The company, which is SL, the consultant worked for had a contract for more than half a billion

for several years, work on the renovation of the red line of the Stockholm metro, was carried out. The work is part of a new signalling system, which would brin

The company, which is SL, the consultant worked for had a contract for more than half a billion

for several years, work on the renovation of the red line of the Stockholm metro, was carried out. The work is part of a new signalling system, which would bring increased traffic, and reduced traffic congestion.

this Project failed, and the vendor was kicked out of the 2017 and thereafter. A new system is bought into by Siemens, through a direct agreement. The price tag for the taxpayers in each of the 540 million dollars.

it has been well known to locals, is that a Siemens manager had a very good friend of the SL (see note) of the project group during a number of years. The friend is hired as a consultant to the administration, which over the years has had a number of roles with significant influence and the transparency of the tunnelbaneprojekten – at the same time, he has been in close contact with the Siemenschefen out of the office.

the Men have travelled abroad together, eat brunch together, and Siemenschefen was a guest at the perfect wedding.
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First, a little over a year after the deal is explained to it's internal audit, the consultant is disqualified on the basis of the relationship with Siemens. The audit recommended that the consultant could be from any of the projects in which Siemens is or may be involved in the future, but it had no effect on the already-signed mångmiljonkontraktet.

on the SL, and ten years ago, when he was in charge of the procurement of the new signalling system on the red line, where he was deeply involved in. The assignment was for the Italian company Ansaldo, which was thought to fit the administration's kravbild the best.

Once the contract was complete, leaving the consultant with the SL in order to take up employment with Siemens, who has been involved in the same contract that Ansaldo has won.

In the three years that he was with the tunnelbanefrågor at Siemens, sales department, and before he came back into SL as a business consultant in the signalsystemsprojektet. There, he was, through the years, several important and influential positions.

According to a number of sources DN in the started of the relationship between traffic management and Ansaldo to deteriorate soon after that, the consultant and returned to the administration. He is said to have been a strong driving force for the agreement would be terminated.

" There's been a lot of strong opinions, internal traffic management that they have been pushing the idea that the Ansaldo is as bad as, say, a fountain of insight.

late in the Autumn of 2017, which it is. The SL's chief executive officer, who is also the director of the traffic management, Caroline's Film was given a mandate by the politicians in the trafiknämnden to terminate the contract with Ansaldo and skiljedomsprocess started.

In the context of the direktupphandlas new compensation arrangements with the Siemens, but some of the quotes from the other providers were. At the time, was the consultant's deputy project manager for the replacement of the signalling system on the red line.

”my Role included financial responsibility, and to provide support to the project manager and the project team,” writes he in his cv.

as with Siemens, in december 2018 at the latest, got the SL's internal audit function; and it's a mystery ”orosanmälan” on the consultant's close relationship with the Siemenschefen.

In the letter, which the DN has taken the note of it, there are a number of screen shots from the Siemenschefens on Facebook. Where we can see the new SL, the consultant, and the Siemenschefen, among other things, travelling to the republic of Estonia, for the ”first drink”. In the next image, they have just eaten a brunch, along with another SL, it consultant, and in the third picture, drink a beer at an outdoor cafe.

in a way, add Siemenschefen a picture of himself and two of our consultants, thank you for the ”one-superhelg in Germany,” and ends with ”Glad to have you in my life.”

the Images have been published in the period from may 2014 to november 2017. Thus, the part of the consultant of time on the test, but also long afterwards when he is working as a project manager for the signalprojektet on the red line.

it is admitted to the consultant that he is, and Siemenschefen is often to be seen in a private setting. The manager also participated on the consultant's bachelor party and wedding, can be found in the internal audit report.

the Audit found that the jävssituationen was so serious that it is recommended that the consultant's duties should immediately be reviewed. Shortly thereafter, noted the administration's chief legal counsel, Daniel Angermann in a notice to the consultant and shall be removed from all of the projects in which Siemens is one of the existing or potential future service provider.

as the traffic management and Ansaldos the dispute will be settled by arbitration, in the autumn of this year. Losing to the management, the dispute will be more expensive for the taxpayer in the Region of Stockholm, sweden. According to a previously secret letter, in which the pros and cons of going to arbitration is being discussed - risk management, partly to pay for Ansaldo for the work done, to pay a compensation of eur 500 million.

note: the Region of Stockholm, traffic management is the responsibility of the project on the renovation, and this is where the consultant of its duties. The DN chooses for the sake of clarity, to write a SL in place. The reason is that the SL is a big part of the traffic management and trafikförvaltningens the head is at the same time, it's president and ceo.

this Prevented the consultant to work on – to the auditor's recommendation.

the Red line rehabilitation – this has been the case.

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