Prices for residential Parking: a Wrong turn

Tiered pricing for residential Parking proposes to the car lobby. Thus, it does not reveal only that it is liveable cities. Here, the Park benches could be ph

Prices for residential Parking: a Wrong turn

Tiered pricing for residential Parking proposes to the car lobby. Thus, it does not reveal only that it is liveable cities.

Here, the Park benches could be photo: imago images/Gottfried Czepluch

For example, Stuttgart. A residents Parking permit for a year costs 30,70€. That is, in comparison to other local authorities, very much, namely, the current upper limit, the car shut off permanently, more or less in front of the door. For comparison: Berlin:the inside 20,40 Euro numbers. For two years. But: Both is of course much too little, and insanely low compared to the social costs caused by such a public place for Parking.

now, If so, the Association of the car industry and says: Hey guys, we have a few great suggestions. The residents let us income Parking but depending on the seasons and so that local authorities for requested areas may increase overall prices – then you can turn in the context of climate change, the housing crisis and the urgent Traffic only say that Because you come about 20 years too late. If the cost for an annual Parking pass should not go straight into the four-digit range, then that will bring high earners to the own car be abolished.

a quick look at the costs is enough if you rent a few times a year a car to drive maybe a heavier piece of furniture, or a not so good to foot on the way being a Person. We stay in Stuttgart: In the area of "City" cost of a Parking hour is 4 euros. In the Zone "Parking space management – long-term Parking" there is a day for 8,60 Euro. In both cases, it would be worth it to smooth, and to use car-sharing vehicle on your own name, with a residents Parking permit to register.

so What does it mean when a car industry lobby, the Association argues, to sort the Parking financially new? First, that a car Association would like to, of course, that driving a car is comfortable. Parking is unpleasant. Higher prices, special Parking, digital services, where cars exchange information about free Parking, what the Association is proposing so, could simplify Search and car make driving a more pleasant experience.

The proposals to show, secondly, that the lobbyists, the mention of climate change and housing shortage in their paper, turn, nevertheless, just before the big debate. The debate about what we as a society actually more meaningful want with all public surfaces, on which day in, day out, private cars are, of a size that sometimes exceeds that of a room. Because that can't go on like this, it should slowly become clear. We need the cold air formation areas and a fresh air vent to the increasingly hot summer periods to meet in the cities.

We are in need of housing, the increasing number of city people are housed, and the Housing can remain affordable. And for the people we need playgrounds, skate ramps and open spaces. Pond for duck count, trees for Shade, and vegetable gardens for the local supply. Safe Parking places for bicycles, benches for In-the-sun-Sitting, and probably much, much more. 30,70 euros in the year, good for 2.50 euros in the month. 20,40 Euro for two years, the ridiculous 85 cents on a monthly basis. And we are talking about several square meters of public space. There is somewhere else to rent an apartment for such a price?

Since the Union – and this is almost funny – proposes in the same position paper, special Parking spaces for electric cars. Well, they belong rather to the more expensive Segment, what income would therefore result in a better benefit. And no, electric cars don't solve the Problem of too much metal on too little space.

at the moment, the world is built in this country to meet the needs of cars and their owners:the interior around it. This is the basic problem. And that must change.

Updated Date: 02 January 2020, 19:00

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