How Audi makes, despite the crisis its customers to Fans

suffers from The auto industry: a Fragile recovery, international trade conflict, extremely high investments in the development of sustainable technology. And a

How Audi makes, despite the crisis its customers to Fans

suffers from The auto industry: a Fragile recovery, international trade conflict, extremely high investments in the development of sustainable technology. And also the diesel scandal is an issue. Not a week embassies or profit warnings, the car builders and suppliers goes without a job. Audi wants to save in the coming years, 15 billion euros, almost 10,000 Posts to be deleted. The future promises anything other as a projection – and yet, Audi is doing with a view to the brand, "Vorsprung durch Technik" all right.

In an Interview has declared the Audi brand boss Sven Schuwirth, with the creative minds of the Agency 72andsunny, a global brand campaign. The Claim "Vorsprung durch Technik" is to be emotionally and with a new life filled charged. According to Audi, will go only to the technically Possible, but to make the wishes of customers even more into focus. The Person

Roman Becker, managing partner of the market research and consulting company 2HMForum. He works in the area of Emotional customer and employee loyalty, and supervised for nearly 20 years, companies in the analysis and optimization of their relationship and brand management.

study: Audi has 32 percent of the Fans

the wishes of The customer – this is the Central point According to the current study Fanfocus Germany, Audi is number 2 of the most popular car brands: 32 percent of Audi customers are real Fans of the brand, so a particularly high level of satisfaction and high emotional attachment to feel. Only Toyota, with a score of 33 percent more and more popular. A further 26 per cent of the customers are sympathizers, so still highly satisfied, and have above-average bound. Why? Audi has always been to satisfy the core needs of its customers and has thus, contrary to Volkswagen, also in the Diesel-scandal no Fans will be lost.

The explanation is simple: The focus on the brand promise "Vorsprung durch Technik" to satisfy the motive structures of the target Audi-audience. "Vorsprung durch Technik" achieved a competitive, performance-oriented, according to the dominance of the driver's strut type and has this tied up today's scandal or not. Who's a-pass road is ever as Audi-Quattro-driver in case of heavy snow up and out of the comfortable vehicle interior, the drivers of other car brands in the annoyed of the snow-Wind has chains, and know how this dominance to the touch. From this time the Audi driver remains a loyal Fan of the brand, because Fans are loyal and faithful to forgive you of your error.

On the ski jumping hill

In the form of lectures to the Fan-principle, we often pose the question to the audience: which car brand you think of when you hear the word "four wheel drive"? In nine cases out of ten the spontaneous Association "Audi" – and thus immediately present in the image, such as the Audi Quattro driving in a playful way easily to the ski jump high. From the Fan research we know that The Fan loves the repetition. The brand promise needs to be made tangible. Thus, it will be exciting to be seen how the new Agency 72andsunny charges the Claim emotional.

That Audi decided in the case of "Vorsprung durch Technik" remains, although the economic advantage of the German automotive industry is just panting rather a Afterwards, is consistent and smart. Many car builders are in your brand changeable promise, like to try New things, focus on their target audience, Yes, you can not win the impression, that you understand your target groups and their needs at all. And you create no perceived differentiation from the competition, the basic requirement for Fandom, and for long-sustained high customer value via product - and performance characteristics can differentiate car manufacturers (like many other manufacturers) hardly any, these are already interchangeable.

Changing brand promise,

The Crucial point is this: the way that the characteristics in the communication with the needs of your own target audience linked, and always re-experienced to be made. We make the proof of the pudding: Who knows, who bears the motto "The future belongs to all"? And what, actually, Opel is? Or Ford? Or Renault? No wonder that the Fan-rates are for these auto manufacturers once the 20 percent threshold.

Some of the vehicle manufacturers, but manages, as well as Audi to bind very successfully with your customers: BMW widely used for many years "sheer Driving pleasure" and shines with a high Fan-rates, just as Toyota with a "Nothing-is-impossible" and Mercedes with its Claim "The Best or nothing".

The moose test

speaking of Mercedes: do you Remember the "elk test"? It was in 1997. Like no other brand, Mercedes stood for quality and reliability – and then the new A-class dumped in the Test. A Disaster. Many loyal customers turned away disappointed. The sales figures – in particular, the A-class remained far behind the expectations. Later it turned out that the comparable models from other manufacturers would have passed the elk test as well little. But the revelation hurt the other manufacturers, much less than a Mercedes. Because no other car brand was positioned as a sustainable promise to be quality. It took many years for the Mercedes brand has recovered.

The new Audi face

brand needs attitude. And attitude of action needs. And both must be congruent. And in the best case a face: The Volkswagen group has Recently named a new chief for the premium subsidiary Audi, the former BMW Chairman of the Board Markus Duesmann. With the excellent engineer at the top of Audi to win the hope is that the previous power of innovation and, most importantly, a re-meet: the brand's "Vorsprung durch Technik "promise"".

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