Property tax: the deadline is next week!

PROPERTY TAX 2021. The deadline for payment of property tax was set for October 15. You get an extra delay if you pay online, until October 20th. Summary By c

Property tax: the deadline is next week!

PROPERTY TAX 2021. The deadline for payment of property tax was set for October 15. You get an extra delay if you pay online, until October 20th.

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[updated on 08 October 2021 at 09:29] You are not monthly, and you still have not taken the time to pay your property tax? Hurry up: the deadline for payment is Friday, October 15, 2021. You benefit from an additional period, until Wednesday, October 20, if you opt for a payment on the tax website, Do you see an increase in the amount of your property tax? Property tax rates voted this year remain relatively stable in the most populous municipalities in France. On the other hand, some, smaller, saw it blaze (read below). Between 2009 and 2019, the amount of property tax increased by 31.4%, had evaluated the observatory of the national Union of real estate owners (UNPI). To this is added a little known reform: the one that should lead to the revaluation of rental values (read below) . Property tax is a local tax due by property owners. The amount depends on your situation on January 1 of the tax year, which means that you are still liable for property tax on a property, even if you sold it during the year. The calculation is made from the cadastral rental value and the rate voted by the community. In some cases, it is possible to benefit from a property tax exemption (read below). 

Clichy, Paris, Argenteuil... Where is the 2021 property tax found by city?

Are you stunned when you read your property tax notice? You're not alone. While local tax rates remain substantially the same as last year in the majority of major cities, FSL reports, for other municipalities, it is the cold shower. Increase in the municipal or intercommunal share, increase in the household garbage collection tax (TEOM)... Some cities have a heavy hand compared to previous years. 

In Guéret, in the Creuse, the property tax literally exploded (+ 900% for the share of intercommunality). For some owners, this increase translates into an additional one hundred euros compared to their property tax last year. Are you worried about a very sharp rise?  Here are examples of cities that have significantly increased their property tax rate this year, according to the FSL firm:

Chartres : +15.6% Evry-Courcouronnes : +11.6% Montauban : +9.6% Montrouge : +17.7% Albi : +6.7% Alfortville : +8.7% Asnières-sur-Seine : +3.7% Bayonne : +7.6% Belfort : +12.2%

Your municipality is not included in this list, and you want to know what is the property tax rate 2021 for you? Consult our dedicated file without further ado:

See the file

What property tax rate in your municipality?

What is the date of payment of property tax in 2021?

Property tax notices are sent since the end of August for non-monthly taxpayers, and from September 20 for those who are. For people who are not monthly, the deadline for payment is October 15, 2021. You benefit from an additional period until October 20, 2021 if you opt for online payment, with a direct debit from October 25. Find all our articles to know how to pay your property taxes:

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What is property tax reform? Is there an increase in property tax?

Voted last year, Budget 2020 provided details on property tax reform. It should allow the revision of cadastral rental values which had become obsolete, because they were established on the basis of rental market conditions in the 1970s.  This reform is explosive. And for good reason, it could lead to a sharp increase in the amount of property tax. Many have already seen the effect of revaluation: 130,000 households, according to the Minister of Action and public accounts in 2019.  

For some, the amount of property tax has even exploded (+136%), indicated the UNPI in 2019 (national Union of real estate owners). The Ministry of Economy had wanted to reassure and indicated that the effects of this reform will be "smoothed over a long period" of several years. The first effects will not occur until 2026, read the 2020 finance bill.

Looking to find out what situations could allow you to reduce or even eliminate your local taxes?&nb

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