Tax niches: those benefits you forget too often

< p> TAX NICHES. According to the site, taxpayers forget about tax benefits every year, sometimes losing several hundred euros. < / p> Summary Defin

Tax niches: those benefits you forget too often
< p> TAX NICHES. According to the site, taxpayers forget about tax benefits every year, sometimes losing several hundred euros. < / p> Summary Definition Removal Home employment Real estate Cap < p > < strong >[Updated on 20 May 2021 at 07: 30] < / strong > 1 717 euros. This is the average amount lost by the taxpayer, by not declaring tax niches to which he is nevertheless eligible, according to the results of a study carried out by the site this Wednesday. Tax credits, reductions and deductions... Many schemes, however, allow tax households to sharply reduce the amount of your income tax. But what are the most frequently forgotten benefits ? < / p> The energy transition tax credit or CITE: < /strong > it reduces the amount of your income tax for work undertaken to improve the energy efficiency of your home. According to Tacotax's calculations, 375 million euros are unclaimed, which represents "1,135 euros unclaimed per careless household"! < / strong> Note : since 2020, the CITE is gradually replaced by the device Ma Prime Rénov'. For the 2020 tax year, only middle-income households can still qualify for certain categories of work.  < strong> Actual expenses < / strong>: For your business expenses, you have the choice between the standard deduction of 10% - capped at 12,652 euros for the year 2020 - or, if this proves insufficient to cover all of them, declare them for their actual amount. If you choose to report actual expenses (read below), keep in mind that the calculations can be very complex. According to however, they prove to be paying since they allow < strong> "432 euros less tax at the key" < / strong>.  < strong> Donations to associations < / strong> : you have misplaced the vouchers given by the associations to which you have made donations ? This is one of the most common oversights ! However, the tax reduction is between 66 and 75% of the amount of your donation. "The amounts unclaimed by taxpayers would potentially amount to 1.3 billion euros, or about€ 40 per negligent tax household," says Tacotax.  School fees < /strong> : when your children are in school you benefit from a tax reduction (61 euros for a middle school student, 153 euros for a high school student and 183 euros for a student). And yet, many are the parents who omit this advantage, that is 150 euros lost, advance Tacotax. 

Want to know more about the tax benefits you can claim ? Consult our dedicated folder without further delay ! < / p> See the folder < h3> These tips not to let slip to lighten the bill ! < / h3 > < p > Home employment, rental investment... There are many tax niches that allow you to reduce the amount of your taxes. In France, there are 471 in total, according to the Court of Auditors . These tax benefits are granted to businesses, as well as individuals. As a reminder, the latter must declare them on their tax return. Be careful, there is a ceiling.  < / p> See the folder < h3> Taxes: prepare already 2022 and lower the rating ! < / h3 > < strong > What are tax niches? Definition < / strong> < p> Tax niches are benefits granted by the State to one or more taxpayers, individuals or businesses. Tax credit, tax reduction / deduction... They are usually conditioned on the realization of an investment or a donation for example. Be careful, these mechanisms are always capped. As François Ecalle, former magistrate of the Court of Auditors, explains, the tax niche is defined according to what the State considers to be the "tax norm". The whole difficulty lies in defining this standard. 

Why are we talking about removing tax loopholes ?

Some tax loopholes for businesses are set to disappear in the coming years as part of Budget 2020. In general, tax niches are regularly pointed at, some being called "tax black holes", because the number of beneficiaries and the cost have not been assessed by the tax administration.  < / p > < strong > What tax niches for home employment ? < / strong> < p > It is the tax system most used by individuals. It was set up by Martine Aubry. The tax credit for the employment of an employee at home represents almost 5 billion euros of shortfall for the state. The discount is granted for work done on your property, by an employee for whom you are the direct employer or who works through an association or company. The tax credit amounts to 50% of the expenses incurred in the year within the limits.  < / p > < strong > What tax niches in real estate ? < / strong> < p> Several real estate schemes such as the Pinel or Girardin Law allow to obtain reductions in its taxable amount in exchange for a real estate investment. Real estate tax exemption niches have been created to encourage investors to buy certain properties (social housing for Girardin) or in certain geographical areas.

Date Of Update: 01 June 2021, 00:01

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