Renault Arkana : it landed in France, the photos and info

RENAULT ARKANA. The Renault Arkana will finally be released in France. The French brand has officially announced the new. What looks like this SUV coupe, which

Renault Arkana : it landed in France, the photos and info

RENAULT ARKANA. The Renault Arkana will finally be released in France. The French brand has officially announced the new. What looks like this SUV coupe, which will be the engines and equipment ? It tells you everything.

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[updated 23 September 2020 at 11h32] The Renault Arkana will finally land in France. While this SUV coupe seemed to be confined to the Russian market, he will arrive in 2021 in Western Europe, so on the French market. Compared to its namesake Russian, Arkana will, however, finishes changed, new engine variants, but also a platform that is more modern, the CMF-B is already used for the last Clio 5 and for the new Renault Captur. Here is all the info on this SUV, coupé, which intends to conquer a market previously occupied exclusively by the brands premium, including German.

Photos of the Renault Arkana to See the photos

images of the new Renault Arkana

the design of The Renault Arkana is clearly that of a SUV coupe. The car aims to compete with the German models, like the BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE Coupe. The front snaps on the design of Renault's current, with LED lights in a C shape like on the Megane or the Talisman. We had a good dealing here with a crossover, a cross between a sedan, a coupe and an SUV. Find all the pictures of the Renault Arkana by clicking on the image above !

5 info key on the Renault Arkana before his arrival in France

officially Presented in August 2018 at the Salon of Moscow for its Russian version, the Renault Arkana will finally be soon proposed in Western Europe, in France. Here are the 5 info the key to remember about this SUV coupe :

engines that are previously unpublished, including a hybrid version of E-Tech based on the gasoline engine, the Tce 140 hp already installed on the Clio, but also two petrol engines with micro-hybridization for driving comfort optimized in the acceleration phases and start-up while providing a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of CO2. The traits of a SUV coupe with high ground clearance (186mm). The length of 4.56 m on the west european market, which up to 7 cm above the Kadjar, for a wheelbase of 2.72 m. finishes reviews, including a-level RS Line to the sporty appearance with a front splitter inspired by the F1, a dual exhaust to the rear and an indoor-specific. Inside, instrumentation, digital central display touch-sensitive and an inner space, presented as optimized. The loading volume reached 513 litres (438 litres in the hybrid version). The output of the Arkana in France is scheduled for the end of the first half of 2021. No price release for the time being. What engines are offered on the Renault Arkana ?

For its exit on the west european market, Renault obviously has extensively reviewed the supply of engines and presents three possibilities. The first is a version of E-Tech Hybrid on the gasoline engine, the Tce 140 hp already offered on Clio 5. The customer can also opt for a gasoline engine 1.3 l Tec 4-cylinder with 140 or 160 horse, with a system of micro-hybridization. Without the technology of the version of E-Tech Hybrid, it offers via a system of alternator-starter and a 12 V battery a start-up assistance and recovery, for a better dynamism and driving comfort while reducing fuel consumption and emissions of CO2.

at what price will be sold the Renault Arkana ?

In Russia, the price of this Renault Arkana is announced at 13 960 euros, which is 999 000 rubles, for the model 1.6 L gasoline, 114 horses in the finish, Life as entry. The Arkana is proposed in the finishing of Life, Drive, Style and Edition One on the Russian market. Of course, prices go up depending on finishes. The Arkana, the most expensive in Russia is sold 20 974 euros. The model that will be marketed in France will be logically more expensive with its platform is more modern, its drives updated and a level of equipment much more provided. For the time being, Renault has not provided any tariff.

The equipment of the Renault Arkana

Renault has made official during the presentation of this Arkana sauce, western-european equipment, which will be offered. The panel driving aids will be particularly strengthened. Here is a list of equipment advertised :

Assistant Highway and Traffic : a system which combines adaptive cruise control and the assistance of maintenance in the track and balance. It allows you to maintain automatically the safety distance with other vehicles, but also to stop and automatically restart within 3 seconds without action of the driver. Practice in the plugs. Automatic ignition of fires-road Braking active emergency blind spot assist Recognition of signage, alert, overspeed Alert, lane crossing and assistance to maintenance in the way. Camera with 360° views. Detection of a vehicle at the rear exit of the parking lot. Parking assistance front, rear and side. Easy Park Assist. Multimedia system Easy Link with screen central touch (format a 9.3-inch portrait) or 7 inches landscape). Digital Instrumentation. Settings drive modes Multi-Sense (Eco, Sport, by default). Release Date of the Renault Arkana
Date Of Update: 02 December 2020, 02:57

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