replace the personal conferences and Meetings. In addition, the pink points were that the US prohibition "extends to the exchange of goods and services."

Back to Köln tax consultant Jutta Hörter and your family. Still looking for a contact person for your US flight tickets. The Relatives from the USA, not to Worry: "We are able to rebook the period for a year," says the aunt from Columbus/Ohio. "No problem." Virologist calculates Worst-Case scenario for Germany, and corrected in a Horror scenario, FOCUS Online/Wochit virologist calculates Worst-Case scenario for Germany, and corrects the Horror-scenario

Date Of Update: 13 March 2020, 13:00

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