So much pension you will receive in the year 2040 and as much as you value

A pensioner Born in 1968, gets in 2040, an average of 1562 Euro pension. This has been calculated, the Berlin-based Prognos Institute. But the findings go deepe

So much pension you will receive in the year 2040 and as much as you value

A pensioner Born in 1968, gets in 2040, an average of 1562 Euro pension. This has been calculated, the Berlin-based Prognos Institute. But the findings go deeper. For different occupational groups, statisticians have not only the pension but also the expected purchasing power of the retirement pension is calculated - and in some cities and municipalities devastating. Prognos 2016, The average pensions for the Prognos-defined employee

the 1034 Euro pension that gets a seller with two children in Germany, in the cut, in a big city like Munich, calculated in purchasing power of only 660 Euro value, in other regions, up to 1200 euros.


office clerk , born 1963, has no children, and the average wage in your industry applies, gets according to the calculations 1.546 Euro pension. In the majority of the 402 districts and cities, this corresponds to a monthly pension purchasing power between 1.500 Euro and 1.800 Euro. She has two children and, therefore, longer Jobpausen you only get 1306 Euro pension, because you paid less into the pension Fund.

prognostic 2016, The pension purchasing power of an office clerk with two children by region

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The graphs show, for each occupation, the level of pensions in all of the individual counties and independent cities, calculated in purchasing power. The corridors, please refer to the legend. In the map above, the darkest coloured areas, for a pension level from 1800 to 2100 Euro, in the circles, which are quite brightly colored, has referred to an office clerk, a pension purchasing power from 660 to 900 euros.

The three cards are side by side, each Born in: 1963, 1968 and 1973.

It shows that the purchasing power of which increases with Vintage. Office buying women who were born in 1973, is the benefit that you got in at a higher wage level in the Job, and shorter time in employment than their predecessors.

A seller with no children on a pension of 1132 euros. Your purchasing power, depending on the circle between 900 and 1,500 euros. She has two children, the Prognos experts expect a pension of 1034 Euro. Your purchasing power drops to 660 euros to 1,200 euros a month. "Regardless of the number of children the seller with respect to the regional pension is purchasing power within the group of skilled workers at the lower edge," noted the statisticians. Prognos 2016, The pension purchasing power of a seller without children Prognos The pension purchasing power of a seller with two children display, you can now Find the right private pension!

administrative assistant , without children, with a pension of 1620 Euro expect. With two children, the pension is reduced to 1432 Euro. Prognos, The pension purchasing power of a Administration clerk with no children

A team leader comes on a pension of 2139 Euro, an accountant at 2242 Euro. Their purchasing power is strengthened, the later you retire.

prognostic 2016

A social worker with two children 1458 euros to the bill. How much the pension is, in reality, is of value, depending on the Region in very different ways: for example, the pension Cologne is 1470 Euro value, In Bonn, Germany, 30 Euro more. Prognos 2016

get An electrician , Born in 1968, in section 1375 Euro pension. The regional pension purchasing power is sufficient, depending on the Region and Vintage of 900 euros to 1,800 euros per month. He is in the middle of all surveyed professionals. An electrician who was born in 1973, gets a can in Munich and in Berlin, a gross retirement pension to be expected, which corresponds approximately to the national average. The purchasing power in Munich, however, are significantly lower. There, the retirement benefits are adjusted for purchasing power, is only good for about 1,100 euros, while the colleague in Berlin purchase an Annuity of 1,370 euros.

However, in Berlin the risk of Unemployment is significantly higher than in Munich. This can lead to the fact that the electrician is not there, busy in his work life, consistently and employment gaps in his employment history are emerging. Then the pension will be lower. Have not calculated the experts involved.

industrial mechanic can be expected in large Parts of Germany with a monthly pension of between 1500 euros and 2100 euros. The highest pension purchasing power of the mechanic with 2,100 Euro in the upper Palatinate district of Tirschenreuth has.

media designer can be expected 2129 Euro pension. The pension purchasing power is for the Vintage 1973 between 2150 Euro and 2720 per month. Prognos 2016

development engineer gets 2364 euros, the highest pension of all ten considered professions. In the city of Hamburg, he receives a pension of about 2380 Euro. In particular, high housing costs are a decisive factor for the below-average purchasing power. In contrast, the pension is purchasing power in Schwerin is particularly high in the case of 2340 Euro. At the core of the development engineer can be expected in almost all regions, with a monthly Annuity of at least 2.380 Euro. Prognos 2016

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