Fines due to diesel driving bans: especially by-catch

imposed More than 15,000 penalties for the Diesel-driving bans. The German environmental aid is a high number of unreported cases. Controversial measure again

Fines due to diesel driving bans: especially by-catch

imposed More than 15,000 penalties for the Diesel-driving bans. The German environmental aid is a high number of unreported cases.

Controversial measure against the thickness of air at the Neckartor in Stuttgart, Germany: driving ban for older Diesel photo: Arnulf Hettrich/imago

BERLIN taz | The number appears high, but it isn't: a nationwide 15,000 in fines have already been due to miss of slain diesel driving bans imposed. In the opinion of the German environmental aid, the figure shows one thing above all: that is still a lot of Diesel drivers are on the forbidden roads. "So far, the fines are only a by-catch of speed and traffic light violations," said Jürgen Resch, managing Director of the environmental organization, the taz. Therefore, more controls were specifically for violations of the ban on driving is required.

in Germany there is so far in Berlin, Darmstadt, Hamburg, and Stuttgart driving bans for older diesel vehicles. They are mainly based on complaints of German environmental aid, the compliance with the applicable limit values for the exhaust gas poison stick is to enforce oxide.

According to news Agency dpa, more than 15,000 fines have been imposed for failure to respect the driving bans, of which, however, alone in Darmstadt, Germany, is 12,000. The fines depending on the city of between 20 and 80 euros plus fees. "You can't go out in the light of these Figures, the compliance rate is still good," said Resch. After all, many Diesel drivers not to be caught in the event of violations simply, he is convinced.

The ADAC is different. "Many of the violations of the ban on driving are due to the fact that motorists – especially those unfamiliar – after the establishment of the drive are retracted bans, unconsciously in such a Zone," said a spokesman. The ADAC expects that the Numbers decline.

Stuttgart is the only city in the older Diesel-powered vehicles nationwide are not allowed to drive. Since 1. January is the foreign, and since 1. April 2019 for domestic cars. In Darmstadt, Hamburg and Berlin, the individual roads are off-limits. The improvement in air values show that the bans work, said Resch. But the values are still not good enough. "Therefore, further measures need to be added," he said. This applies for example for Darmstadt.

are not allowed to go There since the beginning of June 2019, the two main traffic hill road and Heinrich road diesel vehicles up to Euro standard 5, and gasoline up to Euro norm 2 veins. Until mid-December, the authorities collected more than 12,000 such Cars and Trucks that were there, despite the prohibition of on-the-go. Controls only because of the driving bans there is not; the violations were observed mainly by using the radar equipment for speeding or traffic light offences. On the two roads with a speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour. In brief, the environment wants to start aid talks with the city of Darmstadt on the extension of the bans on Euro 6 vehicles.

Area-wide controls because of the driving bans there are, as yet, in any city. The German environmental aid calls. "But we need samples, more random," said Resch. "We expect that the people that you have to pay a fine if you violate the driving ban," said the environmentalist. Therefore, cities in the event of violations is likely to show no grace.

Exactly but could be the case, fear Resch. The clerk's office in the state capital, recorded between April and December of last year, about 6,700 vehicles, which fell under the ban. More than half of the Holding could, however, make exemptions or reasons for the violation, the regarded by the authorities as "good".

In Hamburg are for older Diesel on two street 2018 bans sections already since August. By the end of 2019, the authorities have punished 397 violations. In Berlin, older Diesel since November 2019 may not be more sections to ride on part of the eight streets. Here were found until mid-January, 51 violations.

Date Of Update: 27 January 2020, 19:00

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