For rent: more and more citizens in Metropolitan areas leave and move into the surrounding area

studies by the Federal Institute for population research (BiB) and the Federal Statistical office (Destatis) show that the cities suffer from population loss, s

For rent: more and more citizens in Metropolitan areas leave and move into the surrounding area

studies by the Federal Institute for population research (BiB) and the Federal Statistical office (Destatis) show that the cities suffer from population loss, such as the "world on Sunday" (WamS) reported exclusive.

"especially for families, it attracts to the surrounding area," said the research Director for Migration and mobility of the BiB, Nikola Sander, according to the report. From their point of view, there is a clear reason for this development: the sharp increase in housing costs. The Trend to higher Rents was so long unbroken, as the municipalities do not succeed, to create more living space.

Berlin, with the greatest population loss

The three largest German cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, most of the inhabitants lost according to the studies, in the year 2018 in absolute terms to the surrounding area.

the Bottom line is that approximately 15,000 persons left the Federal capital. Preferred destination in the direction of Brandenburg was. In addition, Mecklenburg-sign up-Vorpommern numerous entries from Berlin

After that, Munich follows in absolute Figures, on rank two: a net of 13,000 citizens left the city. Relative to the overall population of 1.5 million inhabitants, the percentage was even higher than in Berlin.

Also Uni-cities are many. too expensive

in addition to the million-metropolis, leiden University cities such as Göttingen, Heidelberg or Münster under the rising Rents Even in East Germany, there is in some areas an escape in rural regions.

"The Trend ,to get Out of the expensive cities' is not a Western phenomenon," said BiB-expert Sander to the leaf. Especially the age group of 30 - to 50-Year-old to leave their previous urban residential location. The simple reason is that Just families meet the increase in Rents and real estate prices.

Berlin's policy Neuland

The Senate rides tried to take drastic measures to prevent a rent increase. In the Federal capital, is a brake in June 2015 in the entire area of the city a Rental fee. 23. February, 2020 as the " rent cover " in force. Thus, the red freeze red-green Berlin coalition in the entire city area, the Rent for five years. At the same time be rental for new lettings-upper specified limits, depending on the age and equipment of the apartment. In certain cases, even rent rebates should be possible. The regulation comes into force today, on Sunday in force. With the FOCUS Online loans comparison (display) Now follow-on funding

owners Association to charge owners advises, don't rent a cover note

In many groups the new faces massive criticism.

The real estate Association IVD was determined in October 2019 following the adoption of the rent cap in a flash survey, the majority of experts expect in the future with less investment in new construction. In addition, 99.3 percent of real estate professionals stated, "that in the future there are significantly fewer (43.6%) or no investment (55.7 percent) in the modernization of existing apartments, more", such as the Association carries out on its Website.

The owners ' Association Haus und Grund Berlin strongly advises its members not even to note the entry into force of the Rent cap.

Over the radio rbb, the Chairman of the Association, Carsten Brückner took the view that for the completion of a certain level of rent, only the nationwide Rent control is decisive. Brückner literally: "The Rent cap-the law does not apply here. The rent cover-act finds application in the case of the question, what is the agreed rent may be demanded by the lessor or accepted."

experts call for more housing construction

experts see a solution to rising Rents, especially in more housing in the Metropolitan regions. This is in view of the currently favourable financing conditions currently cheaper than even a few years ago. However, the ground now - and prices increased significantly. Click here for a checklist for your individual real estate financing

Also in other Federal States will discuss ways out of the permanent rent increase. The SPD in Saxony calls for more social housing in the province. The Enjoyed apartments with a rent of a maximum of 6.50 euros per square meter you want to offer. "Most likely such projects with cooperatives or local companies do, because they have, from the beginning, an orientation to the common welfare," said the SPD politician Albrecht Pallas.

The German trade Union Federation (DGB) was in favour of state-owned housing company, following the example of Bavaria. "Now is the time, the establishment of such a society is still. With the development of state-owned land for additional affordable housing in urban areas can be created,“ said the Saxon, DGB-Chef Markus Schlimbach. The Focus-real estate, Atlas 2019

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