Million-Coup: Maschmeyer makes the fight against large insurer

"During my beginnings as a Start-up Investor I would not invest at all in Insurtech ("digital insurance")", said Carsten Maschmeyer. It is now different and

Million-Coup: Maschmeyer makes the fight against large insurer

"During my beginnings as a Start-up Investor I would not invest at all in Insurtech ("digital insurance")", said Carsten Maschmeyer. It is now different and the "cave of the lion"Star in the digital property and casualty insurers Neodigital gets, is a message.

Finally, it is not the 60-Year-old to any Investor: From humble circumstances to arise, Carsten Maschmeyer put the insurance industry in Germany on the head and it with the entry in the financial and insurance service providers AWD in the late ' 80s, even up to the billionaire brought. However, its rise also has shadow sides. For some of the practices in the AWD maschmeyer is criticized today.

After the sale of his life's work in the year 2007, the Swiss life insurer Swiss Life, he had renounced the insurance industry actually first. Up to now, at least.

"The first digital insurer, I've seen ten years ago on the market, could not convince me. In my eyes, you have offered no innovative added value compared to independent Face-to-Face advice. That has changed now,“ says Maschmeyer. For a long time, the Investor plays with the idea of a big into the insurance business. Both in the USA as well as in Germany, the financial entrepreneur to founder fishing. PDF how to create 50,000 euros to the right place!

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Maschmeyer is of the essence in the insurance industry

The now completed successfully Coup with Neodigital is for the Self-made billionaire a decisive step in the direction of goal achievement: Through his company Alstin ("Alternative Strategic investment") pushes back maschmeyer in the German Bastion, the insurer and the industry as a whole wants to miss with his Investment a "digitization push".

The euphoria is great. Maschmeyer likes to talk about his Deal, but when it comes to the actual amount of new Investments, he's covered. He could only reveal so much: Alstin, with an Investment of a high single-digit million amount clearly in the Lead, he stresses to FOCUS Online. And that means Alstin Capital is the largest donor among the investors. Accordingly, he is expected to hold as Managing Partner of the Venture Capital Fund of more than ten percent of the shares in the company in which the German re-insurance is involved, in his hands.

has Automated processes in the foreground

Especially about the Two-pillar-model of the company, in which he put his money and trust, he says in the conversation with conviction. "Neodigital is on the one hand, a self-insurer and offers customers their own insurance. On the other hand, the company offers the more established insurance companies is a modular system with a complete digital solution. Large insurance companies can use the automated processes of Neodigital, in your sales channels, integrate and, on this Basis, their own insurance,“ explains Maschmeyer to FOCUS Online. The strategy of the company, the contents, liability -, accident - and animal holding liability insurance policies has in the program, he finds super.

From his own experience, he knows that there is something wrong with the speed of the advancement of digital innovations, many of the large insurance houses. As a "Tanker" were you on the solutions that are agile, more maneuverable Tech dependent Startups.

"Certainly the insurance companies do not offer Online rates to be advised, in terms of price behind," says Maschmeyer. But Neodigital is not only competition for established houses, but his solution to the development of their own digital insurance products is also a cooperation partner, as he emphasized.

Maschmeyer predicts the end of the insurance consultant

"The insurance industry is facing the biggest upheaval in its history," he says, and prophesied in the same breath, the end of the insurance consultant to simply cut off the end of the property had insurance, such as liability. PDF The best ETF strategies 2019

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its not a big deal in his eyes. On the contrary: "I would have liked it to have given such a pure digital insurer, as I, 40 years ago, the industry went. Because not only the customer, but also the insurer saving through automated operations a lot of time and resources. If all the processes are automated and digitally mapped, they can focus insurer and a consultant on the really complex cases, such as life or age of hedges in need of intensive counseling.“

For it is: A world of Insurance, which is faster, more efficient and more straightforward – that the world needs. The digital solution of Neodigital is, in his opinion, now exactly what is Insured and the entire industry to wait. He is convinced: "Neodigital has compared to the competition in Germany, the digitalste offer along the entire process chain." As a newbie in the industry and without own foreign service, the company has completed according to his own statement, so far, are already far more than 70,000 insurance.

but This is only the beginning. The companies of the two founders, Stephen Voss, and Dirk whiting has a lot of plans, so Maschmeyer. His money wants to use the young company now, in order to expand the existing insurance offers Car, residential building and legal expenses insurance. 120-km/h-gusts, a Meter of snow: hurricane-Trio on the way to Europe in the PCP 120-km/h-gusts, a Meter of snow: hurricane-Trio on the way to Europe

Updated Date: 10 January 2020, 01:00

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