Reconciliation of training and family: full-time, or not at all

The state to ensure that young parents can complete their education in part-time. Ironically, the Federal management landscape, however. Here, you want to mak

Reconciliation of training and family: full-time, or not at all

The state to ensure that young parents can complete their education in part-time. Ironically, the Federal management landscape, however.

Here, you want to make your training: Maxine Bacanji in front of the Paul-Löbe-Haus of the Bundestag photo: Dagmar Morath

BERLIN taz | The brochure of the Federal Ministry for education and research, is overwritten with a promise: "part-time training – a win-win for all". A better compatibility of family and career was "not only for the labour market is of crucial importance", - stated in it. Even young parents in education could agree on doctrine and family through part-time work better together. And the company could develop "the potential of a highly motivated and responsibility-conscious target group".

As the Ministry of education, various other ministries for the purpose of advertising that companies use the possibility of part-time training, which has anchored the Bundestag in 2005 by law. But, of all things, the administration of the Parliament grants this possibility only to a very limited extent: A young mother who wanted to start at the Bundestag administration, a training, was denied the part time just.

at the end of September, the Berliner, Maxine Bacanji applied for a job at the Bundestag administration. This, as stated in the call text, "the professional equality of women and men, and is therefore interested in this field, in which the proportion of female Employees is still low, particularly in applications from women". The Bundestag administration understand "as a family-friendly employer and therefore welcomes applications from people with children".

"I Organizational is," says Bacanji, 26 years old and a single mother of an 18-month-old son. After ten study English and philosophy on teaching semesters, you will want to reorient themselves professionally. "The Bundestag was my favorite as a trainer." You want to be to the Administrative assistants.

you will be invited to the admission test, a week after this date for the interview. "There, I asked the first Time to the Details," says Bacanji. Part-time is possible, not hot – but from the very beginning. First, you need to see how you do. And if necessary, you could then switch after half or one year of full - time in part-time training.

The daycare center, in which your son goes to is open from 8 am to 17 PM, at the moment your son is, like, five hours per day. Not even the job centre is obliged Single parents to work full-time, if the child is under 12 years of age. And even if your son was the whole time in the nursery, is not to create the training, if the distances are not so great as in Berlin: The Kita is located in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg in the East, the place of training in middle and vocational school in Steglitz in the West.

Bacanji get the commitment for the training, but the management remains at their Position. "How should I provide for my child, no one has said," says Bacanji. She says. For Jobcenter, on whose payments you are currently instructed to ask you via email to confirm that the part-time training is not possible. The employee of the administration denied with a adventurous statement: "As I have already informed you on the phone, of course, is also a part-time training is possible," she writes – just not from the very beginning. An explicit confirmation of this regulation for submission to the Jobcenter refused.

The Bundestag administration, angry Bacanji go of totally unrealistic assumptions about the life of alone parents. "It makes me very angry that those who allow for changes in the law part-time training and for companies to advertise, not even trying to enforce them – but ticket to do sacred way." Not only that, she has lost time for a job application, you must now, again, on the search for a training place.

Due to Bacanjis case, the member of the Bundestag, Friedrich Straetmanns left the group turned at the beginning of January to the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble. The practice of regulation, to allow a part-time apprenticeship after half a year, do a part-time training in the Federal administration "in the vast majority of cases, impossible," writes Straetmanns.

And more: "We, as the German Parliament have a special responsibility and role model function. I hope you agree with me that here is a need for improvement for the next training year course consists. I would therefore ask you to ensure appropriate regulations and sensitivity in the administration.“

And the Bundestag administration? Don't want to comment dear. It refers to the press. Following the logic that had to know the applicant Bacanji: a number of employees of the Bundestag are engaged in part-time, writes a spokesman. Obviously, the possibility of working in the Bundestag, part-time there had to be so "in principle".

Date Of Update: 20 January 2020, 11:00