Medical error: When Doctors make things worse

1. Swallowed a Tooth damaged vocal cords During an Operation is aborted on a patient, a Tooth, she swallowed it then. As the broken Tooth jammed in the throa

Medical error: When Doctors make things worse

1. Swallowed a Tooth damaged vocal cords

During an Operation is aborted on a patient, a Tooth, she swallowed it then. As the broken Tooth jammed in the throat of the patient, damaged the vocal cords of a woman.

2. Key to the delivery room

lost are The child of a pregnant woman should immediately by caesarean section on the world. Unfortunately, the key to the delivery room, was not found. After some delay the caesarean section could be performed, but the child suffered brain damage.

3. Swab in the patient

forget For a heart surgery, the Doctors forgot a swab at the heart of the patient. After the surgery, the man had a high fever and a severe blood poisoning . In the case of emergency surgery, the swabs could be removed. the

4. Wrong leg

In Austria, a woman was removed amputated in the case of an Amputation, accidentally the wrong leg. When the Doctors found the problem, it was eventually amputated the diseased leg. The attending doctor has been suspended from the clinic.

5. Chemo without cancer

In the case of a cancer patient were identified in the context of a PET-CT scan metastases. Then rubbed the doctors prescribed chemotherapy. Later it turned out that it was the supposed metastases to changes due to any other disease. The woman had an abortion because of the chemotherapy to a child.

6. Living wife for dead

held In a traffic accident on the highway, the emergency doctors diagnosed the death of the victim. In the pathology arrived, opens a undertaker in the body bag and finds a living, breathing woman. Despite a subsequent transfer to the intensive care unit of the hospital and emergency surgery, the elderly lady died on the same day of your accident injuries.

7. Deliberate misdiagnosis in hundreds of cases

apparently, A particularly hard-nosed physicians diagnosed approximately 200 patients diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia, although patients were actually healthy. A woman took as a result of the diagnosis, even life.

8. Warning signal of the Ventilator

The most well-known treatment of error magnification, the erotic actress is off at a breast "Sexy Cora" to run under. During the Operation, the patient has not been ventilated sufficiently, and the stand suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. Afterwards it turned out that the warning signal of the Ventilator was switched off.

9. Permanent blindness after tooth

In the Wake of a dentist appointment, a Tooth was pulled, pull suffered by a patient due to a fungal disease, a severe blood poisoning. The young woman survived the disease and the associated coma, but she is blinded permanently.

10. A practitioner of naturopathy claims to be able to cure cancer – with fatal consequences

As a desperate young cancer patient no longer knew how to help with debt medicine, sought out a naturopath. This claimed to be able to cancer with your healing powers defeat and advised the woman of Chemo - or irradiation therapies. Unfortunately, this was as pure a Declaration of intent of the healer. The patient died some time later, very young.

what is legally a treatment error?

Between a patient and his doctor, and legal terms, the treatment of the contract in accordance with section 630a of the German Civil code (BGB). The doctor owes to the patient, then the treatment success, but he must treat the patient, however, according to the currently valid Standards. If a treatment is not carried out according to the rules of the medical art, and not the medical Standards, there is a treatment error.

Medical treatment error? - Check Your Claim! [ display ]

Which claims you have against the person responsible?

caused to the patient by the treatment error-damage, he has to. against the person liable to a claim for damages in the Form of Pain and suffering According to the law, a claim for Pain and suffering in an injury to the body, health, freedom or sexual self-determination.

A Patient is compensated for a treatment error, so if it creates a damage to its health has occurred. This records in addition to physical and psychological damage.

The more serious the injury, the higher the pain money falls out. Also result are to be considered damage and the duration of the impairment.

caution: The claims for Pain and suffering from a treatment error time-barred within three years! The period begins with the end of the year in which the treatment error has been committed.

Date Of Update: 06 January 2020, 01:01

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