Salary calculator 2020: Calculate your income tax and the net salary for 2020

Also in 2020, again a lot of Changes in the tax law, the health insurance contribution and social security contributions in force. This year, for the benefit of

Salary calculator 2020: Calculate your income tax and the net salary for 2020

Also in 2020, again a lot of Changes in the tax law, the health insurance contribution and social security contributions in force. This year, for the benefit of the employee. A higher base was introduced amount of the contribution to the unemployment insurance have fallen. These and other innovations to bring workers in 2020, a higher net income.

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With the wage calculator employees, civil servants and the self-employed can determine how much the wage tax, Church tax, solidarity surcharge and social security contributions are deducted, and how high is your net salary 2020. If you want to calculate your net salary for 2019, you can simply use the wage tax calculator the tax year change. Gross-to-net calculator At the input are encountered the following errors:

tax year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 gross monthly income in euros, Please indicate your monthly gross income. Billing period the month of the year in The specified content part-time hours of work per week in full-time, part-time applies to full-time The data for working hours per week full-time/part-time must be numeric values, in addition, the indication for part-time shall not exceed the figure for full-time. Tax class I II III IV IV factor V VI factor: The factor for the calculation of the tax class "IV with factor" must be a numeric value greater than Zero and less than or equal to 1. Subject to Church tax Yes no state of Baden-Württemberg Bavaria Berlin (East) (West) Berlin Brandenburg Bremen Hamburg Hesse Mecklenburg-Vorpommern lower Saxony North Rhine-Westphalia Rhineland-Palatinate Saarland Saxony Saxony-Anhalt Schleswig-Holstein Thuringia health insurance exempt by law private without AG-grant private with AG-grant contribution rate % additional contribution rate of statutory health insurance (in per cent) From health insurance companies-special added earnings to calculate Additional information for a more accurate calculation of assets effective services and / or the taxable employer share (euros) supplementary pension to the pension (Euro) company car (EUR) Other cash benefits (Euro) Free amount (Euro) year of birth before 1955 1955 to 1956 after 1956 children Not insured-free amounts 0 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 4,5 5 5,5 6 number of child allowance to the nursing care insurance for childless persons (0.25%) in the statutory pension insurance (e.g. civil servants) subject to social insurance contributions earnings new
  • display

    for impairment losses and Save on taxes

    Up to € 2,100 per year, tax-deductible charge!
  • the result of the Euro month Euro annual salary (gross): assets
    - effective benefits: additional benefits in the form
    supply: service non-Cash benefit: cars: taxable total gross: payroll tax: solidarity
    extra charge: Church tax: the gross salary (before tax): tax total: wage (after tax): indicator: Better protection and tax savings with the Riester-
    retirement! Up to 2100,- € deductions are tax deductible: request info! Annuity
    insurance: employment
    insurance: health
    insurance: display: saving is possible here to request a quote! Care
    insurance: Social
    insurance total: wage (net): wage ( hourly part time): salary ( full-time): grant AG PKV salary (net, total): display: will you Earn enough? Now income free check of compare it with the Content!
    in 2020, with the net income increase to 2019 to Euro.
    in 2020, the net income will be reduced, compared with 2019 in order to Euro.
    In the case of implementation of Changes, net income increased compared to the current scheme expected to be Euro.
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    This is the wage tax

    It is confusing: The employer deducts the wage tax from the salary, the tax office calculates tax on the tax return, however, the amount of the income, and pay most workers a portion of the withheld wage tax.

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    But that sounds more complicated than it is. In simple words: The employer deducts from the salary, taking into account the personal circumstances of the tax class and exemption amounts under the tax tables of taxes due to the tax office. The wage from the workers ' wages withheld income tax for the tax, i.e. an advance payment for the year due to income tax.

    reimbursement of overpaid wages, the taxable income is the tax

    How high, can not know the employer: the employee may achieve additional income from secondary activities, assets, and income from capital or leased real estate, and so on, for other advertising reduce costs, special expenses and extraordinary burdens the taxable income. Payroll tax calculator

    the content

    find out Here

    First of all, together with the income tax, which is in most cases lower than the automatically-paid payroll tax. After submitting the tax Declaration (often income tax return is called) will be refunded to the tax office the to much paid wage tax is strictly an interest, in other words a free loan to the Treasury.

    With wage tax reduction to keep pay less

    To the loan as small as possible, it is worthwhile to ask the tax office a request for wage tax discount: that's always The case when fixed costs expenditure incurred, for example, the employee lump sum payments (1000 euros) of costs significantly in excess of travel to place of work or maintenance payments. By the amount of the salary deducted wage tax is reduced. Overall, it saves nothing, but it has, from the outset, more money in your wallet. The reason for the Exemption (for example, by switching to a closer job), is omitted in the course of the year, you must pay the little tax, of course. Information to the gross-net-calculator


    tax class


    child allowance


    free amount of


    health insurance special contribution


    Supplement to the care insurance for children to negotiate loose In the FOCUS Online career Videos: Clever content

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