The deutsche Post wants to beat competitors such as Amazon

The last meters before the finish, prepare the letter and package carriers are the biggest problems. This is true not only for the postman, but also for the cou

The deutsche Post wants to beat competitors such as Amazon

The last meters before the finish, prepare the letter and package carriers are the biggest problems. This is true not only for the postman, but also for the couriers of DHL. You don't often stand in front of closed doors, because the recipient of the delivery attempt to the home. At the same time, more and more post complaining customers that their packages are delivered properly and the receiver are insufficiently informed about the whereabouts of their shipments. Do not complain that important letters arrive easy. Thus, the number of complaints increased with the Federal network Agency about the Post in the last year to around 50 percent after having doubled in 2018 already. Deutsche Post 26,50 EUR -0,10 (EUR -0.39%) Xetra

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DHL packages , live is A wide-scale digitization initiative of the Deutsche Post DHL track

the total of two billion euros, to reverse the negative trend now. This is the giant task, to facilitate the sending and receiving of letters and parcels. The shipments should be traceable. The customer is to more precisely know when they will exactly arrive.

this year, DHL will enable the Live Tracking of packages, announced that Tobias Meyer, the group's Board of management Post & parcel Germany, in Berlin on Tuesday. The customer will be informed on the Morning of the day of Delivery when the package arrives in a time window of 60 to 90 minutes. A quarter of an hour before the receipt of the shipment, the customer will receive a further notice. The receiver up to the time of delivery have the option of the package to the desired destination in the store or at a neighbor's to put.

"efficiency is increased."

The Live Tracking, the smaller Post-competitors offer, such as DPD and GLS already, should not only benefit the customer: The receiver can adapt itself better to the delivery or the deliverer of a package for the shipping give. And for the DHL courier is the probability that he finds the addressee on the first try, and Fill out a notification card, or for further delivery attempts can save increase.

"it pays off for us," said group Board of Directors of Meyer. "The efficiency is increased." Experts believe that about half of the financial expenses involved in the logistics chain, the "last mile" occurs.

Post-customers who are rarely at home, from soft and often to pack stations, the broadcasts be stored and there, usually around the clock can be picked up. Deutsche Post wants to expand the existing network of around 4,500 machines to 2021 7,000 packing stations.

in addition, DHL introduces a new variant of the packing station ("Post & parcel 24/7"), which is equipped with a chat function, to be able to advise customers. The new pack station variant is just to offer to the country the offer of a small post office.

digitalization is to. letter-sector, circulating

The digitization should not only optimize the packet delivery, but also the letter of sector in the Post circulation The Post want to enable in the coming year, a shipment tracking on the Internet for ordinary letters. These stamps are to be introduced, which are provided with a serial number in the Form of a rectangular block of graphics ("matrix code"). The Tracking of the letters with a matrix of the code, however, this is only the place of departure and input to sorting.

Who wants to know exactly when a letter recipient has arrived, you must choose a registered mail or an Express shipment. The Post protect yourself with the new stamps against counterfeiting and unauthorized reuse of postage stamps.

Who has no stamp on the Hand, should in the future can also stamp without the surcharge, the shipment with the phone. An App generates a multi-digit alpha-numeric Code that is then written in the top right of the letter or the postcard. This Code is recorded by cameras in the sorting facilities of the Post and then evaluated.

the digitization of the letter division advance to cooperate the Deutsche Post DHL Group is also using the Internet-group 1&1 (GMX, and To a holder of an E-Mail can account, at GMX, and from "summer 2020" to request in advance to inform you that a letter will arrive. The Post photographed the envelope, and forwards the image to advance to the customer.

It is also, in principle, willing to cooperate with other E-Mail providers, said Post Manager Meyer. It must be ensured that the necessary data protection standards are met. Later, the Post will be able to capture the contents of selected broadcasts and digital copies provide.

Deutsche Post is struggling against competitors such as FedEx and UPS

With the digitisation strategy, Deutsche Post DHL, tried in the fierce competition in the logistics industry to maintain. Competitors such as Hermes and DPD are part of the mix vigorously, in the Express business, FedEx Express, and UPS are tough competitors.

a headache for companies in the labour market - the industry is desperately looking for mail carriers. In addition, the major customer, Amazon is now increasing the delivery in the own hands, some with their own drivers. The Deutsche Post DHL Group employed in the Postal and parcel area of approximately 200,000 employees. A DHL deliverer deserves according to the company, around 18 euros per hour gross.

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Date Of Update: 03 March 2020, 16:00

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