Financial expert Heller: Cheating is worth it – at least in the stock market

FOCUS Online : Mr. Heller, what need to pay attention to investors in 2020? Indices such as Dax, Dow Jones or S&P500 have reached new records. Can this go on?

Financial expert Heller: Cheating is worth it – at least in the stock market

FOCUS Online : Mr. Heller, what need to pay attention to investors in 2020? Indices such as Dax, Dow Jones or S&P500 have reached new records. Can this go on?

Gottfried Heller: as Long as the reviews – as currently – is still reasonable and rising corporate profits are to be expected, I don't see any excessive risks.

FOCUS Online : What are you basing your Confidence?

Heller: Three developments have influenced the course of recovery crucial: interest rate cuts, the money the Central banks and better economic expectations of glut due to new bond purchases. About the experts

Gottfried Heller 1971 began with the creation of the asset management FIDUKA in Munich, together with stock market legend André Kostolany – his successful career as an asset Manager and Fund Manager. From the "Elite-Report", he was awarded as one of the "most experienced asset managers" with the Golden pyramid.

Heller is a financial columnist and book author. The title of his 2018 published book is: "the Revolution of The money system".

FOCUS Online For 2020, many experts see it as more of a recession.

Heller: . This sounds bold, because economic researchers, the IMF, and the governments have revised their growth forecasts for 2019 and 2020 to the bottom. But the exchanges run by the economic development six to nine months in advance. Today's price gains are laurels in advance, because the economy will have improved, expectations for 2020 since the fall.

The recession is not instead of

FOCUS Online Us new blooming landscapes are in front of the door?

Heller: no, we must not overdo it. The economic development I see moderately positive. But since October, 2019: The recession will not take place! Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020, much net is left for them by the gross

FOCUS Online : Why?

Heller: Important leading indicators that get ahead of the economy, led to a series of better-than-expected, indicating a stabilization of the economy. However, the economy depends mainly on consumption and services, the investments are weak. This is due to the uncertainty, the US President Trumps incalculable behavior emanates. To invest, there is the company planning security.

US-election campaign is dirty and brutal as ever

FOCUS Online do you Believe in his re-election?

Heller: I expect a campaign that is as dirty and brutal as none before it. Trump can't be without a fight from the office to distribute. Since the father has taught, it is not a question of Good or Evil, but about victory or defeat. The fits to a pathological narcissist.

FOCUS Online : And what happens if he is removed from office prior to his possible re-election of his office?

Heller: I think the Impeachment process is in the Sand. In the house of representatives the Democrats have the majority, but in the Senate the Republicans with 52 to 48 vote in the front. And for a successful impeachment requires a Two-thirds majority, i.e., 67 votes. So many Defections there will be. The risks for Trump from elsewhere.

In comparison, Trump is a little guy

FOCUS Online : Because Michael Bloomberg wants to take?

Heller: Yes. The man is powerful, and 55 billion dollars. By contrast, Trump is with his 1.5 or two billion a small guy. PDF FOCUS MONEY - The best money ideas for 2020

A new turbulent year – not only because Donald Trump wants to be re-elected. This PDF magazine shows how to position the 40, FOCUS-MONEY-investment recommendations on the winning side.


FOCUS Online : what?

Heller: explosive bergen investigations in the Manhattan da's office, the Trump wants to force to release his tax returns for the last 8 years.

FOCUS Online : What Trump has to offer, actually, except for verbal abuse or profane things?

Heller: A legitimate question, but there is quite a bit. He has reduced the tax rate for companies from 35 to 21 percent. This has boosted the economy. For comparison: In Germany we are on track with our 30% worldwide, almost at the top of the taxation. And our government does nothing, you need to look apathetic, whether the economy is recovering.

Merkel is holding desperately to the black Zero

FOCUS Online : A friend of the Grand coalition, they are not therefore.

Heller: As I should? If the state does not support the economy, the consequences are foreseeable. If I only pay 21% in taxes as in the USA, I am competitive and can invest more. The German companies are investing more abroad because it is cheaper. This is not right. The policy in this country is ignorant, I can only shake my head. Alone Mrs Merkel with the convulsive Clinging to the black Zero. As it would be the last wisdom of the world.

FOCUS Online With the choice of Christine Lagarde, the ECB Boss, the government saves but is still high interest costs.

Heller: That is the Evil. Therefore, the President of France, Macron Yes, Christine Lagarde, and not the man who would have been most suitable for the Draghi's successor Jens Weidmann wanted to! And Mrs Merkel supported that, because they want to make in the same style with the black Zero. Weidmann would not have been so complacent.

interest rates will rise, but for savers is not high enough

FOCUS Online savers must not hope therefore to higher interest rates.

Heller: no. Draghi's last official act with the relay handover to Lagarde has set the direction clearly.

FOCUS Online Will worsen the Trend with the negative interest rates now even?

Heller: no, because I have a different opinion than the mass. Although the Central banks, including the ECB, print, wild money, increased the bond interest last in something. This is set to continue.

The state now needs to boost the economy

FOCUS Online Sounds illogical.

Heller: The interest rates are so low, further easing is of no effect. Now the States need to stimulate with fiscal policy measures, the economy, that is, like Trump, with the tax cuts has made. Monetary policy has reached its limits.

FOCUS Online How investors should deal with this complex Situation?

Heller: the basic rule is: buy stocks, the money is wide spread and not only in Germany. If you compare the development of the Dax with the S&P500, the cuts are more than twice as good, then the Cheating is worth it – the stock market, of course.

FOCUS Online : How specific?

Heller: , investors should place the Depot on a broad international, for example, with ETFs based on the MSCI World. And it applies to weights in classes of Shares is higher, which will bring in the long term, the best returns are dividend shares, in addition to values, and the shares of the Emerging Markets, as I have described in my book "the Revolution of The money system".

FOCUS Online And your advice for the weak stock market days?

Heller: Stronger fluctuations belong to the stock exchange to do so. But Bold use of purchases weak days then. Stock market Guru Heller predicts: by 2020, Trump first – and this is good for share FOCUS Online stock Guru Heller predicts: by 2020, Trump first – and this is good for stock


Date Of Update: 30 December 2019, 01:00

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