Number yourself 1500 Euro per month! So your money lasts a lifetime

The pension is there, in the evening of Life begins, the life - or pension insurance shall pay the insurance sum, and suddenly hundreds of thousands of euros ar

Number yourself 1500 Euro per month! So your money lasts a lifetime

The pension is there, in the evening of Life begins, the life - or pension insurance shall pay the insurance sum, and suddenly hundreds of thousands of euros are on the account. An amount of up to the end-of-life. Because of the death, however, difficult to predict, you need to retirees are concerned at this time with the topic of money investment. Many investors with zero percent interest rates. But whether any, or four per cent rate of return is crucial - it's about tens of thousands of euros.

How long the money is not enough, show comparison calculator on the Internet. The result is often sobering:

Who pays from his 100,000 Euro every month 1500 euros

  • has a zero per cent interest for nearly six years, some of his money.
  • four percent it would be about six and a half years,
  • six percent in just seven years.
  • Who pays 1000 Euro, can live eight to eleven and a half years of his money.
  • Who manages, however, with 500 euros a month, with six percent interest for sixty years some of its assets. FOCUS Online How long range of 100,000 euros at 0, 0,4, 4, and 6 percent interest?

live, on Average, pensioners twenty years . For the payment of the sum of the means:

  • zero percent interest: 416,67 Euro
  • 0.4% interest: 433,45 Euro
  • at 4 percent interest rates: 600 euros
  • at 6 percent interest: 703,67 Euro HOW HIGH is YOUR PENSION?

    With the retirement calculator, you can find it out

    click Here for the calculation

Thus, the pensioners are fighting not only against the low interest rates, but also increased life expectancy. In the ' 50s, the money had to last on average only ten years. So is it likely that she is at the age of 59 years die FOCUS Online/Wochit As likely it is that you are at the age of 59 years, die

"Currently, we are in a very ambitious time for investment," says Burkhard Wagner, financial Advisor and Board of Directors of the asset management "partner asset management AG".

retirees need to reconsider their investment options in the new age, says Wagner: "You should jump over his shadow." Means: To share, no way around this in the pension.

equipment sprinkle: This includes shares

On the risk management it comes: "You can build up in the lowest interest rates and relatively high equity prices more or less hidden risks," says Wagner. An example of bonds that are often sold as low risk, but a Depot to the Minus can drag - especially when you sprinkle the risk and long investment time periods are.

"Here, the investment rule is: do Not put all your eggs in a Nest," says Wagner. He recommends a Mix of bonds, funds, ETFs and dividend strong share.

"stock indices with Exchange Traded funds kurz ETFs, a good picture," explains Wagner. In the case of managed funds, how you will sell banks because of the Commission like to, the assets to consider a consultant: "According to studies available, 70 percent of managed funds fall short of their Benchmark, i.e., only 30 percent of the Fund to provide benefits to their investors as an addition." PRIVATE PENSION

Private pension

So, you care for the age

COMPARE The tips of the adviser:
  • Not in an unknown company
  • do not invest to buy Nothing, what is
  • systems, wide distribution of, that is securities in different countries and continents to buy, in different industries and different indices
  • invest rely On tried-and-true companies the check for decades, reliably pay a dividend
  • Depot daily. Your money in view and under control

    the best account for your money plant

    the best online brokers

    be Found In the stock market money

    In five steps to your own stock Depot

stock prices deserve to fluctuate some, you win some, you lose some, the important thing is what comes out at the end. "It is harmful to look at every day on the stock prices," stresses Wagner. "The daily rate is for pensioners is irrelevant."

Wagner advises the use of a share ratio between twenty and thirty per cent: "anyone Who buys any hot papers, but on long-standing and successful stock sets, with this quota, no error." PDF What is hardly a tenant knows... Our PDF guide to inform you about your rights and obligations as a tenant and explains to brake the Rental price.To the PDF guide

a buffer for short-term expenses

for short-term cuts, to be such as moving into a nursing home or the renovation of your own property equipped, should be put part of the money in safe, fixed-interest forms of investment. The Retirement of larger sums from life insurance or pension insurance, the investment adviser sees as critical: "one Feels fit and has no heirs, you can think about it, on the other hand, there are also rates, in which the insurance heirs pays a partial amount." However, there remains a risk that the money you paid for the insurance, again: "This is a bet on life."

For 10-year fixed money are currently up to 2.15 percent interest is possible. For five years, there are 1.9 percent. On days money, there are up to 1.4 per cent. The disadvantage is that such offers will apply in the days money is usually only for new customers and after six to twelve months, again taken back. Then you have to change either back to the Bank, or with an interest rate close to zero. Other possibilities are fixed rate bonds with maturities between three and seven years, or Pfandbriefe. Who abstottert, however, still a loan is well-advised in the current environment is best to pay these obligations first.

More on the topic of pension:
  • Who take precautions with a pension or insurance for old age, does what the Federal government advertises. Since 2004 there is, however, a big fly in the ointment: The recipients of occupational pensions will pay double health insurance contributions. For this reason, the pensioners feel cheated, and your return brought. More on this in a Thunderstorm-pump on Asia has drastic effects on the weather in Germany PCP Thunderstorm-pump on Asia has drastic effects on the weather in Germany


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