Installment loan find and apply: This information is required

Prior to the loan application, the search for the right credit rates loans differ mainly by their price. You go to your Bank, they will offer you in-house lend

Installment loan find and apply: This information is required
Prior to the loan application, the search for the right credit

rates loans differ mainly by their price. You go to your Bank, they will offer you in-house lending products. How expensive or cheap they are in comparison to the loans of other banks, you will not know in General. So it is possible that you pay too much for your credit. Exactly at this point, loan comparison portals will help you. With them, you will be able to compare loan offers from different banks and the most suitable credit directly apply for.

Important to know: in Order to obtain reliable loan offers, it is necessary that you give your Bank, other banks or a credit portal following information. Here Schufa find neutral the cheapest loan: The installment loan-comparison

your credit: How much? How long? For what?

Everything starts with your loan request. How much money you want to borrow over what period of time? What you want to use the money?

If you want to use the loan for miscellaneous, enter "free use" as a purpose of use. You would like to Finance with the loan a vehicle? Then, it is advisable in the purpose of "Auto" to specify. This has a generally positive impact on the lending rates.

in Addition, you will be asked if you want to take the credit alone or with a second borrower. The inclusion of a second Person may be worth. Because banks have a higher level of security and reward this with low interest rates or long maturities. The Person

Alexander Artopé entrepreneurs since 1999 as an Internet-active. In 2007, he founded the loan comparison portal smava, one of the first German Fintechs.

your situation in life and finances: What current expenses do you have? to find

To the right loan, it is also necessary that you provide information to your life situation and the associated expenditure.

This information will be taken into account in the so-called budget bill. In this your expenses from your income are deducted. This calculation is carried out by every Bank and every credit portal. Because it is part of the statutory assessment of creditworthiness.

your living situation and expenses are recognized in the rule, using questions like these: How many people or how many children live in your household? You property to rent, rent-free, with their parents or in your property? How much is your monthly rent and operating costs?

in addition, It is also asked whether they monthly expenses for home loan and savings agreements, child or spousal support, life insurance rates, private leases and private or voluntary health insurance have. In addition, it is also asked whether you have current loans, and if so, on what terms. Because in many cases a rescheduling is useful.

your situation in life and finances: what kind of revenue you have?

Only when your income will not cover all of your current expenses, including the monthly credit rate for the desired loan, you have a Chance of getting a loan. Therefore, you will also be asked for your receipts.

An essential the role of their professional activity. In what relationship you are currently in? Since when are you employed in the current work relationship? It is a fixed-term contract? On the basis of this and other information, is a rating of how secure your income is and what salary or wage are expected to.

Important to know: your information to income and expenses, check request, many banks statements of account of them. Your information consistent with your Bank statements, everything is fine. There are variations, this can ask to return, or even a rejection of your loan application lead.

Why are so more detailed information is required?

loans are granted only if they are paid with high level of probability. This is both for you as a borrower as well as for banks as lenders is important. Thus, you will be protected from over-Indebtedness and banks against financial loss.

your details are required in order to determine which loans are eligible for you eligible and what is the probability that you will pay back.

there Are differences between banks and credit comparison portals?

you need to anywhere where they obtain a supply of credit and, where appropriate, later, the loan request, similar to a lot of information. The reason is that your information will be used to verify your credit rating. This examination is prescribed by law in Germany. It takes place everywhere in a comparable way. With FOCUS Online, Schufa-neutral credits

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