Researcher to small houses: One must limit

A whole house on a 10 to 40 square meters? The so-called Tiny Houses. Julia Susann explains Helbig, why the mini houses are so in demand. Small and exquisite:

Researcher to small houses: One must limit

A whole house on a 10 to 40 square meters? The so-called Tiny Houses. Julia Susann explains Helbig, why the mini houses are so in demand.

Small and exquisite: Tiny House in Weimar photo: Reuters

taz: Ms. Helbig, what is a small house, which has an average house or apartment has?

Julia Susann Helbig: At first glance Tiny Houses offer everything, what would we include in our society the basic requirements of an apartment: a kitchen, or at least a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a living and bedroom area. However, The strong reduction of the living space is not what an average home. Tiny Houses usually have only 10 to 40 square feet of space. You have to limit yourself so when Designing, Setting up and necessarily and priorities.

It is therefore a question of waiver?

no, rather the opposite. The purpose and goal of this form of housing is Limited. It is a counterbalance to the increased consumption and Abundance. And, of course, a very practical advantage: flexibility. There are mobile forms on wheels, with which such a move is, for example, in a different city with the own home is possible. This has very much to do with independence and self-determination to.

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Julia Susann Helbig culture is an anthropologist and folklorist and researcher at the University of Hamburg to the Tiny-House movement.

What is the people's House decide for a Tiny?

of Course, Tiny Houses are something that is just in the Trend. But they address very different needs, and add in a few current developments. For example, the number of households where several people live decreases. At the same time we see, particularly in urban areas, sharply increasing Rents.

in addition, mini houses usually have a low energy requirement, and are therefore more environmentally friendly. This can also be a reason to opt for this form of accommodation. And you are a plant, a Money, and in a fairly manageable frame. If you do a lot yourself, and not for a luxury variant to decide, you can get a Tiny House for 10,000 euros. An apartment doesn't exist in many places.

And what is the role of the minimalism concept is playing?

The permeates through all the levels. The mini houses allow their residents to live a minimalist and more conscious life and to bring this to expression. Therefore The participants of the Tiny-House-movement in the consumer culture of market-oriented economic systems as a cause of current global conflicts.

The solution to that you see in the Downsizing. And since everything belongs in a conscious Out-a healthy shrinkage of the entire life style, a restricted consumer behavior, an ecologically responsible way of life, and as a result, a shift to a post-growth economy.

Now a material waiver in times of digitization is to life easier. Music, movies, books, calendars, diaries can be quite a lot of now by digital counterparts replace, creating more space.

Yes, it is, of course, attractive, to reduce the amount of material possessions. But the digitisation of content, in the minimalism-are also critically discussed. The criticism: The approach to move content in this digital area, don't make only superficial freedom, but leads ultimately to true mindfulness and clarity. Because, actually, it is not the minimalism is to have the things out of the field of view. But, aware of things, and be digital, deal.

Be aware of the limit, but also would have the option not to do it.

Yes, of course, a conscious renunciation requires that you have a choice. However, it is not always clear where the line is between conscious distinction and a capital-preserving strategy, it makes a virtue out of necessity.

items, often for bindings. To other people or to themselves. What does it mean to be able to Material dispense?

Who is separated from objects, is dealing with his own personal history and identity. Who reduced to possession, makes identity work is seen. To be able to Material dispense, but it can also show how someone is understood by others will be: For example, as a Person who gives non-material areas of life more attention. In order for other lives to be upgraded areas, such as the shared time with friends and family, and Maintain Hobbies or the way of Practicing of the spiritual.

Date Of Update: 08 January 2020, 12:00

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