Partial unemployment : no change before April ?

UNEMPLOYMENT PARTIAL COVID. The government has announced the continuation of the current conditions of partial unemployment until the end of the month of march,

Partial unemployment : no change before April ?

UNEMPLOYMENT PARTIAL COVID. The government has announced the continuation of the current conditions of partial unemployment until the end of the month of march, because of the health crisis.

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[updated February 23, 2021 at 10: 40] Up to when the executive will he maintain the framework of partial unemployment ? The current rate of activity of partial common law are held until the end of the month of march "to respond to the uncertainty that we have on the health situation". "As long as there will be restrictions of public health (...), we will continue to maintain a support to 100% of the activity of partial to these companies', has been reaffirmed by the Labour minister, Elisabeth Borne, this Tuesday, at the microphone of Europe 1. "This means that the State continues to maintain the remuneration of the employees concerned." In total, 2 million employees will benefit from this device in the month of February.

This is not the first time the government has extended the system of partial unemployment, in the context of the crisis, many companies are still unable to cater to the public in the immediate future. In theory, the compensation paid to the employees would have had to be revised downward, just like the rest at the expense of the enterprises that are not part of the protected sectors. redid the point on the existing terms and conditions :

compensation of employees is set at 70% of the gross remuneration (84% of the net salary). Except for a new decision of the government, it will be lowered to 60% on 1 April. The remaining burden remains a zero-protected sectors (tourism, hotel, catering...). For the other sectors, it reached 15%. On the other hand, except in the evolution of the epidemic noticeable, you will have to wait for it to be raised to 1 April 2021 to 40%.

The activity of partial common law is a device intended for businesses forced to reduce or even stop their activity, allowing the payment of an allowance from the State. The employees, themselves, do not affect their normal salary, but a compensation. In parallel, the government has developed a system of partial unemployment, long-term, also called APLD. To learn more, please visit our dedicated article.

Tourism, hotels, restaurants... What a partial unemployment ?

the restaurant industry, as one of the events, sport and culture, is part of the sectors most affected by the health crisis, the coronavirus, called protected. The establishments are not entitled to, for the time being, to receive the public. In this respect, the sector of the restoration is unemployment part of common law, with full support of the State. As stated previously, this support 100% has to be maintained until the end of march 2021, at least.

What is the salary for the part-time unemployment ? What compensation ?

employees on partial unemployment no longer perceive their regular remuneration. Compensation is paid in lieu of salary. In detail, only the employees at the minimum wage (Smic CDD or CDI), the employees at the Minimum wage part-time and employees-in-training receive their full wage. If you are not in this case, the your income will decline . Pay is 70% of your gross salary ( 84% of your net pay) . Your collective agreement may, in some cases, be more advantageous and wear the ceiling above 84%.

You are looking to calculate the impact of this calculation and determine the amount of your unemployment compensation part ? A simulator has been made available on the website of the ministry of Labour, here. You have to enter several pieces of information : the rate of your hourly wages , the number of working hours, and length of the working time of your contract (in time). You get a estimate of your gross pay, , including your share of wages in classical and your allowance, depending on the number of hours not worked.

The employer remains responsible for the payment of the allowance of partial unemployment . The State is a posteriori to pay an allowance to the employer. As an employee, you touch the indemnity on the same dates as your salary, in normal times . Every month, you get a summary, which will be shown on your payslip. The allowance is visible on the salary slip, via a line " allocation of activity, partial, for the hours not worked " above the line "net pay before taxes on income". As stated in the Urssaf on its dedicated website, compensation of part-time unemployment is not subject to the "contributions and social Security contributions" , but it is subject to CSG and CRDS. A single rate of 6.2% is applied to the CSG and 0.5% for the CRDS, we a-t-on accurateé. Keep in mind that the tax at source shall continue to apply .

What about my pension rights to partial unemployment ?

They had been promised in the month of may. Two decrees were published in the official Journal on Wednesday 2 December, bringing finally, details on the procedure for taking into account of periods of part-time unemployment for pension rights. "The text details the procedure for taking into account of periods of part-time workers included between 1 march 2020 and 31 December 2020 in the title of the pension with effect from march 12, 2020, establishing a quota of hours for which the employee is placed in a position of activity partial compensation may validate a quarter under the basic pension", can we read in the preamble of the decree n° 2020-1491.

clear, if you have been in the part-time unemployment this year, these periods will open nice and pension rights. He fixed a a minimum of 220 hours indemnified to validate a quarter contributed to the general scheme . As A guide, the second decree focuses more specifically on the insured of some special schemes (gas and electric Industries, SNCF, RATP).

partial unemployment long-term (APLD), what is it ? Who is it for ?

In the framework of the activity, long-term partial, companies are allowed to reduce the working time, up to 40%, for a maximum duration of two years, in exchange for guarantees on the job, and this, until June 30, 2022. To do this, they will need to conclude upstream a collective agreement of the majority (branch or company) .

"The agreement sets out : 1) The date of start and duration of application of the device-specific part-time workers ; (2) The activities and employees covered by the scheme ; and (3) The maximum reduction of the hours of work within the legal period ; (4) The commitments in respect of employment and vocational training ; (5) The information conditions of trade union organisations of employees signatory and representative institutions of the staff on the implementation of the agreement. This information shall take place at least every three months", can we read in the decree of 30 July. "The employer shall send to the administrative authority (Direccte), before the expiry of each period of activity authorization partial specific, a balance sheet covering the observance of the commitments (...)".

Date Of Update: 01 March 2021, 01:57

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