Hard times for traffic bully

Who holds illegally in the second row, on the protection of strips, or on footpaths and cycle lanes, should in the future pay instead of 15 Euro a fine of up to

Hard times for traffic bully

Who holds illegally in the second row, on the protection of strips, or on footpaths and cycle lanes, should in the future pay instead of 15 Euro a fine of up to € 100. The cost to Park on a disabled Parking and then not 35, but 55 euros. Who had unjustified on a E-car Parking space is parked, to fear yet nothing to. The new version provides here is now 55 Euro.

Stiffer penalties if they ignored the emergency lane

What you have not tried everything, the car, the issue of emergency lane drivers to get closer to you: signs on bridges, permanent notices of radio presenters in the case of traffic reports, all the TV reports. But who is traveling on the highway, a totally different set of: A driver, there is always that was obviously not listening. Hence, the issue of emergency lane will be handled in the future, strict: for example, the unauthorized Use of an emergency lane can be followed the same way and punished in the form. Between 200 and 320 Euro ignoramuses must shell out then and there threaten a month driving prohibition and two points in Flensburg. The Person

Tobias klingelhöfer is a lawyer and for many years as a legal expert for the ARAG operates. As a guest columnist for FOCUS Online, he informs consumers about their rights and obligations in different life situations.

Gaffer to harder

to be punished, Not only the lack of emergency lane prevents helper often to reach the scene of the accident quickly. Also, look funny, likes photos and movies, and the rescue operation more difficult in the future by higher fines and harsher sentence. Who scans of accident victims and displayed, you must then expect up to two years of deprivation of liberty.

Well-staffed passenger Cars may Busstreifen use

anyone Who has ever taken a ride in America car knows the lanes for car-pooling: the requirement for the use of this Carpool, Express or Fast Lanes is that including the driver, at least two, sometimes even three people in the vehicle. The new tracks are not foreseen in Germany, but for Cars, in which at least three people sit, should, in the future, the Bus lanes to use. I note in this connection that electrically powered vehicles are already allowed to use since 2015, the Bussonderstreifen, if the responsible road authority has established a set of additional characters.

Parking privilege for car sharing

Also car sharing should be promoted: Whoever sets a corresponding ID for the identification of the car-sharing vehicle is clearly visible behind the windshield, has the privilege of Parking on designated places. For this purpose, a new meaning was introduced in the image.

Better protection for cyclists

When it comes to the disregard of cyclists for motorists in the future significantly more expensive. So should, for example, increase the fine from 20 to 80 Euro, if by illegal Hold in the second row, a cyclist is at risk. A point in Flensburg is coming. The cyclists will be impeded by the Parking of a Car on the bike path, it will cost the motorist in the future in 70 instead of 30 euros and a point. Almost tripled the punishment of the fool, when it comes to an accident, because a vehicle on the protective strip stops for cyclists. The cost is now 100, instead of 35 euros plus a point.

the minimum distance when Overtaking cyclists, but also pedestrians and the so-called miniature electric vehicle leading, such as E-scooter-driver, it should now be clear: Urban is a side distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained, extra-urban two meters.

A real source of danger for cyclists, the dead angle is. Cornering accidents in which cyclists are particularly overlooked by Trucks, simply, belong to the most frequent Cycling accidents with serious consequences for the two cyclists. Therefore, the amendment of the Truck writes in the law about the urban fuel before turn now to a step speed of seven and eleven km/h. Sanctioned a Misdemeanor, with a € 70 and a point in driving to the suitability of the register.

In addition, should be prohibited from cars and Trucks in the future, to overtake cyclists, and other single-track vehicles at certain Points, if it is too narrow and therefore too dangerous for the cyclists. A new traffic signal is planned.

Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 18:00