In the Corona-crisis politicians feel, where the life of the filter bubble leads

The diagnosis of the President of the Association of Shi physicians, Dr. Andreas streets, in the Morning Briefing Podcast is in any case quite similar: "The

In the Corona-crisis politicians feel, where the life of the filter bubble leads

The diagnosis of the President of the Association of Shi physicians, Dr. Andreas streets, in the Morning Briefing Podcast is in any case quite similar:

  • "The more of a medial infection as a medical."
  • "people to run around out there by the Thousands with masks, which is free anyway, is remarkable."
, Who has now qualified, lost

Botho Strauß was the formation of a counter-objections resistant world opinion in "lights of the gates. The Idiot and his time“ accurately predicted. It is a "solid, pebble-hard formality of the coordinated speech, shielding every individual from one's own (sharper) awareness of form in post-modern time. Unüberwältig you speak. What you would have to overwhelm, does not penetrate through time and dress.“ About the author

Sven way house Trader, Analyst and editor-in-chief at the stock market portal, stock street. In 1999, he developed a great interest for the areas of economy and Finance and, in Particular, for the stock market trading. In addition to the fundamental data, it also involves technical aspects as well as approaches to sentiment theory in his analysis.

In the Corona-crisis can feel a politician, where the life of the filter bubble medially leads to exaggerated Fears: Who qualifies now lost. What is called the enlightenment, in truth, only the disclosure of Known ("wash hands, with soap!") and the Exaggeration of the already Inflated. The Virus from the Jurassic Park of our late Fears of the trudges as a newborn T-Rex through the cities: the instinct controlled and surreal.

"The Whole thing is not as contagious as Influenza or measles,"

The people doesn't want to be scared is sensible, only omitted. The modern fear is not medical, but rather democratic legitimacy: My fear belongs to me.

the time-honored "FAZ" has apparently lost his mind: "the quality of The Risk of the Coronavirus is comparable to terrorist attacks," - said today on its website. Only dampened by the experts from the institutes and hospitals do not penetrate to our ears:

"The Whole thing is as contagious as Influenza or measles," says Alexander Kekulé of the University of Halle-Wittenberg.

"You do not have to Worry about. If you are healthy, you can cope with that very well,“ adds Hendrik Streek, Director of the Institute for Virology and HIV research at the Medical faculty of the University of Bonn.

"We have no medical situation, we have a political situation", warns Jörg Brokmann, head of the Central emergency Department of the University hospital Aachen.

Every second company expects sales decline

The economic damage is already in the billions, after the airlines, Congress organisers and cinema believe chains to the customers in front of itself to protect. The OECD predicts:

  • In the case of a further spread could slip the Eurozone in the current year, in a recession.
  • For Germany is assumed to be a Plus when the gross domestic product of 0.3 percent, which is 0.1 points less than in November.

The fear is manifested already in the order books: Every second company in Germany is expected this year, the German chambers of industry and Commerce, according to a drop in sales. The first German citizen who died in evidence of lung disease (a 60-year-old Egypt tourist died yesterday on the spot), gets to the Requiem of an economic crisis. DAX 11.541,87 PTS. -402,85 (-3,37%) Xetra

  • 1 day
  • 6 months
course data

The reference to the hit parade of the big life threat – such as obesity would be the Nicotine addiction and participation in the Roulette of the drivers, it's called a trivialising road traffic – is not good. Even worse than the climate deniers of the Corona is Verharmloser. The fact that more and more people are falling in the event of accidents in the four walls of the head or bitten by a snake to death, is not convincing in the hour of emotional turmoil.

Any mischief is to provide the psychosis of a superlative

Also, the reference to the rising "sexually transmitted diseases", so those infectious diseases, which, in spite of the public guide to safer sex – in the form of the clap (gonorrhea), HIV, Syphilis (Syphilis) and genital Herpes, the round is considered unbecoming. According to estimates by the health authorities, 10,000 Germans come back to long-distance travelers per year with a sexually transmitted disease – the equivalent of the elffachen of the country, from a Coronavirus-infected people. And in spite of a strict government of mandatory reporting of these infections are concealed according to information from the authorities of the health system. It spreads easier on the fish market of Wuhan as the brothel in Bangkok. dpa

Any mischief is right, to not provide the psychosis of a superlative that it deserves. As different media suggest that the Corona epidemic and the vulnerabilities of globalization present, because the present form of the trade routes not only Goods and services, but also viruses exchanged would.

The globalization is a trap – but not for the people, only for the Virus

sounds plausible, doesn't stand up to historical Review. The infectious diseases of the middle ages, of typhoid Malaria, plague, ravaged whole tracts of land, and skipped easily to the borders of the national States. 25 million Dead in Europe is the result of the bubonic plague-or "black death" were mentioned. Here, on the stock exchange of letters display)

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it was the globalization, with the worldwide exchange of researchers, the ability to Detect and interrupt the chain of Infection, and a pharmaceutical knowledge of the world, the healing promises, ensures, the media Drama a million times is a human. Globalization is a trap – but not for the people, only for the Virus. Or to quote Karl Kraus: "The people an X for a U-fool – is where the newspaper admits this printing error?" Union slips to lowest level since Merkel's resignation - Green slips, almost on a par FOCUS Online/Wochit Union on the deepest level since Merkel's resignation - Green, almost on a par

Date Of Update: 09 March 2020, 09:00