Scheuer before the Committee: Nice collateral benefit

On Thursday, the U-the Committee on the toll Disaster begins. Minister of transport, Scheuer is under pressure. For rail and Cycling is good. Hamburg rain: Th

Scheuer before the Committee: Nice collateral benefit

On Thursday, the U-the Committee on the toll Disaster begins. Minister of transport, Scheuer is under pressure. For rail and Cycling is good.

Hamburg rain: The helmet sits. Andi Scheuer rough and ready photo: Reuters

former German transport Minister Günther Krause (CDU) has done as the first politician in the RTL jungle Camp pioneer, even if he left after just one day of the camp.

The Association to the current incumbent is close. "Wants to donate his prize money to the German taxpayer, to pay the toll debt: jungle camper, Andreas Scheuer," sneers the conservative daily newspaper the world in a Satire.

The ninth of Ministers of transport, according to Günther Krause, a native of Passau, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), located in heavy water. This Thursday the investigative Committee of the Failure of the Car will begin to toll with the consultation of experts, after it was constituted in December.

shy will not be present. And yet he is the Person around which everything revolves. Finally, it was his early signature of the contract, introduced by the Federal government of a claim for damages on the part of the toll operator of the massive € 560 million.

The investigative Committee to explain the whole Happening in and around the project, the dubious circumstances under which the operator a very affordable contracts came about, why she signed on despite the pending procedure before the European court of justice (ECJ) and, in the judgment of the toll-stop rush were terminated.

Tough it is for shy, mainly because of the devastating survey values

The Car road tax for foreigners was a prestige project of the CSU in the Bundestag election campaign in 2013, implemented by the Grand coalition only very reluctantly. "Except for the CSU nobody wanted the toll," emphasizes the left-faction deputies Jörg Cezanne, is a member of the Committee. This is not irrelevant. Because Scheuer defended, among other things, that he has implemented the declared will of the majority in the Bundestag.

The Austrian government had filed a complaint against the toll. They saw it as discriminatory, that citizens should pay in Germany, there is a toll for highway use, while in Germany reported the Car should be relieved about the Car tax.

Despite the procedure, the Federal Ministry of transport began the introduction of the toll to prepare for. This was apparently not so easy, because the projected costs had limited the Bundestag. There is evidence that the operators made signing palatable, by further costs have been shifted to the taxpayers.

The operator to have offered according to media reports, to wait with the signing of the contract until after the judgment of the ECJ – which denies Scheuer, as well as trickery in the award, or the reasonableness of the claim for damages.

Shortly after the judgment of the ECJ last June, had Scheuer announced, "maximum transparency", the processes of educating. The media, he had to do this on a small car with a mountain of files from his Ministry in the Committee on transport rollers. But then he has upgraded a large part of it in secrecy is high.

This has consequences for the work of the Committee of inquiry will begin in February with the questioning of witnesses. "I'm afraid the majority of the relevant witnesses, we will have to quickly exclude the Public," says the member of the Bundestag Stephan Kühn, who is the Green member of the Committee of inquiry.

The Greens want to complain against the secret statement. For Scheuer, this will not end well: the action success, to be listened to the witnesses from the media to the public. "If he has downgraded the files but high, and rightly so, he has committed a breach of duty, as he has put it in the transport Committee," explains Kühn.

For Scheuer, it's a lot. On the other hand: There must be something of significant impact, what is the Committee of inquiry behind the so it is for the 45-Year-old dangerous. Since his resignation, the left party, the greens and the FDP are calling for now. Precarious is it for him, because of the devastating survey. In a survey for the transmitter satellite.1 two-thirds of the respondents supported the claim that 60 percent of respondents CSU supporters.

That the transport Minister is under enormous pressure, has consequences. He must distinguish themselves in other areas, so that the Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU Chairman Markus Söder can continue to justify his remaining in office.

Even political opponents attest to scuff a great design will and considerable expertise. Scheuer is by no means as naive as he appears due to his self-presentation with spectacular photos and video messages via Twitter.

From 2009 to 2013 was Bayer, who first studied to become a teacher, and then political science, already Parliamentary under-Secretary of state under the then Minister of transport Ramsauer (CSU). He represents the interests of the car industry with Verve, is locked against a speed limit on German motorways.

But he has set in other areas very much more in motion than its predecessors. "Andreas Scheuer makes a better railway and a better Radpolitik than its predecessors," notes Philipp Kosok, railway expert of the ecological transport club Germany (VCD).

The reason: "He relies on profit issues." The people wanted more and better drive train and wheel. 900 million euros, the Federal government provides in the coming years for the Bicycle infrastructure structure, especially for cycle routes available, as much as never before.

Even if the opposition policy had demanded it long, it was only scouring, of the has lowered the VAT on long-distance transport tickets. Never before has a Minister of transport has made so much money for the railway locker. 86 billion euros can spend the web in the coming years.

The money made available is enough to Kosoks opinion, however, only to the decline of the train to stop and not for the necessary Expansion of the rail network.

especially: Scheuer is willing to make the rail structure in question, prepared by his predecessor, Krause until his retirement in 1993, the railway reform and with the help of the group to the AG with a profit order. Scheuer has invited the Opposition to talk about a major railway Reform "without bounds".

The profit orientation of the Minister, however, has a Problem. "The Minister continues to be where it hurts," says Kosok. To do this, he should be in the air and road transport for cost of honesty, for example by including the climate-related damage would not be priced in. "That would be turning a real Traffic," he says. "But the word 'traffic turning' takes Andreas Scheuer in the mouth."

Date Of Update: 15 January 2020, 18:00

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