Germany's largest financial advice: now Is the time to the stock exchanges to re-enter?

New Service to FOCUS Online do you have a question about the Corona Crash? You formulate your concerns and you can send us an E-Mail with the subject "My que

Germany's largest financial advice: now Is the time to the stock exchanges to re-enter?

New Service to FOCUS Online

do you have a question about the Corona Crash? You formulate your concerns and you can send us an E-Mail with the subject "My question" to

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Current question from Jessica S.: Accepted my doctor prescribed quarantine - how long must I stay home?

lawyer Tobias Törnig, business law firm FPS: I have to keep it as long as the ordered quarantine, such as those of the competent authority is arranged. This will guide the authority in the rule to the current knowledge about the maximum incubation period of the Virus. The Robert Koch-Institute, for example, speaks of 14 days.

Mike K. asks: I Need to have due to Corona afraid to lose my Job?

economic expert, Prof. Dr. Roland Döhrn, RWI Essen: redundancies on a larger scale are not only expected once, because the decline in orders taken in, companies are likely to initially take short-time work rules.

However, you are going to perform well for the time being, no new hires. The so disturbed dynamics in the labour market can lead to a moderate increase in unemployment.

Already been affected by the Corona-crisis in the service sector: hotel industry, airlines, Catering, exhibition stand construction, the taxi industry is. From here, the first applications to short-time work is likely to take. In the manufacturing sector, the impact of the crisis is likely to occur somewhat delayed, when deliveries from China and other countries in the absence and inventories are used up in intermediate products.

problems are expected, especially in the automotive industry. You don't might not be only supplies, but even for them, China is an important market.

Sarah L. asks: Who will pay my salary if I am under quarantine and not allowed to work?

response from FOCUS-Online-editor Isabella-Alessa Bauer: During a quarantine, you have no claim to payment of their salary by the employer. But that is no reason to worry. The salary is yet paid:

Regardless of whether the quarantine will be arranged for your own four walls or in a different place - it is the infection protection act. This States that the authority of the respective Federal state must pay the salary that has ordered the measure - for example, the Department of health.

So that no loss of pay occurs, must go to the employer in advance payment, however, only for the duration of six weeks. The quarantine lasts longer, you will receive compensation in the amount of the sickness benefit directly to the competent authority.

"A Crash is good for people with courage"

Herbert M. asks: Is the stock markets, now is the best time to get back into it?

response of stock market millionaire Beate Sander: If now is the best time for entry and acquisition is, after I know only. But you can make as an investor almost everything right, if you sprinkle also with respect to the point in time.

Who waits always just missed the best opportunities. The luck belongs to the brave and Courageous! Take your chances! Do not let the cooker club drive took! For me right now: A Crash is good for people with courage!

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Susanne H. asks: Can I cancel my planned trip to Rome for free?

FOCUS Online editor Isabella-Alessa Bauer: Italy is now classified as a whole country as a risk area, including the capital, Rome. According to the German travel Association, it is impossible to send tourists into such risk areas. In General, flight lines and organizers offer the possibility of free-of-charge to rebook or cancel. In any case, it makes sense to contact directly the travel Agency, the Hotel or the Airline in connection.

The Lufthansa, for example, explains on its Website a new ex-gratia scheme for existing bookings: This applies globally to all of the up to 5. March booked flights with a departure date up to 30. April 2020. Changed existing Tickets within this period. Passengers will be able to once a. without a transfer fee to a new date to 31 December December 2020 rebook, regardless of the Booking rate.

The employee must work - even if the daycare center closes

Mira K. asks: What do I do if the daycare closes for my daughter, but I have to work?

FOCUS Online-Redakteur Volker Tietz: If the day-care centre because of the Coronavirus includes, need to take care of working parents an Alternative. The "Handelsblatt" has spoken with the lawyer Christian Solmecke. He makes clear that "an employee owes principally his work, regardless of whether the child is cared for or not".

For smaller children there is, according to Solmecke but a "right to refuse" for a parent. Then, the employer should make in case of doubt, the employee free – however, free of charge, which means you will get for this period of time no wages.

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Date Of Update: 11 March 2020, 10:00

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