Recruitment of skilled workers: here to stay

Mounir Ben Abdallah was brought in as a nurse to Germany. His story shows how immigration can work. The nurse and his patient: Mounir Ben Abdallah in the reha

Recruitment of skilled workers: here to stay

Mounir Ben Abdallah was brought in as a nurse to Germany. His story shows how immigration can work.

The nurse and his patient: Mounir Ben Abdallah in the rehab hospital photo: Markus Kirch Gessner

WIESBADEN taz | After the dinner at the Turkish Restaurant, there is a dispute. Who pays? Mounir Ben Abdallah, lives here in Wiesbaden? Or the Journalist who arrived to Interview? It goes back and forth. The plates are cleared. The tea in the little glasses, the bill comes, also. Ben Abdallah is by. "This is my home," he says, "here I'll pay." Against this Argument, it is difficult to align.

Mounir Ben Abdallah, 30, two worry lines on the forehead, has studied in his home country of Tunisia nursing and health management. 2018, the German society for International cooperation (GIZ), the development organization of the Federal government caught up with him, to Germany. In Tunis, a German-financed course. Then the official letter of invitation, work contract, in Wiesbaden, Germany, a residence permit for up to five years with the perspective to stay forever here.

The Federal government may, therefore, also different. Not only moan about too many refugees, dictators in Africa, pay for it, that you can lock routes through the Sahara, set up camp on the Greek Islands, Finance, and people in the middle, let the sea to drown. This is a story that shows how immigration can run – civilized, in agreement, and yet not conflict-free.

He has friends

found in The bustling Restaurant in the Wiesbaden city center to visit, especially Turkish-German and German-Arab guests. Giggling Teens with head scarf sitting next to a Preacher guy with robe and Beard, thick pants-boys in addition to business people, leading their negotiating alternately in German, English and Turkish. Ben Abdallah ordered yoghurt with herbs and pita bread, then lamb skewers with vegetables. He comes here often, the atmosphere reminds him of Nabeul in Tunisia, where his parents live. Can't go to his workplace to accompany him, but here in the Restaurant, he likes to tell his story.

The Tunisians is a luxury immigrants': Germany wants to have people like him. Triple Win – win-win-win – means the program of the German society for international cooperation

"At the beginning I wanted to go back," said Ben Abdallah. It happened that he was in Wiesbaden, because he had no cell phone contract and the online plan could not use. Now the city is not so foreign. He has found a couple of friends – fellow countrymen, but also German.

The Tunisians is a luxury immigrants': Germany wants to have people like him. Triple Win – win-win-win – means the program of GIZ and the Central international placement office of the Federal employment Agency (ZAV). It is based on the analysis, the Philippines, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Tunisia to train more nurses, as there can be used, while in Germany, hospitals and homes for the elderly to find enough staff.

So GIZ nurses and nurse recruiting in these countries, offers preparation courses, establishes a connection to employers and the imported workers looked after here, for a transitional period. Around 2,200 people have so far found their way into the North, including 30 from Tunisia. A total of 2018, approximately 100,000 workers were from Non-EU countries a visa for Germany.

Ben Abdallah works in a private rehabilitation hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany. Early, Late and night shifts in the exchange. Many stroke patients and old people with partial paralysis, which has to help the nurse, turning over in bed, so they don't get pressure ulcers. Washing, assistance with food, medicine allocate also belong to its tasks. For eight to ten persons, he was per shift responsibility, he says, is hard work.

you Should order tea in a Restaurant? Or would you rather not? Ben Abdallah looks for a free place, a bit anxious. You've been sitting here too long and is blocking the table? Ten minutes, then it is better to go.

His Plan plays in Germany

Well, he finds to Germany "road safety" and the cleanliness. There are buses and trains that run reliably, appreciates it also. However, the people were "a little cold. You don't want a lot of contact with foreigners.“ A few times he did get in a lot of problems, he says. About the exact circumstances – where, with whom – and he begged to write. He is afraid of difficulties. Finally, he is of the favour of the German authorities, employers, landlords dependent. Allowed to stay only if everything goes its course.

learned, As our author, by chance, that his grandfather survived the Holocaust, he found his father and his inner demon is defeated – in the taz on the weekend of 4/5. January. Also: David Miranda is probably the most unlikely members of the Brazilian Parliament. How is he with a President who despises all that he stands for? And: Why is the car as a means of transport unbeaten. Starting on Saturday at the Kiosk in the kiosks, in the practical Wochenendabo and in the case of Facebook and Twitter.

It was so, that he was yelled at – for no obvious reason, he says. Except for one: that he came from North Africa and not from here. During a disagreement with another Person that the latter had turned to him the back and expelled: "The Arabs should be shot." – "It is a bit hard here," says Ben Abdallah, but adds: "most of The people are friendly."

Oppressive for him was that he had found a year after his arrival in Wiesbaden, Germany is still not a real apartment. He lived in a furnished apartment in the city center, ten square meters, expensive, no kitchen, only two electric plates in the hallway, where he cooked at the most, of coffee. But he does not want to resign. He bites through. "Life is like that sometimes, you must not give up." And indeed, at the end of November has it all worked out. A place to Stay for 600 per month.

In any case, Ben would Abdallah doing it all over again so. In Tunisia, he earned too little money – this is the main reason why he applied for a job at GIZ. He wants to have a future in Germany, here is a family. Although, the homesickness is always accompanied.

he Has time, he sits down in the library and reads books on medicine. Eventually, he would like to work as a nurse in the ICU. His next goal is the certificate of knowledge of German level C1. So he could study here. Mounir Ben Abdallah has a Plan, and plays in Germany.

Updated Date: 04 January 2020, 18:00

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