New era in the shipping industry: drivers of a rude awakening now

container ships and tankers, cruise ships and General cargo freighters to the Thousands on the world's oceans and are the bloodstream of the world economy. The

New era in the shipping industry: drivers of a rude awakening now

container ships and tankers, cruise ships and General cargo freighters to the Thousands on the world's oceans and are the bloodstream of the world economy. The shipping industry handles about 80 percent of world trade and has made it thanks to their low cost, the global division of labor possible in the first place. Although world trade is growing more slowly, were 2018 to be transported for the first time eleven billion tons of goods over the sea, as much as never before, reports the UN conference on trade and development (Unctad).

However, for the protection of the environment on the high seas, far from the European or American coasts and ports, had not left the shipping companies a lot and burned as a fuel high-sulphur containing heavy fuel oil. The end of the year is the end of it, unless there are special cleaning facilities onboard.

"a Lot of effort and a lot of money cost"

As the international Maritime organisation IMO has tightened up over the years, the regulations for the sulphur content of the fuels and goes a step further now. The fuel for diesel engines on Board may not contain more than 0.5 percent sulfur, instead of the previous 3.5 percent. On the North sea and the Baltic sea and in the German ports, a limit value of 0.1 percent is already longer. That sounds little, but is still a hundred Times as much as in the fuel for passenger cars and trucks may be included.

Large vessels are in need of 100 to 200 tons of fuel per day, depending on their size and charge. The Bunkers are a significant part of the operating costs. "This change, I can't conceal, it has cost us all in the shipping companies a lot of effort and a lot of money," says the President of the Association of German shipowners Alfred Hartmann. Around 80 percent of the ships in the German fleet, and also internationally, will require an estimated fuel with low sulfur content. The upgrade cleaning systems (Scrubber) or switching to liquefied natural gas (LNG) play a minor role. PDF how to create 50,000 euros to the right place!

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shipowners are sceptical

The new fuel is about 50 percent more expensive than the old one. The Container-shipping Line, Hapag-Lloyd expects additional costs of approximately a billion dollars per year; the world's largest Shipping company, Maersk, it is two billion. Overall, experts anticipate that, after an analysis of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, with an additional cost of 60 billion dollars (53.7 billion euros). A study cited by the information service S&P Global Platts comes with secondary effects, even on a trillion dollars in the course of five years. Thus, the new rules for the shipping industry could reduce global growth and the risk of a global recession intensify. Marcus Brandt/dpa sheep to graze on the banks of the Elbe, while a large container ship on the river Elbe passes by

But exactly no one knows, because such a Situation had not been there before. The shipowners are a bit skeptical. "We hope that the new fuel is also wherever we need him," says Reeder, President of Hartmann. The refineries will see ready: "The German mineral oil industry is prepared for the more stringent emission limits," says Christian kitchens, managing Director of the mineral oil industry Association (MWV). "The German refineries are highly flexible." However, the industry does not know which variety of what shipping companies will be ordered and in what quantity, the port in the future. "Therefore, the development of the market demand can not accurately estimate."

motorists higher diesel prices threaten

This can be for the consumer in Germany is important, if the market should unexpectedly were fiercely exclusive. Can "the costs and prices for better fuels, no statement can be made, nor as to the impact on similar refinery products such as Diesel, fuel oil and kerosene," says kitchens. In clear text: It can not be excluded that the motorists see at the pump, at least temporarily, to higher diesel prices. PDF pension with 63: How does it work? Our PDF guide shows you how you can retire early can go and still have the full amount received.To the PDF guide

Ultimately, the consumer will have to pay for the low-sulfur fuel. The shipping companies have agreed mostly with your clients on a procedure, the higher fuel costs transparent to pass, for example freight forwarders, or trading companies. However, a price premium of 50 percent of the fuel would be the cost of the transport for the single pair of trousers or a T-Shirt for the final consumer is hardly more expensive to make.

the cruise industry in the criticism,

Particularly in the focus of the criticism of the cruise industry, even if you only 400 up to 500 up to 17 000 vessels concerned are omitted. It relies more on the exhaust-gas cleaning by means of cleaning equipment than other areas of the ship's travel, and can use more heavy oil. In the case of Tui, six of the seven vessels are equipped with such a Filter. Also, MSC is relying on the technology. Eleven ships already have a Scrubber, and the remaining six will also be soon equipped with the System.

In the case of Aida, it was in last September, nine ships, with more to follow. The industry is focusing its new construction on LNG; the majority of the new cruise ships can refuel your natural gas. And conducts research to further drive the go solutions such as fuel cells and electric batteries. As with Sulfur, the industry is not yet at the goal: by 2050, the shipping wants to become climate-neutral.

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