Lufthansa cancels over 7,000 flights due to Corona Virus - what is the Compounds true

the effects of The Corona-crisis on the air transport will be more violent. The Lufthansa group has trimmed its flight schedule in the short term, the capacity

Lufthansa cancels over 7,000 flights due to Corona Virus - what is the Compounds true

the effects of The Corona-crisis on the air transport will be more violent. The Lufthansa group has trimmed its flight schedule in the short term, the capacity of around 150 aircraft.

flights from Munich and Frankfurt are affected

So announcements were implemented from the last week and the staff representatives about the concrete measures, as a company spokesman confirmed in Frankfurt. At the end of February, Lufthansa had announced that up to 25 percent of flights in Europe could be.

5. March will be implemented in the Route cancellations and frequency adjustments gradually and the affected passengers about the Changes and rebooking options, informed. A total of Lufthansa cancels until the end of March, around 7100 flights (from Frankfurt 3750 flights to 75 airports, from Munich 3350 flights to more than 65 airports).

Lufthansa cancels many intra-German flights

they focus on intra-German flights out of the Hub, Frankfurt to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Munich to Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bremen and Hannover. This is high-frequency-operated Connections, part of which will be flown at half-hourly intervals from Lufthansa. Thus, many transfer options are available.

A second focus of the Route cancellations and frequency adjustments on Italy. This includes the objectives of Milan, Venice, Rome, Turin, Verona, Bologna, Ancona and Pisa.

Lufthansa passengers should be informed in advance

inform "Lufthansa passengers will be advised prior to your trip about the current Situation of the respective flight over to. Guests who have entered their contact data with Lufthansa, are proactively informed of the deletions. Because in addition to intra-Germany and Italy-Links for more flights to Scandinavia, great Britain, the Baltic States, Poland, Russia, France, Spain, Portugal, great Britain, etc., are affected," said Lufthansa. In the course deletions was considered that all European destinations remain accessible and the client thus in most cases a suitable Alternative may be offered.

In addition, the Airline had already decided in the last week, the flights from Germany to the Chinese mainland up to and including 24. April to suspend. The connection to Tehran remains up to 30. April deleted.

Lufthansa allows one-time Repost

Because of the difficult location and the numerous Rejections, the Lufthansa group up to 31. March basically in the world on transfer fees and offer a one-time transfer for all newly booked flights, regardless of the Booking rate. This applies to all newly purchased Tickets. Passengers can use this newly acquired Tickets without a change fee to a new date to 31 December December 2020 to rebook. The new ex-gratia scheme for existing bookings is valid worldwide for all the up to 5. March booked flights with a departure date up to 30. April 2020.

Lufthansa 10,86 EUR -0.64 (-5,57%) Xetra

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Airlines of the consequences of the Virus

The international air transport ever more of the global Corona Crisis has already hit hard. After the Near-collapse of the China-traffic, the consequences are felt around the globe, because of fear of a further spread of the Covid-19-pathogen fairs and business canceled trips. The Chinese aviation authority CAAC, is trying, in the meantime, with Extra rewards to encourage international airlines to resume their Connections to the Chinese mainland. The Israeli airline El Al wants. because of the crisis, 1000 his, according to the "Times of Israel", a total of 6300 employees dismissed, for the time being, on hiring and is cutting its executives the salary by 20 percent

The newspaper "Times of Israel", according to El Al has approximately 6300 employees, of whom 3600 permanent employees. According to the speaker are affected by the redundancies of both permanent employees as well as temporary workers.

The first Airline has already announced an end: the Virus-follow - the British Airline Flybe provides a

a lawsuit Threatens the Airlines shaft?

concerned about the Airlines is also the question of whether the crisis is an "exceptional circumstance" to. If not, you would have to compensate in addition to the non-aufholbaren revenue losses, but also passengers who had already booked an early Ticket. Pretty sure the passenger portals are to fight out this question before the courts, such as, for example, Lars Watermann of clear has made. He sees the flight plan deletions clearly as a commercial decision of the Airlines, which they would therefore have to pay.

the Association of The German air traffic economy (BDL) turned against compensation under the air passenger rights regulation. The airlines had to react quickly to the spread of the Virus, and your offer is adjusted. Flying "empty planes, would be economically irresponsible and environmentally totally harmful," the Association said in Berlin. The incisions in the flight plans were the result of "exceptional circumstances". Instead of a compensation, the customer should refunds or free transfers to get.

The competitor Air France/KLM believes that as a result of the Virus, with up to EUR 200 million profit loss in the current financial year, Lufthansa will report at a later date. The complete Overview of the economic impact the industry has not yet. But it is far from clear that Corona will have harder consequences than the Sars epidemic in 2003 or the ash-rich eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, seven years later.

Airlines reported the weakest growth in ten years,

, The international Airline Association IATA was able to on Wednesday, the first effects of the Covid-19-outbreak of the global passenger figures for January show. After that, the global demand for passenger grew flights, although to a 2.4 percent compared to the same month last year. The first massive intervention in the air traffic to China from 23. January were sufficient to show the almost weakest growth for almost ten years.

The pressing question is how long the crisis lasts and how quickly subsequently, the demand will recover. The chief of the low cost carrier Ryanair, Michael O'leary, probably belongs to the optimists, who expect in the summer in the consumer a certain amount of habituation. In June and July, the "panic will sink to the level", presumed to be of Irish speakers in the industry.

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