Ranking for Per capita assets: What are the health insurance funds in the money swimming

"in addition to the super-rich funds which are often located in the East of Germany, there already exist bodies, which could require, in 2020 the financial hel

Ranking for Per capita assets: What are the health insurance funds in the money swimming

"in addition to the super-rich funds which are often located in the East of Germany, there already exist bodies, which could require, in 2020 the financial help of their Kassenart," warns the service for social policies (dfg).

Together with the research Institute WIG2 from Leipzig, dfg has evaluated the balance sheets of the 109 statutory health insurance funds for the year 2018, the this to 30. November 2019 in the Federal Gazette have been published. "Some of the results are frightening," said the dfg.

In the case of every other insurance company schmolz assets

total Due to the accumulated deficits were in the Five-year comparison many balance sheets of deep red-colored. The danger of higher rising additional contributions to the Fund members move, therefore, closer and closer. The experts identified in the holdings of the total assets (operating assets plus return a negative result were) in a direct comparison of 2017 to 2018 for 33 funds.

For the period from 2014 to 2018, the results were even more drastic. The dfg is that melted in the Five-year comparison shows that almost every second body (49) assets the total, so almost every second.

these are the richest coffers

The dfg has calculated on the basis of the available data in connection with the number of insurance Fund Insured, how the funds stand in comparison to each other. In the case of this Ranking of per capita total assets, the AOK Sachsen secured-Anhalt, just short of the top spot With a per capita total assets of 1200,86 euros per you has Insured a lead of around one Euro in front of the BKK Groz-Beckert with 1199,72 Euro. This is considered to be one of the smallest operating health insurance at all, and had secured in the last few years, regularly the top value of the Rankings.

Cheap statutory health insurance AOK in comparison (display) the offer of the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt is in the Detail

you May the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt displace at the next evaluation, again from the top, because the latter had recently announced to abandon this year as the first AOK on the additional contribution. Their members pay, therefore, in the future, only the General contribution rate of 14.6 percent. Per Insured up to 422 euros of Savings are possible - the assets of the Fund drops accordingly.

Poorest of the Fund from the state of Hesse - with only 90 euros per head

On the third place of the ranking of the BKK Euregio follows finally. Among the Top 25 of the wealthiest corporations in particular, further operation of health insurance companies, as well as four additional AOK from Dresden, Hannover, Bremen, and the Hessian town of Bad Homburg, the Bochum, Knappschaft (KBS) and with the Bremen-based commercial health insurance company (hkk) to be found otherwise only a replacement Fund. From the Guild funds (IKK) have managed not only to the front seats.

Among the 15 poorest funds only medium-sized BKKen, with the BIG and find healthy a IKK, but with the DAK health, the merciful and the KKH is equal to three replacement funds. The Melsungen BKK Economics & Finance, with a per capita assets of just 90,66 € per Insured is. This is not even a three-tenths of the AOK Saxony-Anhalt.


AOK also in the case of reserves on the front

Also in the reserves Ranking the AOK Saxony-Anhalt, by the way, with 344,40 euros per Insured in the first place. Two AOK-sisters could use their reserves in addition, the recent sharp increase: The AOK Plus is sitting on a buffer of 295,53 euros per Insured, the AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven was able to double its reserves in 2018 from 136,65 Euro on 276,34 Euro.

in the Future to match the conditions, however. So the statutory reserves only amount to a full month's edition, in 2018, it was still 1.5-fold. The lower limit is, in turn, at least a quarter of a month's output. 2018 had already been mined for 15 cash in your reserves. In the period from 2014 to 2018, and even more in 23 funds.

reserves for total assets is crucial

However, health insurance can increase at any time by decision of their reserves, or reduce – by removing funds from the company assets or this to be added. The total assets will not change as a result.

the Background is that health insurance companies make, as public corporations, no profits and no assets are allowed to accumulate. Money collected will be used directly for the Insured. Since expenses are subject to certain fluctuations, may health insurance funds from the reserve to add to the resources. The reserve serves as a short-term funds to hedge against financial risks.

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BKK Herkules lowest reserves

In the list of the 30 funds with the highest reserves and also the Knappschaft (KBS) with a slightly decrease in the 239,90 Euro as well as trade insurance (hkk), alongside some of company health insurance funds with a slight increase in 207,99 EUR per Insured.

With 38,30 Euro 2018 landed BKK Herkules at the lower end of the Rankings. The big spare cash Barmer and DAK-health, however, the reserves, as compared with a year before - continue to stabilize.

"accounts of many of the funds are expected to be always faster empty"

Overall, however, experts predict a difficult time for the funds. "The myth of the ever-richer health insurance does not apply to all. As the coalition government imposes on the funds, more and more new benefits in the billions, it is estimated that the accounts in many funds getting faster empty“, so the conclusion of the dfg.

Also in October, published a forecast on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation is a cause for concern: as a result, a drop of almost 50 billion Euro threatens the statutory health insurance funds in the year 2040, if the policy is not early against expensive. The contribution rate would have to be increased, therefore, currently at 14.6 percent by the year 2040 gradually to 16.9 percent of expected expenditure increases.

A key driver of demographic development with a rising share of older people who take more health services was, as the authors from the Institute for health and social research (Iges) write. But above all, boomers is declining with the entry of the birth into old age, their contribution to the statutory health insurance revenue. Health insurance-benefits at a Glance (indicator) Now in the free health insurance comparison to find the best conditions!

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