Petrol and Diesel as cheap as for a long time: a Question of Fuel is now cheaper

Good news for motorists: After the fuel had attracted prices at German gas pumps last, will Recharge the batteries for cheaper. This is the result of a recent e

Petrol and Diesel as cheap as for a long time: a Question of Fuel is now cheaper

Good news for motorists: After the fuel had attracted prices at German gas pumps last, will Recharge the batteries for cheaper. This is the result of a recent evaluation of the consumer information service "".

Thus, the Liter of Super E10 cost in February in the nationwide average 1,3766 Euro – and thus, around 2 cents less than in January. Similar to cheap Super E10 was last updated in November 2019 with 1,3757 Euro. The difference is even clearer when Diesel drivers put on in the last month, per litre, on average, 1,2342 Euro. About 6 cents less than in January. So little of the motorists paid the least in August 2019.

petrol and Diesel, motorists saved more Euro

for consumers To get a better sense of what these price differences mean for your wallet, counted on the experts "" the Savings on multiple tank fills up.

The result of: paid-in Who filled my tank at the gas station four Times per 60 litre of Super E10 in February 2020, the national average 330,38 Euro. Around 5,11 euros less than in the previous month. For Diesel drivers, the Saving was in comparison to January of 2020 even in the case 14,23 Euro. For the same amount of Diesel 296,21 euros in the second month of the year.

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Diesel and Super E10: Here drivers drove the best

Particularly cheap car owners drove in Bonn. This shows a comparison of the 20 largest German cities. The Liter of Super E10 costing here 1,3536 Euro. Place two occupied Mannheim, 1,3572 Euro. Place Berlin, followed with 1,3579 Euro. The most expensive litre of E10 in Frankfurt was with 1,3953 Euro. Thus, the metropolis occupies the eighth Time in a row, a place on the podium of the most expensive German tank cities.

The Diesel Berlin shared (1,2063 Euro per Liter), Bonn (1,2081 Euro) and Leipzig (1,2122 Euro) the front seats.

most diesel drivers paid, however, in Frankfurt am Main with 1,2474 euros per Liter. Behind Dortmund (1,2420 Euro per Liter) and Nuremberg (1,2380 Euro per Liter) maneuvering.

fuel prices could continue to fall

the main reason for the lower fuel prices at the pump, the Coronavirus is. Since the end of January, the rising concern about the spread and the associated negative consequences for the economy press in China the stock exchanges. The crude oil prices affected.

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"at the beginning of the year, a Barrel of German consumer important North sea places had cost of Brent crude temporarily to around 69 US dollars. In February, the price dropped significantly and stood at last Friday at around 50 US dollars – the lowest value since July of 2017," said Steffen buck, Director of "Clever Tanken". He suspects that fuel prices are sluggish in March at a low level, but may also have further to fall. The Depot-a comparison of FOCUS Online (display) you can now Find your suitable Depot in the comparison

These factors will influence the price of Oil

His assumption is based on various scenarios are conceivable: He assumes that the large oil-producing Nations will reduce the "organization of the petroleum exporting countries" (Opec) and its allies are already back driven productions continue to support the price of Oil. In addition, he expects that national Central banks take monetary policy measures. The US Fed has cut the benchmark interest rate already at 0.5 percentage points. The could keep the price of Oil before the re crash.

From the table, he sees a decline in prices, however. As the infection figures of the novel Virus is currently the world's climbs, would have fomented, the "fear on the international stock exchanges in front of a weaker global economy and an associated fall in oil demand," explains Bock.

billion in aid from the U.S. let Oil prices rise

today, Thursday, Oil prices increased before the start of an important meeting of the oil cartel Opec, it decides whether Bocks is the adoption of a more restricted production properly. In Vienna, the conveying States meet and advise on the question of whether the production amount is to be reduced.

According to media reports, there is a dispute between the oil giants Saudi Arabia and Russia. The Saudis, as Opec's power to reduce, therefore, the daily production of up to 1.5 million barrels. Russia, which is not a member of Opec, but belongs to the advanced composite Opec+, seems to have been against any reduction pronounce. A solution to the dispute is not yet in sight.

participants in the market primarily due to the prospect of billions in financial aid in the United States to contain the corona of a crisis as the reason for the rise in prices. In the Morning, a Barrel (159 litres) cost of North sea Brent crude oil US $ 51.90. The were 77 cents more than the day before. The price for American crude oil of the variety WTI rose by 62 cents to 47,40 dollars.

For this support, the Oil market is a decision of the U.S. house of representatives via the financial assistance of 8.3 billion dollars provided. The money will help to bring the spread of the novel Coronavirus under control. The U.S. Senate must approve the law yet. The Oil market, the decision to hope for a stabilization of the virus helped due to weakening oil demand.

Tank-tips for consumers

in Order to benefit from the low prices, we recommend Bock to compare prices before Refueling. About Navi, App, or on the Internet, the cheapest gas in the area can be determined.

differences in the course of a day, should be observed: Particularly favorable, the times between 8 and 10 o'clock, in the noon deep between 12 and 13 p.m. and the evening hours from 18 o'clock. Not only consumers are able to save in the short term, by comparing different providers, the competition between them is stimulated.

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Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In the

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Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 11:01

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