Insurance in Ireland: rip-off in Grand style

a Lot of companies take their customers with inflated premiums. Could some of the costs Insured, even the existence. Taxis in Dublin. To use them for a lot ch

Insurance in Ireland: rip-off in Grand style

a Lot of companies take their customers with inflated premiums. Could some of the costs Insured, even the existence.

Taxis in Dublin. To use them for a lot cheaper than a separate car insurance photo: imago-images/ZUMA Press

DUBLIN taz | My neighbour Seán Murphy has stuck a note on his small car: "for sale – € 3,000." He had just bought the car recently. "It should be for my daughter, she is 19 and has made a few months ago, your driver's license," he says. "The insurance demands of almost 6,000 euros a year."

Ireland Car insurance companies will operate a rip-off in Grand style, this is the result of an investigation by the Irish Central Bank recently. The costs for damage cases have decreased in the past five years by 14 percent. The insurance premiums increased in the same period, by 62 percent. Since the report was published in mid-December, rages a debate in the Newspapers and on the Internet.

For many Irish people to return after years abroad in the home, own a car is prohibitive, even if you are in the UK, the USA or Australia for many years accident free. The insurance can the not apply, but the home scale-comers like 18-year-old beginners.

Paul Cotter and his wife came back after five years from Australia and have purchased a seven-year-old Toyota. "Ninety percent of the insurance companies have not made a price offer, even though we never had an accident," says Cotter. "The other demanded between 3,000 and 4,000 euros."

Thomas Murray came from Texas to Ireland and bought a car. The need to remain in the Garage, because the insurance his US driver's license is not recognized. He was driven 25 years accident-free, but had to take in Dublin twelve mandatory driving lessons and a driver's license exam. For this he had to rent from the instructor of a car because he got his own car without an Irish driving licence, no insurance.

The Argument that people should, in the light of climate change, rather by Bus and train, can Murray do not apply: "The public transport in big cities is crumbling. The country is dead meat without a car, either.“

but The Problem is not just the Car insurance. Crèches and Restaurants are at risk, because you can not afford either the insurance premium or the first place no company can find out more, this assures you. After the company Ironshore from the market has withdrawn, with Arachas only insurance for Cribs and the premiums doubled up to sixfold.

The government, which leaves the pre-school education to the private sector, has a five-year granted a one-time grant of 1500 to 26000 euros depending on the size of the crib. Overall, the cost of seven million euros. The opposition Deputy Robert Troy says: "We use tax dollars to subsidize a very profitable insurance companies."

Other sectors are not supported. Particularly dramatic is the situation in the Hotel and hospitality industry. Three large insurance companies have on 1. January from this business adopted. "Now we are afraid that we will be fleeced more," says Eoin McCambridge, who runs a Restaurant and a deli in Galway.

"ten years Ago, we paid € 10,000 in insurance premium in the year. In 2019, it was 125,000 euros, and now it will be even more expensive.“ His business since 1925, family-owned, but if the costs continue to rise, the company is the 100. Anniversary experience.

The insurance companies have established a web of lies to justify their exorbitant premiums. The "Compo Culture" is to blame – so, especially in the lower layers of the allegedly widespread practice of insurance fraud.

A simple mathematical account of the debunked as nonsense. If according to the insurance Association 20 per cent of all damage reports treacherous, would have to land almost 5000 cases each year in court, in front of Mark Paul of the Irish Times. In fact, in the past six months, just 19 cases.

so Who is actually to blame for the rip-off? "It's greed," says Seán Murphy. Instead of having to pay the 6000 Euro insurance premium, could drive his daughter to a day cab. "This is much cheaper."

Updated Date: 04 January 2020, 14:00

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