The cave of the lion-product fell through with the investors, now it is at Aldi available

the "cave of the lions"product fell through with the investors, now it is at Aldi available Friday, 20. December, 16: 46: As the founder of the "Wisefoo

The cave of the lion-product fell through with the investors, now it is at Aldi available
the "cave of the lions"product fell through with the investors, now it is at Aldi available

Friday, 20. December, 16: 46: As the founder of the "Wisefood" 2018 presented their edible straws in the cave of the lion, fell through the investors. Now you were able to convince, however, with a revised product the discounters Aldi of. As of today, Friday, the edible straws, the bear meanwhile, the name "Superhalm", as an action item in the 4,200-Aldi are branches available.

it is reported As "Business Insider", have changed the founders, in the meantime, a lot of your product. "We have since developed extremely more and the stability and the taste worked," says managing Director and co-founder Philip silver nail compared to "Business Insider".

The straws are made from grain and Apple fibers and to hold in your latest Version around 60 minutes in the drink before they dissolve. In the case of alcohol-containing cold increases this time even to two hours. The taste, the investors claimed in the "cave of the lions" in particular, has been improved since the appearance in the Show.

The straws "Superhalm" are as of today in 30-packs for around three euros, ten cents per Culm, the discounters are available. At the time of their presentation in the "cave of the lion" was the unit price was 70 cents.

Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord want to save your "packaging mission" in the long term of packaging waste. As part of this strategy, Aldi took the "super straws" in their range. The straws can be consumed after the use or in the organic waste disposed of.

customers of Aldi Süd can now take advantage of Wi-Fi

Tuesday, 10. December, 17.30: Aldi Süd offers in its 1600 stores a new Service: From now on customers during the opening Hours in the markets of the discounter access to free Wi-Fi.

"When shopping, it happens quickly, that customers want to see something, or when partners want to make sure if something is missing on the shopping list. Easy access to the Internet in these situations is very helpful. With the new Service, we want to make our customers shopping," says Natasha Vrchoticky, Director of Customer Experience at Aldi Süd .

if you want to use the offer in the future, you must select the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone during the purchase of the Hotspot " ALDI SOUTH free Wi-Fi". Customers are then redirected automatically to a login page.

just two months ago, a competitor Lidl had introduced the Service.

Nasty Christmas surprise for hundreds of Aldi employee: "Is a scandal"

20.55 PM: Nasty Christmas surprise for hundreds of Aldi-Süd-employee: The discount stores to solve in the next few months, 2 of its 30 regional companies. The approximately 580 employees in the branch offices in Mülheim an der Ruhr and in the middle Franconian town of Roth will be terminated, therefore. As the "WAZ" reported to have been surprised by both the works Council and the employees of the dismissal. The Verdi trade Union is outraged: "This is a scandal. The closure has no one suspected," said Kay Lipka, trade Secretary in the Verdi district Ruhr West, told the newspaper.

Aldi wants to try, according to its own statement, to all Affected replacement jobs in the group to offer. "This is not just lip-service. This is what we have," said the spokesman. The branches of the two regional companies are to be distributed to the surrounding branches. By step Aldi wants to improve its logistics structures. The two locations in Mühlheim and Roth no longer be in view of the increased ranges of the discounter and of the growth in the supply of fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, in accordance with, the spokesman said. Here, significant investments would be necessary. This was economically but not useful.

"After a conscientious consideration of all the criteria has been found Aldi Süd, that it is for the group of companies is economic, the operation of the regional companies in Mülheim and Roth 30. April 2020", it was said by the company. The Mülheim and Roth belonging to stores and sales staff would not be affected by the resolution of the regional companies, the branches would be taken over by the surrounding companies and continue to operate. For the customer there is no changes. The closure of other regional companies had not planned.

Almost 600 layoffs: restructuring costs Aldi-employees on the Job

Tuesday, 2. December, 17.22 PM: A new restructuring in the case of Aldi Süd costs 580 employees on the Job. The reports, the "Lebensmittel Zeitung" and the "WAZ". Accordingly, the group intends to optimize the logistics within the group and therefore includes two of the 30 regional companies, and Mülheim, and Roth.

a total of 120 branches are Affected. These continue to be operated in the future, but of other regional companies. According to "WAZ" costs of the restructuring in both companies, the 290 employees in the Job. The Store employees can breathe a sigh of relief in the administration and logistics of the fear of termination is, however, just before Christmas.

50 Euro more the month: Aldi Süd wants to pay trainees better

Sunday, 1. December 2019, 14: 51: After Lidl has also announced Aldi Süd, to pay its trainees better in the future. From the coming summer on the Junior staff at the Discounter in the first year of training is 1000 euros, in the second year of 1100 Euro and in the third 1250 Euro to get. The are 50 Euro more per month. "So that we can create equal opportunities in the market," said a company spokeswoman the step.

Aldi Süd follows the example of the rival Lidl and the large-area discounter Kaufland, which had already announced in October, to increase the training allowance to this level. Background a growing shortage of personnel in the retail trade. A study by the Cologne-based retail research Institute EHI, according to nearly 50,000 Vacancies in the 50 largest trading companies in the tender.

Aldi Süd stressed that it was basically a challenge to find talent. In retail, this Problem is exacerbated by the unattractive working times. Another reason for the Lack of staff, poor pay in the industry according to a report in the "Lebensmittel Zeitung".

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