Streaming service Disney+ in Germany: Baby Yoda attacked Netflix

disney's own streaming portal to be launched in March. With competitive prices it will make Netflix competition and the streaming market change. Netflix new

Streaming service Disney+ in Germany: Baby Yoda attacked Netflix

disney's own streaming portal to be launched in March. With competitive prices it will make Netflix competition and the streaming market change.

Netflix new competition soon will have: Baby Yoda from disney's in-house series The Mandalorian photo: ap/Disney Plus

BERLIN taz | A week earlier, and at a competitive price of seven euros per month. Disney's very own streaming service, Disney+ starts on the 24th. March in Germany, and the Streaming does Netflix. The premium membership costs Twice as much.

Cheaper it is, if you buy a year subscription for the price of 69.99 euros. The Saving of 13,89 Euro corresponds to approximately two month's fees are eliminated. With resolutions of up to 4K, seven different Profiles on one Account and the Download content on up to ten devices. are Disney+ is on 24. March 2020 in France, the UK and other European countries start. More countries are to follow in the summer.

Disney is with its Streaming service in a comfortable situation and can afford the price battle. After Netflix has led the way in the Streaming market, wants their share of the company is also a piece of the pie. The risk is relatively low, Disney is making its Streaming service just in passing, with a turnover of around 70 billion US dollars in the year 2019.

Very different than Netflix, whose main business model is the Streaming Business. As a minor offshoot of Netflix, its original idea from 1998 remains faithful, namely, the shipping of DVDs. Until the end of August 2019, the company mailed five billion DVDs. Per year in the USA, 230 million US dollars.

In the USA Disney+ appeared already in November last year and had millions in a matter of days, tens of millions of subscribers, and a few days later, 24. Compared to Netflix, that is still not so much. Currently, about 167 million people worldwide have a subscription with Netflix. In the United States and Canada, there are approximately 67 million. Germany is not explicitly specified, but estimates of up to six million subscriber*inside this country, and the trend is rising.

While the number of Clients, is grown indoors outside of the United States in the fourth quarter of 2019, more than eight million, has stagnated in the United States – and in some cases even negative. In the US, the Streaming provider has lost in the past year around 100,000 subscriber*on the inside.

In his country report to subscriber*numbers, Netflix does make up for that decline, by summing up the number of members from the US and Canada together. At home the market is saturated, Expansion is necessary. On advertising, the company wants to abandon, according to statements from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, but also in the future.

another Problem for Netflix: Disney+ and future Streaming providers draw their own licensed content from the platform to offer their own services. Disney recently announced that once released films would always remain on the Streaming Portal. At the beginning of this year, content but then disappeared at once, probably due to ongoing contracts with other companies. Currently, more than 300 Disney's own productions are missing, according to the estimates on the in-house platform.

unlike Netflix, the published series mostly on the piece and the infamous Binge-Watching established, the consequences on Disney+ on a weekly basis. This is partly due to the smaller supply that the U.S. can roll out the American companies are so broad and subscriber*forces you to pay longer, if you want to see the end of a series.

A smaller range, that the higher the quality is. Because Disney has hundreds of classic, ranging from animated films such as Pinoccio, or Bambi to Pixar-animation films, which will be especially for many families a reasonable argument for buying. Add to that Franchises like Star Wars. The end of the series The Mandalorian got on the platform Rotten Tomatoes excellent ratings. Baby Yoda is already a pop culture phenomenon.

Due to the high quality offer of Disney+ also, Netflix wants to change in the future, its course and go away from his mostly mediocre Glut selected exclusive productions and a more differentiated profile. In the quarterly report, Hastings said that he was leaving on "the differences in the offer". Alfonso Cuaróns Oscar-winning Film-Roma, Martin Scorsese's The Irishman, or the mini-series, Maniac are in the process of high-quality examples.

After Netflix has coined as the pioneer of the 2010s as the Streaming decade, to draw in addition to Disney, other companies. Apple has launched its service Apple+ also in November of last year. Amazon already offers hundreds of movies and TV shows in the Stream. The offers from Warner Media and NBC Universal will start soon. Experts are already talking about the Streaming market to 2020-changing.

Updated Date: 22 January 2020, 16:00

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