It is a Drama: works warns Jobkahlschlag in Real

Shortly before the planned sale of the supermarket chain Real to financial investors, Chairman of the works Council, Werner Klockhaus warning prior to a cutback

It is a Drama: works warns Jobkahlschlag in Real

Shortly before the planned sale of the supermarket chain Real to financial investors, Chairman of the works Council, Werner Klockhaus warning prior to a cutbacks in personnel. "The Council expects about 10,000 unemployed," said Klockhaus in an Interview with the "süddeutsche Zeitung" (Tuesday edition). "This means that almost every third party in the event of acute danger. It is a Drama." Currently, Real has approximately 34,000 employees.

For Metro "has always been a stepchild"

Reals parent company, Metro AG, plans to sell all of the 277 Real-markets in Germany at the end of January, the German-Russian consortium X-Bricks - contrary to previous statements. First it was said that Metro would be involved with 24.9 percent of the supermarket chain. "The Metro is a step in the Real has always been a child that has been neglected," said Klockhaus. The bill would have to now pay staff. Also of the policy, the Deal would have know so far, no help.

Real branches in front of the

most of The employees would, according to the Klockhaus by branch closures lose their jobs. "Out of around 50 closing markets or more," said the Council boss, who is also Vice-Chairman of the Metro Supervisory Board. "If you count the pro market 120 employees, the amount would be 6000 Employees to lose their jobs," said Klockhaus. An estimated 4000 people unemployed, it would add, if X-Bricks rich in the Real markets to competitors, and this whole departments tightly made. "The no longer needed workers then, and is expected to be operationally terminated," says Klockhaus. Before the Central administration in Dusseldorf, logistics, advertising and the IT Department would be. "After the sale, nothing will be as it was," predicts Klockhaus. METRO 13,06 EUR -0,19 (-1,43%) Xetra

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criticized in the course of data

The General works Council, the inaction of the government. "I believe that the policy underestimated the Situation of the sale of Real complete. There were a lot of conversations with politicians from all levels, including Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, who have not helped us, unfortunately, up to now," says Klockhaus. Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier, he had heard so far, no statements about the Real sales, although these have a significant impact on the market concentration in the German food will have retail.

the Metro area refers to agreement with the works Council

With the sale process, people familiar with the Figures of the General works Council, Chairman-rated to the news Agency dpa, however, very speculative. The future owner could have been for reasons of cost, an interest to receive as much as possible markets, and thus as many jobs as possible, it said. The Metro's spokesperson also referred to a the end of last year, the Real agreement signed with the works Council. You can see a social protection for all the Real employees, who in spite of all the efforts made by the redundancies will lose their job one of the acquiring companies.

Metro chief: "Pay to the personal assessment is too high"

Also, Metro chief Olaf Koch has said now. To business week, he said: "now to be expressed through a number, according to my personal estimate is too high." You use "for contractual arrangements, according to which the Real employee of the retail company will be solely employed more".

Real struggles with declining sales and red Numbers. For some time now, Metro is looking for a buyer for the retail chain. However, the sale process proved to be much more laborious than initially expected.

As commented on the FOCUS Online readers of the post:

"The works Council of Real, his future, and colour vision in very dark colours and with a lot of bad luck, it may come, indeed, to the extent. However, the buyer of the chain will have hardly be the goal of the chain of handle, then he would have been able to save finally the purchase. I have experienced a change of ownership and restructuring, but it is rarely eaten as hot as it is cooked."

"On the example of Real you see that you can't force in a competitive system, the customer, in the case of a certain dealer to buy: There is also a trade Union, or the policy is can make nothing, unless they interfere to the detriment of the competition. There is a reason for this (to be drawn rather several) why the Real is less and less customers, and sales generated! The customer can decide whether he goes to Real or, if necessary, to REWE." Severance pay calculator 2020 (indicator) been Terminated? Check here the amount of your settlement! Snow down to the lowlands – to the start of the week traffic PCP snow to lowlands, threatens Chaos in the profession – at the start of the week of Chaos in the rush hour

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Date Of Update: 17 January 2020, 01:01

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