Fireworks: when the sale starts

the firecrackers and rockets may only be used in the last three days of the year sold The sale will start on 29. December, in exceptions at 28. December

Fireworks: when the sale starts
  • firecrackers and rockets may only be used in the last three days of the year sold
  • The sale will start on 29. December, in exceptions at 28. December

this year, this exception is in force as of 29. December is a Sunday. Thus, on 28 may., 30., and 31. December fireworks rockets in the shops to be bought.

fireworks are categorized. So-called Micro-fireworks of category 1, such as Sparklers, can always be sold. The usual new year's eve rockets and batteries fall under category 2. You are allowed to be sold on the three last days of the year, in General, the are 29., 30., and 31. December. One of these days falls on a Sunday, will start the sale on September 28. December. Pyrotechnic articles of categories 3 and 4 may not be sold in the usual retail.

To whom fireworks may be sold

Sold the classic new year's eve POPs category 2 may only be to persons over 18 years. Children and young people under the age of 18 years are allowed to carry these fireworks with you, nor burning. Fireworks of category 1 may already be sold to children from the age of twelve years.

What to look for when fireworks on the purchase, should pay attention

The Federal Institute for materials research and testing (BAM) encourages the consumers to purchase fireworks only in Germany. In addition, you should buy only tested missiles.

it is important to ensure that the packaging of a CE marking with a four digit number (e.g., 0589 BAM) to. Especially new year's eve fireworks from Eastern Europe represent a high potential risk, and should neither be bought nor ignited. For more information about the testing of fireworks, you can find here.

surf tip: Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Rewe - These stores are open on new year's eve - where you at 31. December

What to consider when Igniting of firecrackers and rockets
  • read before the Start of the rocket the user manual
  • Keep enough distance from the firework
  • do not Start you new year's eve rockets out of the Hand
  • on the wind direction and surrounding houses and trees
  • Ignition is not ignited fireworks not again
  • be considerate of Pets and small children

Some of the retail chains to follow the Trend and swipe firecrackers and rockets out of your range. FOCUS Online has demanded, therefore: click here to See if you can stock up when your supermarket or Discounter with fireworks.

Aldi, Lidl, Netto, Norma - what are the supermarkets and discounters fireworks sale

Due to the high customer interest in the offer of the discounters in all its branches fire-works.

  • Aldi: Of 28. to 31. December offer Aldi Süd and Nord in the branches of a selected range of products with different fireworks Arrangements.
  • Lidl: In all, around 3200 Lidl stores, the Discounter offers from 28. December "an action range of Fireworks, which, among other things, battery, and Table fireworks, rockets, assortments and miracle candles", it is the discounters.


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  • net: In the net stores will also be offered to Retail fireworks. This includes rockets and firecrackers count. Exceptions to the sale are not known.
  • Norma: Norma offers in all stores fireworks articles. This includes rockets, fountains, Roman candles, batteries, XXL-effect-batteries include. There is also a pet-friendly article without the pop effects, with shares of the company. (Display)

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Edeka, Rewe, Penny, the fireworks sale of non-centralized

The Edeka organized network is organized, such as the Rewe group (including Penny) cooperative, and is supported and operated by independent merchants and regional wholesalers. The merchants select the range of products in their markets independently, this also applies to what, and whether you want to sell fireworks. A Rewe spokesperson said, however, FOCUS Online: "Our branches will result in a fire range."

This applies both to the hardware stores:
  • Bauhaus and Obi: this is where the sale takes place as usual.
  • Hornbach wants to sell 2019 fireworks for the last Time.
  • hagebau market, and the Craftsman's world offer, in principle, rockets, and firecrackers. There are, however, exceptions, such as Worker's world in Mölln and the Hagebau stores in Langenfeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) and in Eckernförde (Schleswig-Holstein).
  • Toom belongs to the Rewe-group, here, is decided whether the fireworks will be sold.

More: Not all markets fireworks - firecrackers-spell sell in German cities: such As Aldi, Edeka, Hornbach

firecrackers-bans in German cities
  • respond to A YouGov poll shows just before new year's eve, however: A majority of German citizens called for a ban of fireworks. According to a new survey. The reason of environmental and safety concerns.
  • About 50 percent of the German fireworks will be held beautiful - but the majority want to ban, FOCUS Online/Wochit YouGov poll: Over 50 percent of the German finds fireworks are nice, but majority want a ban
  • new year's eve without rockets and firecrackers? This year might not be for some people, the turn of the year, but only because of a personal decision, different than usual. After all, in many German inner cities, a firecrackers on new year's eve-a ban. In the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online you read all of the new developments relating to this measure – and where the rules apply.
  • a Lot of load to new year's eve parties. Sylvester, written with y. This is a mistake many Germans make. Although the word Sylvester does not exist - but for the end of the year. Writes down new year's eve - with i. Sylvester, or new year's eve? That's why many write the last day of the year wrong, FOCUS Online/Wochit Sylvester, or new year's eve? That's why many write the last day of the year, incorrectly
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