Speed limit on the highway: ADAC tips

For years, the largest car fights back-lobby Association against restrictions on Germany's motorways. Now to be tested. The speed limit can come from: employ

Speed limit on the highway: ADAC tips

For years, the largest car fights back-lobby Association against restrictions on Germany's motorways. Now to be tested.

The speed limit can come from: employees of a highway maintenance Agency with shield photo: Florian Gaertner/photothek/imago

BERLIN taz | In the debate about a speed limit on motorways has changed a key player his opinion: After decades of rejection of the automobile club ADAC is no longer "in principle" against a speed limit on the motorways. This is the ADAC Vice President transport Gerhard Hillebrand of the German press-Agency in the run-up to the 58, said. Traffic court tags in Goslar, which begins next week. The ADAC is a good 21 million members the largest automobile club in Germany.

"the discussion on The introduction of a General speed limit on motorways is emotionally led and polarized the members," said Hillebrand. Therefore, the ADAC did not specify "in the question currently." He claimed that the effects of speed limits should be urgently in a comprehensive study to be clarified. "This would provide a robust basis for decision-making."

For the Berlin-based mobility researchers Andreas Knie is clear that the Federal government "will likely adopt within the next five months," a speed limit. The ADAC've noticed, "that the population is in the question of the speed limit is already more than the policy," said knee to taz.

A spokesman from transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) confirmed on Friday, however, the negative attitude of the Minister to the speed limit. A spokeswoman for the government said that there is currently no planning by the government for a speed limit on motorways, this is the coalition agreement provides for.

However, environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) felt by the movement of the ADAC confirmed and quipped in the direction of the Minister of transport barn. "My Position is well known: I am for a speed limit – it reduces accidents and saves annually up to two million tonnes of CO2," wrote Schulze on Twitter. The "good sense" speak for a speed limit, it was not good that the ADAC see it. "I hope that the Minister of transport can convince."

mind The word "people" should not be chosen at random. The CSU politician Scheuer had sought more than a year ago in connection with speed limit and other Considerations such as a higher tax on diesel, as he had used the phrase "against all sense".

The speed limit debate was cooked up over Christmas again. Scheuer had opposed: "We have far more tasks, as this is a highly emotional topic again and again and again into the window – for there are no more units", had Scheuer said. "We should be intelligent control. It comes to better traffic management and Traffic control through digital systems.“ In order to control the traffic at critical Points on the dot.

The coalition partner, the SPD had called for a General speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour as one of the subjects for additional projects, you now the Union wants to speak.

The environmental Association CONFEDERATION welcomed the statements by the ADAC. "Without structural changes in the transport sector, neither the climate goals are to be achieved or the necessary transport is initiated the turn," said FEDERAL traffic expert Jens Hilgenberg. "The speed limit is therefore also a question of credibility. According to the ADAC, the German government, headed by the Federal Minister of transport barn, rethink the outdated image of mobility now. "Easier than with a General speed limit, climate protection and cost-effective, hardly."

ADAC after pushing in the afternoon, a statement on the subject: "Our members are no longer positioned in its own surveys, the speed limit on the motorways clear," it says. They were divided "instead, as the whole society into supporters and opponents of the speed limit. Therefore, a neutral Position is "a logical consequence", the ADAC-man Hillebrand.

The ADAC will now recycle the theme of "extensive scientific, in order to have a reliable basis for decision-making". Right to stay, "that motorways are the safest roads in Germany. There are about a third of all motor vehicle kilometres per year are driven. The proportion of deaths is, however, in comparison with about 13 percent below average.“

Greenpeace-traffic expert, Tobias Austrup said: "The public mood at the controversial subject of speed limit tilting. After the ADAC no longer fight for a stupid law on the lawn, it is lonely to the Minister of transport barn.“ Austrup said: "More climate protection, better traffic flow and fewer traffic deaths – and the zero tariff: A speed limit only knows winners."

Also said the FDP politician involved in transport issues, Oliver Luksic, an objectification of the debate around the speed limit would be useful. A new study could provide, for example, of the Federal highway, an important contribution. "The FDP proposal for a dynamic traffic steering, which is aimed at hazards, such as wet or traffic is a sensible solution. So speed limits can be flexible and controlled digitally.“ (with dpa)

Date Of Update: 24 January 2020, 17:00

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