Fluctuating Start for a new sustainability Index, the Dax, 50 ESG

Fluctuating the beginning of the Yesterday, the Deutsche Börse has launched the Dax 50 ESG. The 50 index values belong to all of the HDax, which includes stock

Fluctuating Start for a new sustainability Index, the Dax, 50 ESG
Fluctuating the beginning of the

Yesterday, the Deutsche Börse has launched the Dax 50 ESG. The 50 index values belong to all of the HDax, which includes stocks from the Dax, MDax and TecDax. When selecting a title, capitalisation and stock exchange turnover criteria such as environmental, social and governance include, in addition to the market. The Basis for the title selection, the evaluation according to the ESG criteria of Sustainalytics, a leading provider of ESG Research. The index composition is reviewed every three months. Seven Dax-titles have not made the leap in the Dax 50 ESG to the start time. In my view, the inclusion in the Index is an accolade, since the investors ' interest in the shares of these companies should rise. On the first day, it went back and forth.

For the non-listed firms, it is a Wake-up call that the Management should change the policy of the company in the times of sustainable thinking and action.

mainland Chinese shares, The Chinese industrial production shows on a two-year high

signs of normalization. This is partly due to the coal consumption of the six largest energy producers, which in the beginning of March to 62 percent of pre-crisis levels of growth. Also, thanks to monetary and fiscal policy support measures, the Chinese economy seems to recover sooner than other major economies, which could be before the peak of Coronavirus-shocks yet. The stock market in China ahead of global counterparts is also a step. Mainland Chinese shares rose Monday in the Euro of more than six percent and are well on the way to record the best weekly performance since November 2015. Deutsche Bank's CSI 300 Index,

Still, Chinese stocks are weighted in the global emerging market equity funds because of the Coronavirus pandemic as strong as in November 2017. This is underweight, however, in the case of a continued stabilisation of the Chinese economy to be resolved, this could give the Chinese stock market a further boost.

007-cinema release postponed

cinema operators and film studios look with concern on the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. In Korea, for example, the cinema sales have plummeted in February of this year by around 50 percent compared to the previous year. Now planned for April, cinema release of the latest part of the James Bond series out of concern has moved from significant losses at the box office results for 007 months to November 2020.

Streaming provider, which allow almost unlimited movie consumption at home on the Sofa could Benefit. Anyway, this make is not only prominent in-house productions of the classic cinema more and more competitive. Recently it became known that the heavy weights of the industry have expressed interest in purchasing the rights to the Bond film franchise. Streaming providers therefore do not appear only in times of Coronavirus with the appropriate risk appetite interesting.

South Africa in the recession

Prolonged power outages have resulted in South Africa for the second recession in two years. The renewed decline in Growth in the final quarter of 2019 increased the pressure on the government, about the already a sword of Damocles hovering. Deutsche Bank GDP in South Africa

Last year, Moody's had lowered the last of the major rating agencies, the rating of the credit rating of South Africa as "Investment Grade" – the rating Outlook to "Negative". The end of the month a downgrading in the risky is now in danger of high interest rates. Bonds of the country should be more in the "FTSE World Government Bond Index", – it capital outflows in the volume of 15 billion US dollars. The rating Agency called for a "credible Plan for the limitation of the state debt and the strengthening of economic growth", which is why in the new Budget, a reduction of the state rands expenditure of 160 billion in South Africa over three years was planned. However, it is questionable whether the government has the political capital, these savings also to enforce. Bond investors, I therefore advise caution.

the number of the day: 37.000

stories have a long life. Indigenous people in the Australian state of Victoria tell of a legend about the now extinct volcano of Budj Bim, the as fire-breathing creatures from the underworld appears. The geochrono login Erin Matchan, of the University of Melbourne, has analyzed samples of rock from the mountain and found out: the eruption of The volcano, the narrative describes, took place in front of 37,000 years. The legend of Budj Bim would be so by a wide margin the oldest history of the world.

I wish you a legendary good day.


Ulrich Stephan

chief investment strategist for Private and corporate customers

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Date Of Update: 06 March 2020, 11:00

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