Not the end of the Bush fires in Australia: A new heat wave

The government wants to relieve exhausted fire brigades with the help of the military. She continues to deny the connection between climate change and fires.

Not the end of the Bush fires in Australia: A new heat wave

The government wants to relieve exhausted fire brigades with the help of the military. She continues to deny the connection between climate change and fires.

A wall painting in Sydney, takes the Prime, and climate change deniers Scott Morrison on the grain. Photo: Steven Saphore/AAP/dpa

SYDNEY taz | Australia's government wants to use the army strengthened in the fight against devastating forest fires. The Minister of defence Linda Reynolds announced Friday. Liaison officers of the Australian armed forces should, in the future, sitting in the Central the fire departments and in the coordination of fire service operations help. As a result, more firefighters would be "free to use for your actual specialized tasks in the fire-fighting," said the Minister.

their announcement follows growing criticism, the Federal government would support the member States in the combating of Bush fires. The have been calling for since September, eight people live. At least 1,000 buildings, including over 800 residential homes, have become victims of the flames. The fire-fighting is primarily a task of the member States.

On Friday afternoon burned in the population of the state of New South Wales, nearly a hundred fire. After a slight slowdown in the last few days, the authorities expect for the coming week, a marked aggravation of the Situation.

At day temperatures of up to 45 degrees could be several large fire out of control, so the warning. Thousands of Volunteers are already since weeks in use. Now should now be checked, whether they should, at least, for their costs to compensate, or even a small compensation for lost income could get.

The need for the use of forces is large. At times, the volunteers of the fire Department to be supported by people from the USA, Canada and new Zealand. Millions of livestock and wild animals died in the last few weeks in the flames. According to initial estimates, around 30 percent of the Koala should be the Population North of Sydney have been destroyed.

A year-long dry period, which was reinforced according to scientists, climate change has led to a significant increase in the risk of fire in many Parts of the country.

The conservative Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is again accused, the seriousness of the situation wrong estimate. On Thursday, he was on a beach in Sydney when bathing photographed – just days after his family vacation in Hawaii, he returned to public pressure a day earlier than planned home.

According to research by the Guardian, Morrison's government was warned shortly after her re-election in may, the Ministry of the interior, that Australia was exposed to fires more frequent and severe heat waves and Bush and "the foundations of life on the continent without effective measures against climate change" would be affected.

"The physical effects of climate change, population growth and urbanisation mean that in the future without effective measures, the livelihoods of more Australians by disasters will be affected," says the paper.

warned The Ministry, it is co-ordinated national measures are "necessary to the efforts to reduce these risks and to improve national resilience to advance".

The Canberra reluctantly released the report comes to the conclusion that life in Australia would be disturbed "increasingly disasters". More frequent and stronger heat waves, Bush fires, Floods and cyclones – "this will increasingly occur at the same time." The costs would increase "more".

The revelations just days after Morrison had ruled out any Change to climate policy as a response to the Bush fire crisis. Australia is one of the world's largest Coal exporters. In 2018, the country sold around 200 million tonnes of fossil fuel in the total value of the equivalent of 38 billion euros, mainly to China and India.

climate scientists have been calling for for years, a quick end to the mining of coal, the harmful emissions is significant for the climate. Because of their own dependence on fossil fuels for electricity generation Australia is one substances per capita is the highest Issuer under the indust riedern. About 60 percent of the country's electricity produced from coal.

Updated Date: 27 December 2019, 12:00

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