Tailed cows, as a Unesco world heritage site? Bayern Plan makes animal rights activists stunned

The landscape around Garmisch-Partenkirchen attracts thousands of tourists every year. Environmentalists consider the combination of hayfields, meadows and moor

Tailed cows, as a Unesco world heritage site? Bayern Plan makes animal rights activists stunned

The landscape around Garmisch-Partenkirchen attracts thousands of tourists every year. Environmentalists consider the combination of hayfields, meadows and moorland areas in the Alpine foothills as something very Special - so special that the area is supposed to get in a few years, the world heritage label of the Unesco. However, in the case of the preparation of the official application to the district office gets now, against the wind.

animal rights activists are outraged by the fact that in the design of the application, the controversial tethering of cows as a value is referred to. This attitude of animals of the bovine species should be "no, a Unesco world cultural heritage", criticized the organization Animal Rights Watch. The tethering was "unspeakable animal cruelty, not a cultural achievement that should be protected".

"tethering with grazing" the key question in the application

the occasion is prepared, a document that the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen the forthcoming world heritage application for the historic cultural landscapes in southern upper Bavaria. The Region showing "the outstanding way in which the harmonious interaction of humans with the environment in ice-age-shaped landscape on the edge of the Northern-Alps", reads the paper. "The centuries-maintained green agriculture system created on a wide range of locations, an exceptionally wide range of grassland types."

the Trouble that in the "statement of outstanding universal value" of the landscape, the "receipt of the Combination keeping of farm animals (tethering with grazing)" as a key issue is defined.

cows for months on a site

Animal Rights Watch criticized this Form of animal husbandry violently. The cows would have to be months long, virtually motionless and without variety, in one place. "This immobility is not only a natural movement and social of the animals behavior is impossible, you are. in addition, disease-free susceptible and Trustee is very often also on the outside." dpa/Angelika Warmuth/dpa Two oxen of the breed Murnau-Werdenfelser are in the Winter, tied in the barn

when the proposal from Garmisch-Partenkirchen will be reported to the world heritage centre in Paris, is according to the German Commission for Unesco is still unclear. At the earliest, in 2022 could decide the world organization of the upper Bavarian landscapes.

"Would mean the end for many farms,"

In the year 2014 had been set by the standing conference of the Ministers of the "meadows in the Alpine and pre - Alpine and moorland" on the so-called tentative list. The future proposals of the Federal Republic of Germany for the world heritage are bundled list. About half a dozen contenders are currently on the list, Bayern also is still the king's castles of Ludwig II.

The district is already working to formulate a concrete application for the Unesco. In the design of the circle of authority is in favour of the temporary tethers. "The abolition of tethering with grazing would mean the end for many of the agriculture enterprises", - stated there.

For animal rights activists, a controversial issue like Chicks shredding

The district defended the formulations so that the core is not the farms with their stables were the subject of the proposed world heritage site. "Combination of husbandry with grazing means all bovine animals with the exception of the winter months, pastures for months on wild herbs rich in cattle and pastures, so grazing in the wild," emphasizes the district office.

However, the temporary belongs to tethering of the cows in the barn for a few months to the stimulus topics in agriculture. Similar to the Piglet castration without anaesthesia and the Chicks shredding policy and the economy, are under pressure to search for the benefit of the animals of new solutions.

to connect, even within the dairy industry, controversial

The German animal protection Association also holds nothing from staking, which Operated even in the case of Bio-still usual. The animal welfare Federation provides a private Label "For more animal protection", to distinguish animal-friendly milk products. In the Directive for the farmers who want to receive the certificate, unambiguously States: "The tethering of cattle is prohibited."

This attitude form is even within the dairy industry is controversial. Several dairy associations from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, make sure that the dairy cows are no longer in the future tied up all year in the stable at a place. Also, the free state wants to support farmers, when you say goodbye to the fixation of their animals and, for example, playpens build. The administrative court of Münster had recently decided that a farmer is not allowed to keep his animals always tethered, in the summer months, there had to be some outlet.

The Bavarian farmers ' Association is fighting against a tethering ban. This would straight endanger the existence of small family farms. About half of the 30,000 dairy farms in the free state to keep their animals according to the Association, in tethers. In the FOCUS Online In the

Date Of Update: 28 January 2020, 01:00

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