If you follow 7-saving tips for pensioners, you need a lot less money in old age

to keep the standard of living, should be pensioners, about 80 percent of their last net income. Since this value is not reached the statutory retirement usual

If you follow 7-saving tips for pensioners, you need a lot less money in old age
to keep

the standard of living, should be pensioners, about 80 percent of their last net income. Since this value is not reached the statutory retirement usually results in a pension gap. This should keep due to occupational or private pensions as small as possible.

- saving tip one: needs

to calculate How much money I must put aside to have in the age of no financial Worries? Experts assume that the huge sums of money outside the reach of the vast majority, however. According to the Fund company Fidelity, a 44-year-old worker who earns 38,000 Euro should have saved, up to now, 150,000 euros for the old age. A 60-Year-old, the eight-fold would have on the high edge, so about 300,000 euros. The retirement age of 67, the financial cushion should be best to grow to ten times the annual income. Such calculations are much too high: they are reduced for those who are already saving, for example, with a company pension scheme. On the other, they do not fit on each individual case.

Many retirees have additional income

Who, for example, has a debt-free home ownership and a smaller pension is to not restrict the age. Many benefit in addition to the statutory pension of the Inheritance; for you extremely high savings amounts are nonsensical. "Who suffers on the other hand, a high rent in the big city, often has no money left to save at all", writes Niels Nauhauser, financial expert of the consumer centre Baden-Württemberg, such rules of thumb. And: Because of the zero interest rates, the search for a suitable product that is safe and return is very difficult. "Many savers to buy over-priced and questionable investments," warns Nauhauser. Everything you know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

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- saving tip two: living costs

reduce The most important cost factor for retirees are the expenses for Living. This can, however, cheaper than in the professional life. Anyone who owns a larger property, it can be exchanged for a smaller apartment. In this way, you will not develop only an additional source of income; it is also less time needed to keep the own four walls in the shot. More Savings: do you rent individual rooms. The best choice would be to find a sub-tenant, the support of the house - and garden work, or even maintenance tasks could take. Most of the employed work in the larger cities and pay for their apartments, quite a lot of rent. Who has terminated his working life, it can look as attractive to move to the country: life is not there, only quieter and closer to nature, you can also reduce your rental costs significantly. Are you dissatisfied with your salary? (Display)

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- saving tip three: cheaper health insurance

One of the largest Items in the deductions find health insurance. 14.6 percent plus the additional contribution of own cash to be deducted from the gross pension. Who was insured for at least 90 percent of the second half of his career, by law, pays only half himself, the Rest of the pensioners ' health insurance (KVdR) takes over.


If you have private health insurance, depend on your deductions from the selected insurance tariff, with the contributions of age, with generally higher significantly. On request, they also receive grants from the DPRK. Because of the rising pension contributions should consider a high-earner with the exchange for the private Fund, exactly. You are already a member and under the age of 45, may be worth the return; ask the question in the case of a statutory health insurance Fund. You then pay at the age, significantly fewer contributions, without the healthy protection is much worse. In the case of statutory and private health insurance, there are large differences in the contributions: Who switches to a cheaper Fund, also needs less of a pension. Tip: The CHIP-saving alarm

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- saving tip four: avoid unnecessary insurance add

sorting out a Lot of costs are lower in age for private policies. Disability insurance and accident insurance for the Elderly in the rule superfluous. Also for savings products that serve the retirement, have to pay most of the posts. In some accounts, it is advisable to check whether the expenditure is actually worth: A death benefit policy will be to Finance the cost of their own funeral, an education of insurance to support the career of the children. Both products generate, however, low yields and high administrative cost.

Unnecessary passenger accident, cell phone and other device insurance in any case. The occupant protection is not already covered by the Automobile liability, equipment insurance policies pay many of the damages often have a high deductible and are quite expensive. In the case of the necessary insurance policies like personal liability or home contents insurance policy you can grab in addition to a cheaper deal: there are Often between providers significant premium differences, so your expenses drop.

- saving tip five: As a pensioner, less taxes

pay the tax burden for pensioners is much lower than for normal income earners. If you are starting in this year alone, 20 percent of your gross pension as tax-free. This exemption amount will decrease each year to zero percent in the year 2040. If you already have to pay taxes, you should collect each year, certain receipts, your tax burden can press. Although pensioners are obliged to similar information as other Taxpayers, some special rules apply, however. So seniors are able to reduce your tax burden:

  • health care costs (e.g. travel costs to the doctor)
  • expenses for treatments, if prescribed by a doctor
  • treatment costs not paid by the health insurance Fund
  • contributions to the statutory health and nursing care insurance

a prerequisite for the tax bonus, however, is that your expenses are higher than the reasonable Self-exertion. Where the boundary is, depends on income, marital status and number of children. Your income is determine by subtracting costs from revenues, such as state retirement pension, occupational pension and interest on your tax-free allowances and advertising. As advertising costs expenditure for pension advisers, trade unions or legal cases, are recognised in court, if you can present some evidence for this. In the case of a gross annual pension of € 11,000 and a Pension allowance of 2860 euros you have to pay as a pensioner, as yet, no taxes.

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- saving tip six: life insurance tax-free,

Many workers go in the next few years in pension, also provides a life insurance policy privately, which was completed before the year 2005. The benefits: The lump sum is completely tax-free, in addition, no social security taxes are usually due. However, three conditions must be met:

  • the runtime is at least twelve years
  • you have at least five years of contributions paid
  • a minimum of 60 percent of the contributions was agreed to be the event of death, total

Otherwise, on the interest income of the life insurance a 25 percent withholding tax plus solidarity surcharge and if applicable Church tax will be due. A private pensions or life insurance, according to 2004 complete, need for pensioners to pay tax on the so-called income share. The amount depends on the age and the date of Retirement. At Riester, Rürup, occupational pension schemes and direct insurance are subject to the withdrawals even up to 100 percent of the personal tax rate.

- saving tip seven: pensioner benefit discounts

Whether, railway, libraries, or Hotels – for many recreational activities, there are discount rates for seniors. Swimming pools and sporting events to offer you sometimes find discounted Tickets. This is also true for theaters, concert halls, cinemas and Zoos. Sports clubs require that pensioners often only reduced contributions. Anyone who is in need of basic backup, can be from the broadcasting contribution fee is completely free. In the train, on ships, and many local public transport companies, there are also discounts for pensioners. Also the holiday is often cheaper: you can place it in the off-season, when holiday packages or holiday homes are much cheaper.

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