New technology, new risks: How to car insurance of tomorrow will work

we Look back but for a brief Moment 20 years. The car of the year in 1999, the Ford Focus was called. The basic equipment of an ABS, four Airbags and electric W

New technology, new risks: How to car insurance of tomorrow will work

we Look back but for a brief Moment 20 years. The car of the year in 1999, the Ford Focus was called. The basic equipment of an ABS, four Airbags and electric Windows belonged to at the time. The front! Air-conditioning and an ESP, then just four years old, were in the Focus in 1999 on the list of accessories.

we Had at the time of driving assistance systems dreamed of, the Parking of our vehicles independently, slow down or even taxes today in many vehicle models, a Standard would have shaken a lot of discreet head. We'd assumed at the time of electrically operated air-taxis, most recently in Stuttgart, tested, or by E-cars with ranges of several hundred kilometres, would have the can only work in a Film by George Lucas.

Six trends show changes in the Motor insurance

The mobility understanding has not changed in the past 20 years, serious, it will continue to bring in ever-larger increments of new innovations and concepts, which are not only technology companies, and consumers in the movement, but also the insurance industry. Six developments, is particularly evident. About the author

Klaus-Peter Röhler, since 2018, the Chairman of the Board of management of Allianz Deutschland AG. The doctor of law and a diploma in business administration from Landau/Pfalz since 1996 for the insurance group.

first : self-driving buses for some routes, automated cars could be in the near future already part of our mobility, even if some of us have to get used to such images, reminiscent of Science-Fiction movies, yet. In terms of insurance, we see with the view on the engine itself, whether petrol, Diesel, electric or hydrogen drive – no problems. We, as insurers, technology in this question. Our self-understanding is to accompany these Developments and to enable.

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With on-Board battery, get a small number of accidents other significance

Secondly, : It will turn out in the future for the Alliance, for example, whether electric vehicles will take a different claims history than vehicles with conventional drive concepts. The question will be whether the amount of loss changes in the case of minor rear-end collisions significantly, because the batteries in E-vehicles are damaged, where cars with conventional drives, maybe just "sheet metal damage".

The previously observed relatively low claims frequency in the case of electric vehicles is likely to be primarily the reduced performance due to. It will turn out in the future, whether in the case of an increase of vehicles with electric drive, the number of pedestrian accidents is increasing, because E-can be used to slide the cars almost silent on the streets and by pedestrians or cyclists simply ignored. dpa/Julian Stratenschulte Volkswagen employees are in a clean room for the production of battery cells in the VW factory in Salzgitter

Change is likely, the use of electric of the property, percentage of vehicles expected to be – even with the batteries installed. There will be more leased cars, leased batteries, as in the case of some manufacturers (Renault, Nissan) to see in the offer is. However, this will also increase the complexity of the claims, because you get to do it as an insurer, a case-by-case, with two Victims.

assistance systems in the investigation of accidents

Thirdly, : The more intelligent help of the electronic assistance systems are likely to hergängen in the not-too-distant future, the investigation of Accidents and thus the potential to affect Claims settlements. Today reduce efficient Parking assistant, the cost of an insurance policy, because they cause significantly less damage during Parking as the man-controlled car.

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In other cases, will have to show, whether human or machine caused an accident, what data can be collected and who will eventually be accessing this data. The Alliance recommends an independent Trustee, to the in the future, the accident awareness of the necessary data in the case of highly and fully automated vehicles to be transferred. No stakeholders should have exclusive access to these data – neither one of the parties involved in the accident nor the vehicle manufacturer or the insurer.

cars communicate independently with workshops

Fourthly : Generally speaking, you can imagine that vehicles are going to be equipped with a shame the wizard, the request independently, the aid, damage for the insurance report and in the workshop the necessary spare parts order, always provided that the customer gives for this additional data storage to its approval.

Fifthly : You may assume that the so-called "intermodal mobility" will play in the next 20 years, a dominant role. This refers to the combination of different transport means, which are controlled via digital platforms. So you will be riding in the future, the path from A to B with different vehicles like train, car, E-Bike or Scooter best all networked together and under the umbrella of a suitable insurance together. Car insurance at FOCUS Online, online, you can Find and compare the cheapest rate

The assistance system of the car determines the Tariff

Exciting times are ahead of us. In future we will consider more of the safety-relevant capabilities of the car in the Tariffs as the driving skills of the driver. The question will be, what assistance is built-in system, what is the quality of the System and how is it used?

Sixth : as the insurer, We will play in the qualitative evaluation of the assistance systems have an important role, as we can deduce from the claims analysis today, what is the safety potential of these systems. In principle, this is shown already in the type classes system and the importance of such vehicle-related statistics will increase but, if the relevance of the driver qualities loses as a cause of accidents on the importance. But the man in the focus of our considerations is predominantly, as the car of the year in 1999, the Ford Focus.

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