Retirement at 63: the way in the previous tranquility to succeed them

insured More than half of the German Pension will not work until the regular retirement age, but get off earlier from the Job. There are many variants - for exa

Retirement at 63: the way in the previous tranquility to succeed them

insured More than half of the German Pension will not work until the regular retirement age, but get off earlier from the Job. There are many variants - for example, early retirement or semi-retirement. However, early retirement will not only be well planned, you need to you can afford. "Financial test" has calculated for a sample of retirees, what is the cost of a premature peace.

The pattern of pensioner

to work is A fictitious employee in June 1960 and started in July 1980 born. He pays for 39 years continuously in the old länder in the pension Fund, and has consistently earned 25 percent more than the average pay. In the year 2019, the are on a monthly basis in approximately 4052 euros gross, corresponding to a gross annual remuneration of 48.626 Euro.

What are the possibilities for the pattern of pensioners has? 1. Regular pension

if you would like to get his full pension, have to work until the regular retirement age ("retirement age"). This is for the birth cohort 1961 at 66 years and 6 months ago and gradually increases to 67 years.

The pattern of pensioner with date of birth January 1961 could apply in July 2027, with 66 years and 6 months of his regular pension of 1921 Euro .

The calculation method: for 46 years and 6 months (= 46,5 years) average salary = 46,5 earnings points (EP) due to higher earnings of 25 % 46,5 EP x 1.25 = 58,125 EP result. 1 EP corresponds to that of the old länder since 1.7.2019 33,05 Euro - so the pension is located at 1921 Euro per month. By The Way: 1. July 2020 increases the value of EP in the West, probably on 34,02 EUR. Then the pension of the example, a pensioner would be in 1977, EUR.

How high your pension will be? Here, pension

2 can be calculated. Pension 45 insurance years

Has been a Busy 45 years in the pension insurance, he counts as a "long years of Insured person" . Then he can go before the normal retirement age for retirement, and still gets nearly the full pension.

The pattern of pension could get out in July 2025 the age of 65 after 45 years of insurance from the Job. His monthly pension is then 1859 Euro.

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3. Early pension after 35 years of insurance

63 years have the possibility to Insured persons to go into early retirement. After at least 35 years of insurance, you count as a "long-term Insured". This means: Who can provide evidence of at least 420 insurance months in the statutory pension scheme, may retire prematurely. For this purpose, the Federal Ministry of labour and social Affairs writes is Assured: "a claim to old-age pension for long-term, if the relevant life ends in old age and the qualifying period of 35 years is fulfilled."

applies: "The early use of this old-age pension from the age of 63. Year of life is possible, but with pension deductions connected."

Who uses this variant, have to expect significantly less pension: Each early month of 0.3 percent means less money. A maximum of 48 months of early retirement pension is admission possible, the Insured will waive the right to 14.4 percent of its actual old-age pension (48 months x 0.3 %).

example: old-age pension for the longterm Insured with tees

Regardless of the age pension to insured persons of 63 years of age can go into retirement. For a 1964-born pensioners, the pension of the mean of the provisions of His rule, the age limit is 67 years. He could go in the year 2031, without the reductions in old-age pension.

he Decides, already with 63 years of life take the pension, then he needs to take a 14.4 percent loss in buying.

The bill is:

48 months earlier Retirement x 0.3% pension no repentance per month = 14.4% .

let's assume that the pensioner would, on a regular old-age pension of 1921, and then the 14.4 percent loss of monthly 276,62 Euro less pension mean. In the year, this amount is 3319,44 Euro. Extrapolated to a pension period of 20 years, the losses add up to a good 66.388 Euro without the probable future pension increases. The assumption of a 14.4 percent loss in the maximum possible pension loss. to avoid

this financial bloodletting, can pay the pensioners voluntary contributions into the pension scheme and his pension increase. The extra payments over a number of years, lines, and tax deductible.

in Order to clarify Details, should be interested to benefit from the free advice of the Statutory pension insurance. A telephone contact is possible under the number 0800 1000 4800. The service phone is staffed Monday to Thursday from 07:30 to 19:30, Friday, the willingness to 15:30 PM ends.

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4. Part-time early retirement

If the employer permits Employees to go from 55 years in retirement. There are two models: Either a halving of the number of hours or the employee decides for the block type . In this case, he is working half of the years up to retirement with 63 years and the other half not. So, he comes finally to a part-time Job.

The salary is halved during the retirement and, in addition, the employee receives from his employer a supplementary amount of at least 20 percent. However, the Insured needs to reckon later with a reduced pension.

Adopted, in January, born in 1961, patterns of pensioners would have chosen the block model, then he would go in January 2020, with 55 in retirement.

The block model, he had to work for four years, one-half, the employer increased his salary to at least 70 percent. Until January 2020, the Employees earned 2956 euros gross, so 70 percent of his original salary of 4224 Euro.

In January 2020, the Workers then entered the second Phase of the block model, and retired from the work. Since then, pension payments flowing to his account.

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