Judgments of the hambach forest: Six months wrongfully in jail

The legal processing of the Hambach occupation lasts. Harsh judgments of the first instance to be conceded by the district court. hambach forest in September

Judgments of the hambach forest: Six months wrongfully in jail

The legal processing of the Hambach occupation lasts. Harsh judgments of the first instance to be conceded by the district court.

hambach forest in September 2018: The police cleared the tree houses photo: Reuters

AACHEN taz | The defendant comes in all Black. Toni H., 20, travelled from her home in Rostock to the district court of Aachen, where you will be negotiated. In September 2018, it had supplied the people of the occupied the hambach forest in your caravan with food. "Solidarity-based cooking" was the name of the. In the case of a police control. h. gave your personal details to be able to quite properly, but without an ID. Therefore, they had to go to the police headquarters in Aachen, the ID determination.

to prevent trying to say, that your fingerprints were taken. They should have tried to bite a policeman in the leg. The young Prosecutor speaks at the trial of "physical abuse" and "assault on a public official".

The method is one of several that has been running for the rabid forest clearance with Thousands of forces deployed in September 2018, against Protesters in and around the hambach forest. Always an Activist landed activists in custody, some for a long time. Usually the charges: resisting arrest or assault are.

On Friday, the two witnesses charged police officials of the truth before the court would serve little purpose. The a can't remember whether he was really doing ("since so many were ..."), the she crouched on the other only in the sense of h. s mouth on his left thigh, as next to him. Wound? Impression of his teeth? No. Pants broken? Also, do not. The Prosecutor rejected the suggestion: Normally a "zero-tolerance strategy could leave in the event of attacks on representatives of the state", but in this "exceptional case" to the facts of the case, the simple act of Resistance. The judge nods: "Five hours?" – "Well, ten it should be." Verdict: Ten Hours Of Community Service. After 45 minutes the nightmare is over.

Rare procedure go to the hambach forest, the brown coal mining in Tagebau Hambach in the way, so lightly. How many there are exactly, nobody knows, because they take place after the youth met quite often at the place of Residence, not at the scene. Many of the arrested were under 21 years of age.

One of the best-known prisoner, called the "owl", had been convicted of attempted kicking a police officer, judge Peter king box, first of all, to nine months in prison without parole. King's field diagnosed "significant adverse inclinations" – a term from long times past.

owl sat including U-imprisonment half a year. The Cologne regional court quashed the detention, and in may of the judgment. Instead, the court had three weeks ' youth detention, which were paid for by the prison. In addition, owl had to be completed within six months, 40 hours of community service, preferably in the area of environmental protection and nature conservation.

In the case of the young woman it should be, so the district court had found out by photo comparison with the Berlin residents ' registration office, the 19-year-old Paula W.. The reviewer in Kerpen, they had estimated after extensive investigations to 79.8 per cent probability than 21 or older. The 20.2-percentage-young people not commented on the identity. Thus, your sentence indemnity escaped. Otherwise she was very cooperative: A long-taz-Interview in may, she was not free, because their individual passages did not fit.

What became of the owl, and white-neither the prisoner's care organisation, the Anarchist Black Cross Rhineland, nor her lawyer, Christian Mertens: "After the legal force of a judgment I am legally out of it." Neither the district court, the Cologne public Prosecutor nor the district court Kerpen could give or wanted in taz-inquiry, what is become of the social hours.

The hambach forest, meanwhile, after two summers of extreme drought is not good. Dredging of the energy group RWE have driven their aisles that are up to 50 meters to the trees and remain as a constant threat in the vicinity. The eviction is not served as the basis of government documents has long been occupied, to the advanced fire protection of the tree houses, but only to make room for the chain saws.

Long since the forest is occupied again. 70 to 80 part of a mighty tree houses are newly built. The police reports sometimes provocations against RWE-security services. The regional press is doing with such messages, the mood against the "alleged forest protectors" and "left-wing extremists". By the end of 2020, a court reigns stop contractually imposed Deforestation.

The district court Kerpen also condemned a in the beginning nameless Australian activist to nine months in prison. Curiously enough, the identity of The 23-Year-old spoke only because your concerned mother from Down Under gave up a Missing persons report: they had long heard nothing from the daughter. The sat is also already four months in custody. The regional court in Cologne overturned the ruling.

a young woman who was officially "UPIII" baptized (for Unknown Person), landed at judge Peter king in the field. She had tumbled in the forest, as other supposedly firecrackers in the direction of police officials threw. Verdict: for the third Time in nine months imprisonment without probation because of "aid to attempted dangerous bodily injury". Educational objective: "General preventive nature".

attorney Christian Mertens describes judicial review as: "There are dishes, the plating dissenters with special penalties." Nevertheless, the regional court of Cologne had conceded this ruling, the Prosecutor's office but insisted on Revision. So this was against the estates of the drums in front of the court. At the Friday hearing was. Result: Acquittal. UPIII was sitting about six months wrongfully in jail.

Frank Hatlé, lawyer of the "UPIII"

"That makes me almost stunned"

it was predictable, says her attorney, Frank Hatlé: "The detention decisions, as well as the evidence and the judgment of the criminal judge, king field were not objectively comprehensible and are manifestly erroneous."

What exactly does that mean? "The criminal judge king had not reflected on the first main day of the trial, to know the identity of the accused," says the lawyer. From the minutes of the main hearing, the contrary is clear, however: "The need to recognise the accused, in retrospect, as a sneaky, since the judge did not support his hard judgment, least of all, that you wanted to communicate their personal data." It even says Hatlé, make the "almost stunned".

The Activists Jazzy and Winter, whose emotional Video Statement was immediately clicked after the arrest of four million Times, sat two weeks in custody, to Christian Mertens on temporary bail could obtain. The trial against Winter, almost one and a half years later, on the Friday before the district court of Düren.

come To the well-known cases, minor: B-Mike got in the summer of 2019, four days imprisonment, because he had appeared barefoot in court. The co-defendant Luna followed, because they had no desire to court to stand up.

The pattern is always Initial excitement about the alleged violence of the Forest protection groups, actions, memory lapses, contradictory statements. Then in the first instance often hefty judgments – which are then collected again.

A decision on whether the forest is maintained, is also a year after the agreement, the coal Commission, which referred to the receipt as "desirable". RWE is continuing to negotiate compensation payments, and creates Breaks in the largely abandoned neighboring villages facts.

Date Of Update: 13 January 2020, 18:00

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